Drilling Into Cultured Marble

It is lighter and therefore easier to maneuver when working with it. It is also a hard, low porous material so it doesn’t stain like marble, and it’s easier to clean. At a 90 degree angle, apply light pressure and begin to drill into the cultured marble through the duct tape at the center of your mark. The key is that the drill bit should remain cool during the drilling process.
How To Drill Faucet Holes Granite Countertops | Duration 3 Minutes 53 Seconds Simply spray water on both the drill bit and the cultured marble occasionally while working. Cultured marble is not true marble as we think of the stone, but is a combination of crushed limestone and a fiberglass resin. It is often molded exactly into the shape that is needed for an application, for instance, a standard bathroom sink. Cultured marble is made to look like actual marble but has many advantages over marble stone, along with the ability to mold it into a desired shape. Marble is brittle along the vein lines and can crack, while cultured marble is less fragile. It is now a good time to use safety glasses, as bits of material may become airborne as you drill. Cultured marble is easy to drill through, and you can use a standard drill bit instead of an expensive one. Another way to reduce it, and to also reduce the friction between the drill bit and the material, is with a spray bottle filled with water. When you’re finished drilling you can use a rag or cloth to wipe up any water, lubricant or debris.

Drilling Holes In Corian and Other Solid Surface Materials by naturalhandyman.com

Be generous in your tape coverage; however it is unnecessary to apply multiple layers of tape. If the countertop has a backsplash be sure to subtract its thickness or you will locate the holes too close the sink hole. If your countertop is not flat, be sure that the entire faucet is located on a flat area. Depending on the size of the faucet, the “center-to-center” measurement for the two outside “inlet” holes may be the old industry standard 4″ or more. This hole should be just slightly smaller than the size of the pilot bit of your hole saw. Speaking of scrap, one of my customers made a great suggestion… keep the cut-out scraps to help you color-match paints or wallpaper!

How To Drill A Hole In Marble Tiles Episode #3 | Duration 4 Minutes 56 Seconds However, you must be careful not to mar the surface when drilling. Flip the countertop back and transfer this measurement to the front of the sink. Locate the center of the faucet holes at least 1″ back from this mark. Measure your faucet and transfer this dimension to your countertop. First, drill a locator hole through the countertop at each of the three marks. The worst is that the hole saw will bind while drilling, skip out of the hole and destroy your entire day along with the countertop. If the saw seems to be bogging down, increase the speed a little.


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