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We always install these dishwashers in new renovations and kitchen upgrades. Easy to install and stainless steel looks great on my countertop. Your product comments will be passed on to the relevant marketing team. We bought this dishwasher 2 months ago and it has been a dream! Feels a bit cheap and drying pretty mediocre on the top rack but is fine on the bottom.It sure beats standing in front of a sink with a soggy sponge. We’ve experienced no cracks or broken components and we’re still very happy with its performance. It finally went onto the naturestrip hard rubbish collection a few weeks ago. I attached it to the top control panel using screws and spacers in place of the broken plastic mounts. We have had to put a load of dishes through up to 3 times and there would still be dirt on the plates (even on the longest and hottest cycle using good quality dishwasher tablets). Bought it for our barn shed we did up to live in while our house was built.
How To Attach Your Bench Top Dishwasher To Your Kitchen Tap. | Duration 4 Minutes 32 Seconds More importantly is the drying cycle, it seems to not exist. Secondly, the drawers are constantly coming off their tracks. Fourth, the machine seemed to only complete a cycle when it felt like it. Finally the part arrived and a date was set for it to be installed, then the day before, they rang us to say that the part could not be installed at our place and they would have to take the dishwasher to the factory for about 3 days as it required a special tool, there was no offer of a replacement dishwasher while ours was repaired. Plastic spray arm has cracked, basket wheels are plastic and have snapped and the filter system doesn’t filter property. I went to the retailer and they didn’t want to know about it. The cutlery basket is fantastic compared to old school ones. The top rack was height adjustable which worked perfect as we have large square dinner plates that do not fit all dishwashers. I have the new model 600 in my home and its fine, had an issue with the soap drawer and they organised a repair guy straight away. My plumber was most impressed with this compact countertop machine. First load of dishes came out shiny clean, gleaming in fact. He replaced it with a steel reinforced hose to ensure the hose didn’t burst if tap left on for a time. I fail to see how you cannot simply post the part to me, or any other customer, if its just a small part,(mine is just the printed circuit board in door)would easily fit in a post-it bag.? It is a little loud but never intrudes on our sleep, and it’s way better than standing around washing dishes! Of course the fittings are cheap – but surely you expected that when you bought such a cheap dishwasher? We have no problems using dishwasher tablets and rinse aid (they all fully dissolve etc). Your feedback will be passed on to our marketing department. He used it for about 14 months, although only about 3-4 times a week as he was on his own. He said it still worked but was making a few strange noises during the wash cycle. Apart from the existing crack in the control panel and the visible screw heads, the unit now works fine. The fact that this is even called a ‘dishwasher’ is a lie as it rarely actually leaves our dishes clean. Filters are good, bottom spray area is steel, and we use it at least twice a day. Also the water usage increases by about 50% when you need to use the intensive wash. We used one of these dishwashers in a rental property for seven months. Normal sized dinner plates don’t stand up in the bottom drawer, so need to be draped across other things. Third, everything needs to be pretty much cleaned before hand to come out clean at the end. For no reason we were able to discover, half the time it just seemed to stop in the middle of a cycle and that was that. Small, poorly made, inconsistent and sub-standard performance. I have spoken to someone at the customer helpline which wasn’t helpful. You can fold down the racks at the bottom to make room for pots/casserole dishes etc.

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Comes with 6 place settings and 5 individual wash programs so you stay in control. We’ll show you how to measure the cabinet and fit the basket unit together. We’ll teach you what is involved in assembling one yourself. This oven tower combines two drawers, separate cabinets for your microwave and oven, and an open cabinet all in one vertical space.

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