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Decide on a size and shape to fit your kitchen or bathroom countertop needs. We will help you match your countertop to fit your kitchen, bathroom and beyond. We will respond to your request within one business day. Our handcrafted stonework capabilities include radius corners, bevel edges, overhangs, undermount sinks and many other customizable options.
Marble Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash Installation | Duration 11 Minutes 47 Seconds We also provide professional repair and restoration services for granite, marble, quartz and other surfaces. A new, custom fabricated granite remnant will breathe new life into your stone aged surfaces. With the proper sealant, marble and granite are perfect for outdoor kitchen countertops or patio tables. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know! The sealant creates an invisible barrier above and below the stone’s surface to provide maximum stain protection. They make your home unusable for excessive stretches of time, leaving it damaged and in shambles. From quartz tile backsplashes to marble bath and shower surrounds, our stonework images show custom fabrications with stone or wooden cabinets, overmount or undermount sinks and other specially made components. Our countertop contractors work with a network of trusted local contractors to complete your residential or commercial remodeling project on time and in budget. From classic granite and marble to durable, man-made quartz, our stone counters, backsplashes and cabinets add an elegant touch to kitchens and bathrooms. In addition to the dozens of standard colors of granite and marble we have in stock, we easily acquire hundreds of other unique and exotic colors from our network of distributors. View our beautiful stone fireplace surrounds, hearths and mantels for ideas to spruce up your living room, family room or den. Bad contractors overcharge you, adding in extra costs after you’re already committed to paying the bill. Seeing our stone fabrications in real bathrooms and kitchens makes it easier to choose the right countertop material for your own home.

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You can paint a tile backsplash and totally transform your kitchen on a budget! I am here to show you a bit more of the progress we have made! I love a good side-by-side comparison, so here you go! You can read all about our new laminate backsplash here. In a few years we’ll hopefully do a full renovation so don’t want to waste the money on new stuff. Towards the end of the article the backsplash is a cream color. Additionally, these paints can be applied over existing finishes, stains and other paints so long as the existing finish is fully dry. You can use this concrete overlay method over tile! Meanwhile, we were trying to decide whether to stain or paint our kitchen cabinets. The painted backsplash held up perfectly as well, but we did replace it after about 18 months. At the beginning of the article the “after” pictures show the backsplash being very dark. My partner is hesitant to paint as he says we’ll have issues when spot cleaning or wiping down the whole surface. Thank you for your blog it has really made me feel confident about painting my cabinets. However, we are not thrilled with some of the the decorative tiles that run throughout. We just want to paint over some of the decorative tiles. I have a smaller kitchen so it could be very obvious if it goes wrong.

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Don’t get stuck in a pattern” as the cover plates will mess it up. There needs to be a medium beige at the least, manufacturers listen. Silestone countertop with 2×2 tiles and glass tile pencil line accent for this remodeling backsplash, lutron outlets and covers. Kitchen backsplash accents may look best dead center between the upper cabinets and the counter top. Vesuvius granite counter tops with full height kitchen backsplash. A full height kitchen backsplash is a continuation of the counter top look where a tiled splash can provide interest and texture. When considering full height granite splashes you have to consider how well the base cabinets are attached to the wall. I would also want under counter lighting to show the granite off. Fantasy granite countertops with almost coffee stain character markings. It may be attributed to the same large tile being used on the floor as the walls coupled with the tiled tub skirt.

Kitchen Renovation Part 2 Marble Subway Tile Backsplash | Duration 8 Minutes 2 Seconds The darker tiles at the outside edges of the room create a “picture frame effect”, drawing attention and giving ” importance” to the tile work in the center of the room. Black galaxy vanity on copper legs with green granite carved sink. Good lighting in your shower, bathroom or kitchen will show off the beauty of your tile work and also other details. I don’t feel right with accent strips at neck or head height. In a tub only situation , you might have 12″ or so of tile wrapping the top. On bathroom walls the accent should be near the top of a wainscoting tile job. A small bathroom tile remodel involves anywhere from 110-150 sq ft of tile with bull nose tiles and accents. Put your sparkly accents so the under counter lights show them off. Dark splashes are covered by black and dark brown, light, almond and white. I believe in matching the grout to the predominate stone color. And also grout should match or be slightly darker than tile color to “show off the tile”. Outlets and switches tend to mess with the look as they are normally not perfectly level. If the walls are open, reset the outlets dead level, possibly dead center on the accent strip. I personally like the looks of granite with “movement” and character. This could be 3/8″ cut granite tiles (limited) or a dissimilar tile or stone. Electrical outlet boxes should come within 1/4″ of the front face of the granite. Floor has custom cut clipped corners for matching 3×3 blue tile accents. The accent should sit centered or above, toward the bull nose or chair rail top. Worst case scenario, small diagonal pieces growing larger on a crooked wall. The bull nose and accents or special tiles are more expensive than the field tiles. Bull nose, accents and decorative tiles are the expensive items in your tile selection for a bathroom remodel.

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A kitchen backsplash offers you the chance to be very creative with colors, materials, and accent pi eces. Today you can buy tile in almost any type of material from natural stones, ceramic, glass, metal and even plastic! The colors we chose matched the rest of the kitchen nicely as the adjoining wall paint is is a tan color and the accent tiles pick up on some of the dark gray colors int he granite. The sketch also will help you purchase sufficient materials and avoid costly mistakes. Typically most backsplash tiles are adhered to the wall using either mastic or thinset. Backsplashes are one of the few applications where we think mastic is an acceptable product. If you’re backsplash will get wet often then you should opt for thinset as it’s a waterproof product. There is no reason at all to feel as though you must finish this type of project in one day. It’s better to slow down and take your time vs rushing and being unhappy with a shoddy looking backsplash. You can learn all about this step in our detailed article on how to install kitchen backsplash tiles. All of this is covered in our article on how to grout backsplash tiles. Once the grout is inserted into the joints you need to remove the excess by repeatedly washing the tiles with a wet sponge. Grouting the tiles is also a step that hides small little imperfections in your tile installation. However, if you use a traditional grout this would be the time to install a grout sealer to protect the grout lines from stains. Most are simply wiped on with a clean cloth and then left to dry.

Tumbled Marble Tile And Mosaic Glass Tile Backsplash | Duration 4 Minutes 34 Seconds Our old outlets and switches were white with white cover plates. Enter keywords like, ‘insulation’ or ‘kitchens’ etc to find your topic. Being in the business, we also find mastic a good adhesive for the back splash but you would be surprised how many clients don’t think to check with the contractor if what they are using is waterproof. Having a good layout ahead of time is also important so the homeowner can clearly express the vision to the contractor. Even if you’re using a full slate or tiling, sealing is one of the most important steps and needs to be done yearly. I will be installing 4×4 honed travertine tiles (slightly smooth/shiny surface) on the diagonal. Do you foresee any problems by not leaving a grout line where the joints of the miters cuts and butts of these moldings meet? Most people only stay away from sanded when the tile is polished. Those tiles were so rough that a regular grout float would have made an impossible mess. I am laying out and cutting the tiles on a template prior to installation. Should one tile butt against the wall and the tile on the opposite 90 degree wall start one spacer off this tile? In other words if you end with a 1/3 tile then start with a 1/3 tile. You want to keep the grout to a minimum yet keep the grout line the same width. Is there any tips you can give to clean the grout off the stone easier and faster? Grout should be cleaned immediately after-wood so the grout doesn’t stick to the glass tiles. Most large home center chains offer these classes, which include some hands-on practice. They look like tightly packed broken shards although they are polished and rounded individually. Insulating basement walls in cold climates is a great way to keep your home warmer and drier. For our kitchen backsplash we chose to use a tumbled marble tile along with a ceramic decorative accent tile. Unless you live in a perfect world your kitchen backsplash area will include lots of obstacles like electrical outlets, cabinetry, appliances and even windows. The key to a successful installation is being prepared and taking your time. In fact, we did this project over the course of several days. You’ll need to select a grout type, sanded, unsanded, premixed or dry. In the article on how to grout backsplash tiles we show a time saving trick to apply the grout with a pastry bag. For our project we used a premixed grout with a sealer additive. For our project we also decided to upgrade the electrical outlets and switches to more closely match the kitchen. As you can see above we replaced the outlets and switches with black and also replaced the covers with stainless steel to match the appliances. A very good point to bring up and something homeowners should double check, just to be sure. Especially if you’re using natural stone, and even more importantly around stoves and microwaves. The grease can do alot of damage to your backsplash if you do not take care of it. I am planning to install my first ever backslash and am hoping you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions. Do you think this might be a problem with scratching the tiles? I am concerned that using a putty knife to work the grout (if using a pastry bag) might also scratch the tiles. Or, should a spacer be put in the the corner and the tiles on the opposite walls set against this spacer, with the grout filling the void in the corner? The best is obviously when you get to the corner and you have a full 1/2 tile. The grout comes off clean from the glass but the stone, not so much. Just curious, how did you finish the edge of the top tile that appears to be exposed in between the cabinet and the window? Maybe it’s time to refinish your deck or add some new decorative touches to your tired deck.

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With this having been said, it is important to know that you have many options to choose from with travertine tile backsplash being one of the most suitable option to consider. Very few materials can beat the distinctiveness of this material. These different colors vary from each other and this allows each individual tile to look different from any other meaning you will hardly find a slab that is identical to the other. Using these different travertine tile backsplash properly can help create a distinctive look to your sink area, becoming a lovely focal point in your kitchen. Tiles are the most commonly used and these different in texture, size, and finishes. You can create a rustic backdrop by installing the travertine tiles in an irregular way or install them particular tiles in a regular manner depending with their colors and sizes. When installing the tiles, thick sealant is required after the installation to help fill the indentations and create a smooth surface. Also you can use other stone tiles to get more info about stone tile backsplash ideas. The formation process takes it through pressure that is ideal in ensuring that it strong to withstand pressure. You can clean the tiles using a mixture of warm water and mild soap such as the ones used in washing the dishes. Once this is done, wipe gently with a clean, soft sponge or cloth to remove the dirt. Once you have systematically positioned and installed the travertine tile backsplash, leave it for 24 hours and then prepare the grout. The best thing with the tumbled travertine tiles is that they can be used in multiple ways but they give wonderful and durable results when used for backsplash installation. You can install these tiles diagonally, vertically, or horizontally depending with your preference. Sealing the tumble travertine tiles flat gives them a smooth surface that appears natural and appealing. The travertine 4×4 backsplash tiles are easy to install helping to create different styles ranging from sophisticated to ancient. Combining the finishes is also possible depending with your preference. It is however important to select colors that blend well with cabinet and countertop colors for finer results. Travertine is one of the unique materials that you will find in the market and there are many reasons as to why it is highly favored among many homeowners. This material is a type of limestone and has stunning characteristics such as wide range of colors and unique specks. Most of the commonest colors include ivory, gold, brown and gray to name just but a few. You can therefore choose the best options for you to help bring your dreams into reality. This helps create a textured and warm accent to the living space. It is also important to know that although travertine backsplash tiles are beautiful and stunning, they are soft and therefore not considered as a suitable material for countertop installation. One of these advantages is that it is strong, durable, and thus suitable for use in the protection of the walls.
Travertine tile backsplash is also attractive and due to the availability of the different hues, you can easily use it to make your aesthetic imaginations a reality. Travertine tile backsplash is also resistant against the common kitchen stains and its maintenance and cleaning process is hassle-free. In case there are some stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda applying it on the backsplash and allowing it. First, you should take the measurements on the space where the backsplash is to be installed. Spray some water on the tiles to dampen them and then remove the spacers. Wipe any excess grout using a wet clothe and once the grout has cured, apply suitable sealant for travertine tiles. The beauty with the tumbled tile backsplash is that you can use it to create classic and a subtle style. Combining the backsplash with champagne, ivory, or taupe tumbled ceramic subway countertop tiles can give you classic beauty that you will fall in love with. However, travertine 4×4 backsplash is the commonest measurement preferred by many homeowners. You can complete an elegant backsplash project using different travertine mosaic patterns, but one thing that is true with these tiles is that they are simple and of the same size. With proper installation, the travertine subway backsplash can be durable and sanitary and can provide you with charm whether you are doing a new construction or remodeling an old kitchen. When choosing the best hues, always make sure that you have taken into consideration all the different aspects involved. The exquisiteness and classiness of travertine tile backsplash can help in the creation of a modern look in the kitchen space. You can always highlight the backsplash by using low lighting in the kitchen.

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The diamond-shaped chips have a glossy glaze and smooth, flat surface that offer a contemporary look for any installation. Choose glass with 8mm (1/3”) thickness; anything less and you should choose a less brilliant material. The matte satin glaze helps transform any setting ranging from historical renovations to new construction. This tile matches many different decor styles and is great for both historical restorations and modern renovations. We produce the most elegant tiles, so that no matter the project, they will to help make your home look clean, modern and fresh for years to come. With a traditional hexagon format and smooth, ever so slightly undulated surface, this tile is perfect for creating a sophisticated feel for any setting. We produce only the most beautiful and elegant tiles, so that no matter the project, they will help make your home look clean, modern and fresh for years to come. These embossed floral subway tiles feature uneven edges for a handmade look. The unique coloring, which features different shades that gradually darkens around the edges, creates a rustic look. Use this porcelain tile in most residential inter ior or exterior settings. As durable as it is gorgeous, this tile can be used on floors or walls throughout your home and in light commercial environments. The narrow tile offers various stacking arrangements, both horizontally or vertically, each creating a unique pattern and stunning effect. Every glass tile is individually painted so that every piece looks slightly different. These tiles are made with real mirrors, diamond-grade polished to be a jewelry masterpiece in your room. From knowing which products to pick out you’ll be aesthetically happy with to ones that will function well, there are a lot of decisions to make, all while keeping up with the installation deadlines. Not only do backsplashes function to protect your wall from cooking stains, backsplash in your kitchen can really improve the look and style of your kitchen. Let’s see what they had to say about their experience from start to finish as they installed their kitchen backsplash tiles. The cost/benefit analysis was in our favor even though we had no previous tile experience. Overall, we didn’t find installing kitchen backsplash tiles in our new backsplash kitchen too challenging. This was our first time tiling and it was surprisingly easy to install backsplash tile for kitchen. The tumbled marble tile provided the understated elegance we were looking for and we used white sanded grout. They produce only the most beautiful and elegant tiles, so that no matter the project, they will help make your home look clean, modern and fresh for years to come. The color is emphasized by a beautiful shape which gives a classic panache to any vintage installation. Slate blue lines diagonally intersect, creating sharp angles and offset framing patterns. Flourishing patterns in the four corners further express its encaustic inspiration. Impervious and somewhat skid resistant, this tile is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is constructed from durable, frost-resistant porcelain material with impervious water absorption, making it a great choice for indoor and outdoor applications. The main feature of this tile is the monochrome, smooth curves that create a centered, dark flower and subtle fluid lanterns. Glass tiles tend to be conversation starters, thanks to this iridescent, metallic quality. So make your next home improvement project a chic backslash or stylish accent wall. The raised floral old-world pattern is cloud white, set on a speckled champagne base glaze. Our premium quality glass mosaics and tiles are all 8mm (1/3″) thick, making them more durable than economy 4mm and 6mm glass mosaics. The black glaze has a medium sheen which offers uniform color throughout. A standard subway tile size, it enhances kitchens and baths with a warm and familiar ambiance – whether incorporated as backsplash tile, accent tile or to create a stunning shower surround. It’s uneven surface, combined with the subtle color variations, make it an ideal product to use as part of any wall or surface that you want to receive extra special attention. This means that once installed, there will be no other backsplash like yours in the whole world! Composed of natural stone, each sheet is a blend of smooth natural finish, perfect for bare feet. Backsplashes are an increasingly popular part of a kitchen meaning backsplash tile might be one key part of your kitchen makeover. We reached out to a few bloggers who recently completed a backsplash kitchen makeover and installed new kitchen backsplash tiles. Making sure the tiles were evenly flat against the wall was the biggest consideration. It was a great system for us, and we got our backsplash kitchen done over a weekend. I wanted a backsplash that was beautiful on its own but didn’t compete with the rest of the higher contrasting elements.


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