Engineered Cultured Marble Maintenance And Care

Using engineered stone, granite or marble, making your home a beautiful place has no limits. Engineered marble ( cultured marble ) have a great percentage of natural marble, therefore in part they will need similar care as to its natural stone composition. Many shopping centers also have big brush type door mats at all their entrances, mostly to clean off all sand and dirt that may come in attached to visitors shoes. Engineered marble ( cultured marble ) is a good product to use on flooring (either than kitchen), stairs, washroom flooring, walls and vanities.
How To Install Epoxy Natural Stone Flooring | Duration 9 Minutes 29 Seconds When first installed, engineered marble comes with a perfect factory shine, with time and usage this shine will gradually fade. Before you re-polish the surface make sure you hire a professional team that have dealt with this product before and read the manufacturers care and maintenance issues. Nevertheless, to maintain this beauty you have to dedicate some time and effort to it. The sand and dirt that is carried inside by visitors is considered one of the most damaging to flooring surfaces. To keep it beautiful you’ll need to constantly be alert, and daily routine maintenance and care is essential. The porosity of the engineered stone ( cultured stone ) is much lower than most natural marble, however it does absorb, after spills make sure you clean up or you may stain your engineered marble permanently. The sealer has to be specific as it needs to infiltrate a product with relatively low porosity; most natural marble has great porosity, so the common sealers used are not advised. Engineered marble wax: this may only be necessary a while after you install you engineered marble. To revive you floors shine you can contact specialized personnel to do a total surface regeneration or before that option just apply an engineered stone wax to improve your engineered floor’s beauty. Re-polishing the surface is always an option, although delay it as much as you can. Before using detergents which you are not certain that they are proper for engineered marble, test it on a hidden part of your floor.


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