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Lubrano, “because it is a natural substance, something that cannot be duplicated and that is less than plentiful. Granite is an excellent choice here as it has built-in properties that resist bacteria and the hardness to withstand scratching. And marble can be resurfaced again and again; buffed and polished to strip away the top layer and reveal a new gleaming surface. All stone products can be sealed to resist salt water & chlorine and are remarkably slip-proof. Rose tones and exotic shades of blue and blue-gray can also be had.

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Get the perfect piece of marble and granite when you come in. Our value is providing a simple process for you to change the look of your home with beautiful countertops, cabinets, flooring & outdoor kitchens. From the initial planning, to the final install, we are with you through it all! It means we have the quality product you desire with the price you can afford. Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look for your kitchen or bathroom, we will have the right cabinets and countertops. Whether your project is a full remodeling, or just a small improvement, we can help you! Making sure you find what you are looking for is a top priority, and no job is too small. We stick with you through the entire process of selecting materials, to the finished product. Our focus is serving our clients in a timely, professional manner. Create more space outside of your home to enjoy doing what you love by purchasing one of our outdoor kitchens. Give your home the added value, and comfort of new flooring. Studies show that homes with tile floors rather than carpet can be better for your health. It’s a good place to start because it is an area that gets used frequently. We have the largest natural stone selection in the area.

Diy How To Clean Granite Countertops, Granite Countertop Cleaning Made Easy. | Duration 5 Minutes 8 Seconds Visit our indoor showroom to see cabinets and flooring displays. We have one of the largest selections of granite and other natural stone in the area. We proudly offer several types of box constructions, wood species and finish to fit on your project and within your budget. We provide a great variety of granite, marble, slate or travertine tiles. Whether you need a lot, or a little our mission remains the same. Our years of experience working with homeowners has allowed us to create a simple process for upgrading your home with new marble & granite countertops. What better way to begin enjoying the great outdoors than with an incredibly convenient outdoor cooking area, complete with a grill, storage & appliances. Would you like to add something completely different, and naturally beautiful to your home?

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We understand that when people decide to remodel their homes and take on big projects, there is a budget to stick to, so we offer solid countertop options at affordable prices. All of three of these categories of stone or slab come under two main types, natural and engineered. When you are making a choice for the material you want to use to build your countertops, you will need to choose either one of them. It is an important decision to make so you need to know what each one is like and their pros and cons. These stones are usually quarried and transported from their natural places in mountains to different seller around the world. Being naturally porous, natural stone has more divots and cracks on its surface and is more brittle and rough than engineered stone. But when taken care of, natural stone is extremely beautiful and adds aesthetic value to the room it is installed in. Quartz naturally occurs as a crystal mineral, which is incredibly strong and beautiful. Since they are processed repeatedly, engineered slabs are non-porous which makes them scratch, chip, and stain resistant. With years of experience, knowledge and expert skills, we offer our customers a wide range of materials to choose from. Each category is divided further into different categories depending on their prices, with each subcategory having multiple options. Each type is a bit different from one another, with their own benefits and limitations. The climate and weather conditions in the location of the stone determine its color and pattern, this means that each piece is unique and one of a kind. Since it can absorb all liquids, it is important that it is polished and sealed every 1-2 years to make prevent extreme wear and tear. Granite and marble are two most commonly used natural stones for countertops. With a dramatic shift in fashion and interior décor choices, there was an increased demand for manufactured slabs with more consistency, density, and a refined finish. The most common manufactured or engineered stone used for making countertops is quartz. A slab of quartz stone is made from quartz crystals being held together with a resin binder. Each category further has variants differing in colors, patterns and prices.


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