DIY Countertops Ideas For Built In Cabinets And Cabinet Idea

Never ever ever expect anything to go smoothly when it comes to home projects. Not everyone is going to have a huge hump that some drywall guy thought looked decent enough forty years ago. You could also use a combination of other 1″ boards like 1″ x 3″, 1″ x 4″, 1″ x 6″ – just depends on what you want the countertop to look like and how many boards you want to cut. If you went with true base cabinets, this would just be a matter of cutting down the length of the countertop. If you buy the good quality sanded plywood, this should give you a pretty good looking, smooth countertop for your built-ins.This idea would also work if you have a hump in the wall because you would be custom fitting each individual piece of wood. For the width, cut the plywood at the biggest measurement between your wall and the 1″ x 6″. Once you’ve scribed, use a jigsaw or circular saw to cut along the line you drew. Cut two lattice strips to the length coming out from the end corners of each wall to the edge of the countertop. Quarter round is very flexible though, so it easily curved into all those gaps and closed them. And even if you don’t have a big hump in your wall (lucky you!), you can still do the upholstered countertop if you like it! If the cabinets you purchased for your built-ins are like mine, stock wall cabinets, then the tops of them are right around 12″ deep. If you have access to a local lumber mill that mills their own lumber, then you may be able to contact them and have them custom cut a piece, such as a 1″ x 14″ just for you. They would be able to give you a single slab of countertop in the exact measurements you would need. We installed some built-in cabinetry using base cabinets in the sitting area of our bedroom and this is what we opted to do there. Go home, install it on the cabinets using a finish nailer, fill holes, caulk and then paint or stain it. He had the idea to take multiple beadboard panels (the small ones that fit together tongue and groove style) or 1″ x 3″ pieces, cut them down to where there was a 1 1/4″ overhang and then put them perpendicular on the top of the cabinets. You could paint or stain the pieces after you installed them all. Alas, those ideas either wouldn’t work for my built-ins due to the large hump in the wall or they just weren’t my style. Plywood – will need 1/2 a sheet to a whole sheet depending on how large your built-ins are. You could just cut a piece of plywood to size, attach it to your cabinet tops and skip to step #3. Make sure your overhang measurement is the same over the whole span of your built-in, then nail the 1″ x 6″ into place. It’s going to give you the shape of your wall so you can custom fit that piece of plywood to it. Repeat until the piece fits and attach it to the cabinet tops using a brad nailer or a hammer and finish nails. Place the trim along the back of the countertop, on top of the upholstery material. Trim off the excess material along the front edge of the countertop, leaving enough overhang to staple under the countertop. With these, repeat the same process you did with the lattice piece on the back. Pam, you just popping over to say hi is more than enough!

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Thanks to today’s variety, there are many options for cabinets and countertops to satisfy every homeowner’s needs and taste within every budget as well. For kitchen’s countertops, the popular one in 2019 is quartz countertop for durability, sturdiness, and beauty as well. Moreover, there are granite and marble in addition to wood and stainless steel whether you want a country kitchen or a commercial style kitchen décor. This means whatever style you want you will get within your budget and kitchen size as well. Kitchen cabinet is a focal point that catches the attention, in addition, it is the best to offer functionality to store your items, food and decorative pieces as well. Let’s take a look at a variety of kitchen cabinet and countertop ideas. Pick the cabinet and countertop that match your entire kitchen decor and they should match each other as well, to create an attractive appearance after all.
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