Fake The Look Of Granite – Painting Laminate Counters With A Paint Kit

Also, you will want to read the instructions: using certain cleaning solutions (like bleach) is not recommended. I used longer strips of tape along the backsplash area, and then shorter pieces of tape around the curves by the wall. Working around the kitchen sink was a bit tricky, but not impossible. In all honesty, the two shades of white looked identical to me. I cut smaller pieces of sponge to use in the corners and behind the sink.If new countertops aren’t in your budget, but you want a new look in your kitchen, this budget-friendly paint kit can’t be beat. Is there any special care required for these counters? I was sure to get in all of the corners, and around the curved edges really well., as well as to make sure all grease was scrubbed off. Working in small 2-foot sections, you layer each shade of paint on top of one another. It’s really important to use a straight up-and-down motion so you don’t get a muddled or streaky texture. I strive to make my home a more stylish, organized, and creative place, while keeping things uncomplicated and budget-friendly.
Giani Diy Marble Countertop Paint Kit 15 Min Demo | Duration 14 Minutes 30 Seconds

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Create beautiful gray quartz countertops, kitchen islands, backsplashes, and floors with this durable quartz that requires no sealing. Subdued neutrals of neither warm nor cool tones dominate this versatile material. The soft beige background is complemented with tonal beige flecks to add visual interest, and depth. This truly striking stone is a wonderful option for memorable interior and exterior applications, including residential and commercial flooring, walls, and granite countertops. Gibli granite is a beige and ivory durable granite with darker accents of medium variation. This durable polished granite is recommended for both commercial and residential usage in flooring, countertops, landscaping projects and walls. Statueritto creates pleasing marble countertops and is also suitable for use as a flooring, wall, or backsplash material.
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