Double Take: 5 Porcelain Tiles You Won’ Believe Aren’t Marble

However, the porcelain version will keep its coloring for just about forever. This modern master suite bathroom is impressive with its sweeping whites and creams, complemented by the elegant gray and brown veins of the flooring and wall tile. While affordable replicas of the past looked like painfully obvious imitations, today’s marble-look porcelain tile options can finally give you the authentic marble look you’ve always dreamed of, at a price you can afford.

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Pebble Floor Tile Bathroom Tile Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Ceramic Tile Shower Waterproof Part 2 | Duration 4 Minutes 30 Seconds The images are protected by a scratch resistant hard coat top layer and a clear protective poly layer. This system works well with standard 60” wide rectangular shower bases (and it is an excellent choice for tub to shower conversion projects). Different groupings of our standard panels can be put together to make a kit for your specific project. They create a nice looking shine, but not as shiny as a high gloss finish. This trim makes the installation easier to do (because the panels do not need to be cut perfectly) and also creates the look of real stone, marble or granite. Our niches are preassembled for easy installation and create the look of real stone without the worries of leaking. In addition our company is a professional installer and contractor in our local markets –the materials you purchase from us are also the materials we install on a daily basis in our regional markets (we have qualified people to help you with your questions!). Make sure your old walls are not spongy or falling apart before installing your new walls. Absolutely – refer to the “installation tab” to learn how to install this material. It is lightweight – making it much easier to work with than other wallboards like cultured marble or granite. Damage caused by improper cleaning or by use of cleaning products not recommended by the manufacturer. There are no grout lines, no sealing is required, and our do it yourself kits are affordable as well. This innovative material is easy to work with and will last! The most popular uses include tub & shower walls, corner bench seats, shampoo and soap shelves, kitchen backsplashes and cubbies. This system works well with standard 48″ wide rectangular shower bases (or sizes smaller than 48″ wide). This shower kit is perfect for a rectangular or square corner shower with 2 wall.

Pebble Tile Shower Installation On Diy Network | Duration 1 Minutes If you want to add another level of excitement look at the decorative accent trim options as well. This finish has a thinner poly cover with a hard coating for superior scratch resistance. There are moldings to finish off the edges of the panels, inside and outside corners, to cover seams between two panels and also to complete window openings and corner and bench seats. Then the shelf is installed as a “clamshell” over the bracket. We offer many other bathroom remodeling products (including shower bases and glass and glass block shower wall systems) at wholesale direct prices to compliment your space. Can your system applied over one piece fiberglass surrounds? When replacing bathtub walls what type of tubs do you recommend? The most popular ones tend to be made of cast iron and acrylic. Absolutely – when removing the bathtub you will need to use a wall backer board where the old tub used to be and then apply our composite material onto this substrate. Our material can be cut with a utility knife, jigsaw, circular saw or other power saw. This system also does not use any harsh chemicals that create bad odors in your home. An installation kit (which includes 8 tubes of polyurethane 9500 adhesive and 2 tubes of translucent silicone caulk) can also be purchased for an extra charge with our wallboards. These materials need to installed in conjunction with our installation instructions and not damaged due to misuse, abuse or improper installation. Costs associated with the installation or removal of interior wall panels. Our option to repair or replace under this warranty does not cover any labor or costs associated with the removal or installation.

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Is it possible to tile on top of the existing tiles with thin set mortar? Keep in mind, however, that it will raise the height of the floor, which might require cutting off the bottom of the bathroom door. If any of the old tiles are loose, reattach them to the floor, and fill in any missing spots. Unfortunately, even after showing the wheelchair in the bathroom, plus discussing how important it would be to have the water roll to drain instead of out of the shower. It looks great, colors can be mixed and so far, my repainted tiles have lasted 10 years without a problem. Can ayou tell me about the durability of tile on tile? Can you reference and or give me insructions on how to do it. What do you suggest for the threshold of the higher level going into a hallway? It consists of 1-3/4″ of concrete poured over 2-3/4″ sheathing support boards that run diagonal.

Bathroom Ideas Shower Tile Pebble Tiles Bathroom Flooring Pebble Tile Bathroom Floor Design For Less | Duration 2 Minutes After doing the plumbing, they covered the floor with concrete and then small tiles 1/8″ thick. Would like to install travertine or a porceline tile over this. Would there be any reason not to do this and thus avoid huge and costly tear out? The mess of getting all the travertine up would cause a huge mess. I noticed our present flooring is ceramic tile over a concrete flooring, which is over a slated subfloor. I fill in those areas if i decide to tile over the existing tile? There is paint on the step, and also we are experiencing high humidity. The concrete floor has the old vinyl tiles on it about 6-8″ square from the 50’s. How can we change this without tearing the entire bathroom apart? I treat the area prior to application of tiles to prevent moisture from coming thru the floor? I currently have a dated ceramic bathroom tile floor originally installed over a cement and mortar base. You will also need to take the toilet out before installing the tile and replace the existing toilet flange bolts if they aren’t long enough for the added height. After cleaning the floor thoroughly, lay the tile with thin-set adhesive. I can lay non – skidding bath room tiles over the existing marble floor provided there are no problems regarding height of door and if longer nuts & bolts are provided for the toilets. What will be the weight effect on the building structure? I wanted to change my tiles and put new tiles 600×600 on top of an existing ones, the house is only 11 year old with concrete slab. We built a handicapped shower with no obstruction in the floor for my wheelchair. I told the contractor that the pitch of the tile was wrong and would cause water to roll back out of the shower. It has a bench and is it possible to form the bench and pour concrete for the bench and then pour a concrete floor over the tile flooring? We would like to know whether it is ok to have porcelain/travertine tiles on the existing tiles? It lasted nearly 50 yrs until someone stepped on an area near the end of the tub and from rot and age the concrete has broken and floor has dropped nearly 1/2″. Everthing is very solid and no movement or cracks are present.

How To Lay Pebble Tile Shower Pan Floor | Duration 6 Minutes 4 Seconds I presently have 40-year old ceramic tile which contain asbestos. I want to tile 12x 12 ceramic tiles over the existing ceramic mesh tile, however we have two vacant areas on the floor that expose the wood subflooring (two vanities were in those places). Can this be done and what do you do to make sure of a good bond between them.

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After you have sealed the tile you will adhere the shower floor pebbles with a thin set mortar to the ground at lengths of 3 square feet at a time until the area is covered. Should a stone come loose during the adhesion process simply put more adhesive on the stone and slide it back in its place. It is time to begin sealing your shower floor pebbles after grouting. Before you grout your pebble tiles we recommend you seal them first. Don’t be cheap when buying sealer or you may come across problems with it in the future. If you want a deeper color to your stone you may also decide to use a natural stone color enhancer to enhance the look of the pebbles you have bought. There will be to need to make any cuts as the stones are mounted on a mesh backing that fit together like a puzzle. You do not need to smash the pebble tile into the adhesive, gentle pressure will be sufficient. This second seal will make a huge difference in the look and quality of your pebbles.

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You’re better off to take out the tile and start from scratch. Can someone explain how to remodel my existing shower area, tiled, and turn it into a natural stone bathtub? It’ll save you a hassle in the long run when your pebbles start to fall off into the shower.

How To Install Pebble Tile In Shower Pan Floor | Duration 4 Minutes 34 Seconds Tiling shower/tub surround over existing greenboard? What will hold ceramic shelf on existing tiled shower wall?


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