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EYC’ Glorious Homemade Bar Plans Edging Strip

It stands 44″ off the ground and the whole structure is 36″ wide. We used various pieces of molding to cover the corners and floor molding. The construction team is hard at work installing the bar’s dry sink. We made an extremely manly expedition to the local home depot to check out our different options. The room where it resides is about 12’x24′, providing ample space to move around.There is also a thin strip of wood which covers the ugly plywood edges. Halfway through construction we realized that there wasn’t enough clearance on the countertop for bottles, so we added the drop down section of the counter. The front paneling is made of cheap 1/8″ fiberboard and should be upgraded if your budget allows. We had planned to attach a pair of skis to the front, but they were too bomber to accommodate any sort of attachment system. The finished product (back) – you can see the counter, sink and part of the dropped counter section. An example of one of the glued joints used to build the frame of our home made bar.
How To Reattach Plastic Laminate Countertop Edging From Today’S Homeowner Video Channel | Duration 1 Minutes

Power Strip With Long Cord At Ace Hardware by

With the right power strip, you can safely convert standard single or double outlets into multiple plugs for all of your holiday décor. Buy side socket outlets that swivel and pivot to allow you to plug more items into a tight space. Power strips with up to 10 outlets allow you to connect most of the room’s décor into one space. That’s why it’s important to use power strips and outlets that can safely keep your home looking merry and bright. Look for weather-resistant and water-resistant power strips. Then, shop our assortment of replacement electrical cords to get vintage seasonal décor working again just in time for the holidays. Power strips in natural wood, cherry, and dark oak easily blend in with your flooring to keep all eyes focused on your decorations. Shop for a heavy-duty power strip to plug multiple items into one outlet. These devices allow you to connect more decorations to a single outdoor-rated extension cord, giving you the power to light up your entire yard with décor and festive lights easily. These items will safely provide power to your outdoor decorations, even in harsh winter weather. EYC Glorious Homemade Bar Plans Edging Strip

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