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So that’s mistake #3. and unfortunately, that dent shows on the finished edge of the countertop. She tried her hardest to live up to it at every opportunity. I showed my husband what you are doing and (of course) he said “how much? ”. They do look like tumbled travertine (where you want them to). Look forward to reading how you resolve the little imperfections that are bugging you.But those things are just physically tiring, but anyone can do it. Curious about the color-on my computer it looks a grayish white-which just may be my computer distorting the color. Will you put a sealer on it and if so will it have any sheen to it or be matte? It’s definitely more of a warm white, but it also has some very subtle grayish streaks (but not really streaks…it’s more subtle than a streak) through it. As the concrete has cured, it has turned more and more white, and now they almost blend perfectly with the white subway tile. If that tile will match your room, then this concrete will also.
Kitchen Bath Countertops | Quartz | Diy Options | How To Replace | Duration 26 Seconds I still was never able to picture the room as a whole because we’ve only seen photos of each individual wall. And so many of us are total strangers, we’ve just been lit on fire by your inspirational posts and great ideas. I could swear it has become some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. She didn’t appreciate that one bit (you know…cats…baths…they don’t really mix), and she dug her claws into my shoulder trying to get away, so that wasn’t pleasant. Back then people were using wood to edge it out or leaving it blocked. If you (or someone you know) can cut mitered corners with a miter saw, you’ll have no problem. The actual mixing and pouring of the concrete is physically challenging in that it’s very messy, and the buckets of concrete are quite heavy. I couldn’t have done it myself, and if he had done it himself it would have worn him out quickly since he was also doing the mixing. Obviously carrying and dumping out buckets of concrete doesn’t really require any special skills. That’s what happened on that one countertop (the one by the refrigerator) that ended up with two rough areas on it. But at the same time, it’s not a difficult process at all as long as you know what to expect. Just think-you are so close to getting to enjoy all of your hard work! They gray isn’t an “in your face” gray, and from far away, it’s not even noticeable. As time has gone by, the gray has diminished considerably, and the white has gotten brighter, but its still a warm white. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those, but they’re not a bright, pure white. Anyway, right after we poured the concrete, the countertop looked gray (very gray) compared to the tile. The peninsula still has quite a bit of gray in it, but that’s to be expected since it was poured a day later. I like that you included a couple shots of the full kitchen from standing in the breakfast room (on this post and the last one). But seeing the full room from the breakfast room really helped me understand how the three “areas” work together and how incredible your kitchen is going to look when it’s all done! Out of the hundreds and thousands there are online, your blog is unequaled in personality, originality and fun. You kindly reply to the same questions that you have already answered multiple numbers of times and don’t get annoyed. I sure hope the people who are lucky enough to live close to you and get to visit and enjoy you in person realize how beloved you are. Sorry this is so long, your counter top (kitty feet!) experiences sent me ‘over the top’!

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Can you tell me exactly what pigment product you used? I haven’t really “touched” a concrete kitchen surface before so having some trouble imagining it.

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We can source just about anything out there so give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for. All woods and construction styles are cut to any size and can be stained using an in-house color, a customer color or left natural.

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It’s made from real stone, and has a more authentic stone appearance in my humble opinion. What other inexpensive kitchen countertop options have you tried or seen? My past experience with using that color still has me skeptical, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s you! The applicator (like a sea sponge) can vary depending on the effect you want. It takes a lot of patience and time, as you want the paint to dry hard as a rock before using your counters.

Painting Countertops With Giani Paints, Part 3 Of 5 Painting Base Primer | Duration 6 Minutes 23 Seconds That would look bright and beautiful with your green cabinets. A previous owner had painted over the old laminate and it was in awful shape, dirty and covered with scratches. I also installed a beadboard backsplash using tongue and groove planks and now working at trimming out the edges etc. Maybe something with a little give would be better for interim. We knew we were selling in a few years and we wouldn’t get our money back on stone counter tops so we went with laminate. Check out the poster named”circuspeanut”, she gives a step by step. Also, no patching, touching or smoothing spots after its had a few minutes to dry – get it in the next coat, otherwise it’s noticeable even after you sand. Staining is the biggest complaint about these counters but we still don’t have any stains – not even slopped red wine. For your first project with this product, you may want to practice with something smaller, or have a buddy help you with the counters. It took 5 days start to finish for us because of the drying times between coats. Prep was to sand and clean the countertop, and then we applied the new laminate with the laminate contact cement, rolled with a roller, and trimmed with a router. I was wondering if you have used it and how are the results. I also intend to have a counter off to the side that is covered in copper sheeting. Can you envision those beautiful marbly white countertops with dark green cabinets and brass accents? The white countertops, as well as the opening into the den/dining room, will hopefully brighten up the green nicely. My first countertop (my mama’s) was done 8 years ago and still looks fab. Then do a creative faux paint treatment using 3-5 additional colors of oil. Plan on 4-7 days dry time before putting your coffee pot back on the counter. Maybe the issues (like wet paper/things getting stuck to it and scratching easily) don’t happen with all brands and finishes, but depending on how long you plan on keeping the interim kitchen it might be worth considering what could happen to the countertops and if it’s something you can live with.A friend of ours is starting a counter pouring business and agreed to do ours for the cost of materials so that he has more photos for his portfolio. Now that they are getting popular there is a huge choice in colors and edges. At our townhouse we bought laminate from a local man who owns a counter top shop and made our counter tops for us. Im certain your kitchen will look fab no matter what though. The counter tops do not match at all now, but my husband will not let me do anything with them. My main tips are: try to make sure each batch you mix covers the entire countertop because each batch has a slightly different color.And, invest in a professional grade sealer – do not skimp on sealer and do at least 3 coats. The sanding process creates as much dust as drywall sanding so close off your room and wear a mask. For an inexpensive interim solution, would you consider applying some laminate over your existing counters? It wasn’t super labor intensive, but it did need 2 sets of hands due to the size of the pieces.

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Learn all about it by visiting our wood countertop sealers page. If a seam just isn’t going to work our fully custom line can go much longer. Now that’s done you can start thinking about extra features like textures, custom colors and in-countertop options. As a side note tweaks can be made to all the woods to shift the natural color to something more in line with your needs. They both do a great job of sealing the wood but in different ways and each with a different look and feel. Square and simple, large and ornate or just something to add a little detail. Length on our standard countertop line maxes out at 145″ without a seam.
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