Designs For Kitchens – Dish Racks Basin Small

The client who asked me for help with this challenge wound up choosing an in-sink dish drainer; that’s a nice solution for end users with a large enough sink. Miller, is intended for use either on a countertop or in the sink. However, they note one major drawback (in some kitchens): the spout doesn’t work well when used on a countertop with a top-mount sink. It has the added advantage of being a dual-purpose product, since it can also be used as a cooling rack. While purchasers of some other such racks sometimes complained about the racks collapsing (yikes!) or dishes slipping out of the grooves, this rack gets much more favorable reviews.With an open bottom, the cabinets allow dishes to drain into a stainless steel sink (or onto a stainless steel countertop) as they dry. You pulled it down to a convenient height, loaded in the dishes as you rinsed them, then raised the rack back up to cabinet height. There was no door on the lower half of that cabinet — the dishes remained exposed — but a perforated door would work nicely, too. I needed to make something to organize my drill bits, but had no idea what it should look like. A big countertop dish drainer isn’t going to work, but they need something for those dishes, glasses, pans and cutlery that don’t go into the dishwasher (if they even have a dishwasher). The spout is fairly short and doesn’t extend over the sink edge, and putting the drainer on the sink edge messes up the drainage angle.Not all users will have free wall space, or be allowed to attach something to the walls in a rental situation, but for other end users this could be a nice space-saving solution for their countertops. She works with her clients to de-clutter and organize the stuff and the papers in their homes and offices. Where do you start when beginning a new project from scratch?

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