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Where were these people who so influenced our tastes and cultures, and whose impact he have felt more than two generations later? Every girl back then had a major crush on this feather-haired young man. The role, along with his status as a teen idol, resulted in a combination career as a musician and television actor. His career really did manage to stand the test of time…mostly.
Mix Of Traditional And Modern Features In This Renovated 1970s Ranch Style Home | Duration 2 Minutes 57 Seconds The role solidified her spot not just in the entertainment industry but in the world of geeky fandom for a lifetime. Since then, however, he has lay pretty low due to medical issues that have needed four surgeries to date. Man, he never would have guessed how big he would actually make it. Karen was considered to be an amazing drummer, a compliment not afforded to women usually. After which, he continued to act throughout the years in minor television and movie roles. She is also on occasion featured on reality television due to her acting roles and her singing. He also released four albums throughout the show with his on-screen family. She had a drug problem that she finally managed to get a handle on a few years later. His character played the bass guitar in the family musical group. She stayed in the scary catergory throughout her career, getting roles in smaller horror movies. Finally, in 1992, she got help and tried to reboot her acting career. His role on the show would have him pegged as the adorable little one that everyone loved. Once again, illicit substances and libations played a part in an actors troubles, so much so that he was arrested for robbing a pharmacy. He got very few acting jobs thereafter and has since moved to working behind the screen. There was just something about his face that attracted the gangster flicks for some reason. He is known to be one of the most beloved actors to work with; not surprising at all.

How To Jack Up A House And Build A House Foundation Under An Existing Home Trade Tips | Duration 12 Minutes 43 Seconds We wanted to catch up to these stars and see what they had gotten up to. The child star was sent straight into the limelight with this role. He released several albums before returning to film and television in the 90s. The kids struck gold with five hit singles within the space of one year. Lynda was (and still is) a feminist icon, that is praised for her work as one of the first televised female superheroes. Mark could sing and matched the look of the character, but couldn’t sing for the life of him so his singing was dubbed. He was the face of various television commercials and talk show appearances. She was also a pretty successful musician in the 1970s, composing and writing many of her own songs by herself, and even going so far as to produce her last album. Barry was beloved by his fans, growing up on the show and alongside them. Maureen was only 12 when she started playing the role of the beautiful teen, which ended right around her 18th birthday. She started acting when she was just 3 years old and kept very busy all through the 60s and 70s, showing the world that even though shes’s young, she can definitely hold her own. However, other than that she has pretty much left her acting days behind her. He was not only a very successful actor but the 70s also inspired him to become a director of the films he was in.

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She grew up in a traditional manner where her family hunted moose, picked berries and fished for salmon on lands and river adjacent to the village. Carlo has been a mentor to other women through her early demonstration of gathering people together to benefit the community. The optimistic outlook became a permanent part of her character. Beginning with grade 7, he had her accompany him to the bank every two weeks when he received his paycheck. She acknowledges that her success was dependent upon their encouragement and support. She was a gifted writer and photographer as evidenced in many professional papers and books published (1934-2004). She demonstrated that women could be scholars and leaders in the male-dominated field of anthropology. But more important, it was a journey into a new life, and for me a new way of looking at the world. Many publications are beautifully illustrated with her images. Mandatory retirement in 1975 ended her formal teaching career but not her passions for learning, writing, exploring. At war’s end, as a lieutenant commander, she left the service yet retained an active interest in naval history.

White House Up For Sale. | Duration 1 Minutes 47 Seconds She taught during the academic year and, as often as possible, spent summers in the field. When traveling, she often sought knowledge of the indigenous peoples of her destination. She continues to accept any opportunity to show support to those in need by volunteering her time. And she continues to teach different groups today upon request. In that position she oversaw several programs serving the needs of parents and students from the many cultural groups in the city. Her mother could hear the cheering from the crowd watching the traditional midnight sun baseball game. It was a time of hope and soon became a time of great prosperity and growth, “the fabulous fifties”. At the time of her graduation from high school in 1963, the direction that the country and the world seemed to be headed was encouragingly positive. Jeanmarie remembers reading all of the books from both collections. Her father fostered in her the expectation that she would attend college. She has been a role model for other women who aspire to careers in public service, public health and education. Laguna was brilliant, curious, fearless, dedicated and persistent. Not only did books transport her to tantalizing lands of adventure, but, possibly, they provided solace during the many illnesses that plagued her childhood. She struggled to find a career that combined her love of the outdoors, of adventure, of foreign cultures, and of travel with sufficient mental challenges and excitement. In 1942 she joined the military, hoping for an overseas appointment. Freddy was a member of several environmental organizations and practiced basic conservation in her life, such as carrying groceries in canvas tote bags long before such bags were in vogue.

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They have a great work ethic, as well as a good family ethic. Other measures we can take are to become more involved in ensuring that our history is included in the school textbooks, libraries and in curriculum. Their struggles, stories, and accomplishments will by example, illustrate to our youth and to future generations that everything and anything is possible. Nevertheless, he also said he would look to develop urban neighborhoods in environmentally thoughtful ways, such as by offering incentives for companies to locate in densely populated areas and improving mass transit. Originally the building had been a warehouse and converted into the three schools.

Canoa Ranch Dedication | Duration 4 Minutes 35 Seconds He also served in five different army divisions and commanded at the battery, battalion, division artillery and task force levels. Carrión said he would help coordinate urban policy in traditional areas such as education, health care and public safety.

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Neighbors say they have heard strange hiss-like sounds coming from the house. The floor caves in, in many areas of the house and there’s ashes all over the place. The biggest spook is that when the wind blows, it will draw pictures in the ashes of a family and house. Circle – if you go to the circle at midnight and look at the movie theatre building you will see a man with a long red beard pacing on the top of the building. The bartender who has worked there for years has seen an old man sitting at one of the booths on several occasions. People have reported hearing footsteps on the stairs, and in the halls above the dining area. There are several pictures on the wall where you can see orbs of light in the background behind the group. There’s a bridge that if you drive on to & then stop & turn off your headlights, radio, and don’t talk then you can see a baby crawl across the road. When you get over the bridge wait a few seconds and the turn around. The farther you get from the bridge the close it gets to you. One rumor is that the old janitor still protects the place and has been seen near the furnace, which is still standing. If you are anywhere close to the creek right after dark, then you hear battle cries and see human forms running through to woods. Many people can be seen at night in the cemetery waiting for her appearance. A doctor supposedly performed illegal abortions there many years ago.

26 Bar Ranch History | Duration 27 Minutes 41 Seconds Legend has it that her medical student boyfriend killed her and hid her body in one of the abandoned tunnels in the basement. She has also been seen wandering the halls in other various places. Customers also complained of hearing children laughing and playing upstairs while in the dining room below. If you get out of your car and scream bloody murder into the night sky he will track you down and drag your body into his domain where you will be eaten bones and all. Legend has it that, on the darkest nights when you can’t see your hand in front of you, you can walk up the broken steps of this cemetery and count 100 steps. Its a hard trick to do when there are only 60 or so steps there any other time. Legend tells of those trying to walk beside the steps on the ground and of people being knocked down hard to the ground with handprints appearing on their chest. You will go over a bridge or overpass then you turn left on 1500 road. Then the graffiti will start to glow and blood will run down the walls. There will be an old shed on the left side of the road here. The larger barn has a loft that you can access easily by a staircase. The bush was immediately illuminated and confirmed of it’s nature, the shadow, seemed to disappear completely. If you go and park your car or just park a little off the bridge and you get out there is a tall dark thing about 7-8 ft tall. It is said that he hides in the curtains and brushes up against the actors. Many people have tried to pick her up, but when they pull up to her she just disappears. All of them escaped except for the middle son, whom supposedly haunts the house. Typical paranormal activity happens such as moving old lamps and such. All the people you can see but the middle sons picture has a hand print over it instead of being drawn. You will also, if you are very quiet, you will hear his screeching voice say. And if you go and sit to watch a movie you will hear a sobbing man, but there won’t be anyone sitting behind you, just rows of seats, and maybe a red bearded man.

The Terlingua Green Scene Presentation For 2018 Growing Microgreens | Duration 26 Minutes 50 Seconds He stayed in the hotel frequently, often clearing out all the guests so he could stay in seclusion. When cleaning the rooms employees have smelled cigar smoke and when investigated it is coming from room 301. Many parties when taking their picture will line up on the stairs. When you drive by the area of the hotel she stayed in late at night sometimes you can see a faint light. It’s a really weird and freaky place that near-city teens go to. Don’t drive to fast or to slow but you can see a man on a horse without a head. When you hold up a flashlight the picture doesn’t change like it did for the lighter and it doesn’t work during the day. Many sounds and noises that sound human have been heard coming from there, but when walking around, no one is there. You also can never fall asleep out there no matter how tired you are. Legend has it he was killed down there and put in one of the furnaces and when people go down there rocks and bricks fly at you out of the dark. She is said to haunt her room or the room where she was murdered. Sometimes at nights you can see his eyes in the trees in the coffin. Without saying anything he will reveal the climbers own death to them in a vision. If they do not get the same number as they counted before then they will die the way they saw but if they do the vision was wrong. The night must be total and you must not be able to see where you step. If you see your name on the wall, banging on the windows and the roof of the car will start. There is a tree and you will see (if you see your name on the wall) two kids hanging from the tree, but don’t stay to look around go fast cause after you see your name your supposed to die. If you climb up there at midnight and stand there for a second you can hear drums and howling. Take the lane back and you will discover the front wall of an old home (the rest has been demolished), several sheds, and a barn or two. There is no real legend of this place, but it may be worth checking out! A car flashes it’s headlights three times and a light can be seen coming down the road and “scanning” the area. Then as you drive away, it will be there again, running right along with you. As soon as you turn on that road fully, stop, and turn off your lights and honk. It will either try to throw things at you or chase after you. I strongly suggest the un-stable mind stay out of here too, unless you are up for psychological damage. There have also been claims of driving around the cemetery and hand prints appearing on your windshield. He does not like musicals and has apparently moved things on stage during a production. A lady that makes the costumes and was there late at night when she felt strange things around her and tapping on her shoulder. He might have been one of the deceased actors or people that worked there. If you stop and watch the house long enough, you will see the spirit of the owner part the curtains and wave at you. She wonders down the highway towards the cemetery in a beautiful white wedding dress. There is a cemetery there that is allegedly haunted and they say at night if you park in the cemetery by the old crematorium you can hear cries of the departed. Rumor has it that the gypsies kidnapped and raped a farmer’s daughter in the early 1900’s.

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Most children have stuffed animals that they played with or cuddled with at bedtime. For thousands of years, people have beaten the metal gold into tissue-thin sheets to apply over wood, clay and other objects to. Because master bedrooms are larger than master bathrooms and. Rather than purchasing and installing a wallpaper mural or hiring an artist to paint one for you, paint one large inspiration object, such as a tree, on the wall to. The color brown, associated with the ground, earth and nature, exudes a sense of roots and home. A cocktail table has tall legs and a small circular, oval or square top, so the footprint is small and easy to use in most living areas. Using decorator tricks help you make the most of these versatile decorative accessories. Painting words on your headboard not only adds visual interest to the piece; it allows you to. Goat’s milk binds with wax and gives candles a smooth texture, making it an ideal ingredient for candlemaking. Stamping entails embossing the slab by pressing forms, or stamps, into its surface. Then prepare for a two-step marbling process: first by bagging the wall to create a gentle mottled. If you really want to personalize it, though, a new color may not be enough. Adding goat’s milk to the mix will leave your candle with a sweet.

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As a kid, you could easily wander in there and learn about getting your jollies while mommy was busy in the romantic comedy section. All the places you all have listed bring back so many memories. She was always very careful with her portions, but the food was great and truely homemade. So if you were to look at the set of plans for that job, you’ll find my name on those drawings. Anyone recall a private property with a good bit of acreage that had a giraffe and other types of exotic animals in the front yard? Also, a lot of the ‘favorite’ places listed here were small independent businesses. The fillets were sort of lightly breaded with, not battered. So hopefully someone knows & remembers what i’m talking about! Red’s was still a fruit & vegetable stand and a hurge corporation that i’t’s turned into.

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The layout was quirky, even by split-level standards, as the house appears to be a ranch but is actually divided horizontally, front to back. The house they previously rejected had been taken off the market, but now it was back on, with an even higher asking price. The possibilities offered by a transformative renovation danced through the couple’s heads. The family also contemplated adding a cathedral ceiling in the living room or adding a foyer, and the idea of an open-plan kitchen, dining room, mud room and laundry room helped allay their concerns about the house. Balodemas said real estate developers saw them as a way to make more money on less house, and promoted subdivisions full of them. Most meals were eaten out, as the living room assumed the role of temporary kitchen. Originally, there were two half-staircases leading down from the kitchen level to the basement of the home. But, as the space evolved, unforeseen challenges presented themselves. The machine runs on 220-volt electric current and needs a voltage regulator to work properly. The challenges were many on the project, but everybody on the team agrees it was worth the effort. The front door opens directly into the living room, where you are greeted by two half-staircases — one goes up to the bedrooms, and the other goes down to the kitchen level. He walked through with his prospective clients, noted which way the floorboards ran in the lower level, and proposed removing the interior walls and adding sliding-glass doors that would open onto the back yard and bring in more natural light. The family, which includes two daughters, ages 9 and 11, decided to shelter in place as the project began. All the interior walls on the kitchen level were removed along with mismatched doors and windows on the back wall. Although the existing kitchen appeared to be in pretty good shape, moisture damage and termites had made it unsalvageable. I wanted to love the tile and be comfortable staring at it for 10 years.

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It’s hard to look back on the foods of our youth without getting a little sentimental. Nostalgia for the foods of the 1990s is at an all-time high right now, as millennials look back and remember those heady pre-9/11 days when 401(k)s were just a glint in their eye; but all generations feel a nostalgia for their youth to some extent. But even though you may not be able to find these products on grocery and candy store shelves any more, it doesn’t mean that they don’t still exist in our memories. We all long to revisit the places of our youth, but, unfortunately, many of those sites are long gone. In fact, it’s been estimated that more than 30, 000 candy bars were introduced during the ‘20s and ‘30s! And while it seems as if every trip to the supermarket reveals some newfangled snack, plenty of them have gone away for good during this time; we bet that you didn’t even realize that some of these were gone!

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It was bigger, affordable and occupied less acreage than a ranch. These homes are also sometimes refered to as multi-level house plans. As architects and developers accommodated homeowners’ desires for the split-level plan, two distinct forms emerged: the original split level and the bi-level plans. A covered front porch with brick columns welcomes guests to this traditional split-level home. The family room/den and additional bedrooms are downstairs, with direct access to the garage. A big lot is not essent ial if someone is interested in building a split-level home; and the staggered levels are adaptable to sloping acreage. The open floor space – conducive to entertaining and gathering together as a family – is a huge plus. By adding a few windows or improving the old ones on an existing split-level or bi-level, the home gets a lot of natural sunlight (as in all the house plans featured here). Surround the steps with plants and shrubbery to make the exterior and the front entrance more attractive. Nothing like a garden or a manicured lawn to transform something plain to a picturesque façade. If you grew up during that time, chances are that your neighborhood was lined with a few split-level homes. The fence was added when the show’s popularity drove too many tourists to the home. It was an opportune time to improve on the old ranch house plan, add space, and get a new, more exciting look. Families could build a split-level home on a smaller or sloping lot – dimensions lacking in the bungalow and ranch. It separated the living/dining rooms and kitchen (main level); from the recreation/family room (lower level) and sleeping areas (upper level). A front lawn adorned with flowers and plants add to its appeal. Shrubs surround the stone steps leading to the foyer, and opens into the living/dining/kitchen space. The first level has a living room with 10-foot ceilings, a kitchen/eat–in kitchen, walk-in pantry, and a rear patio. Windows on the second floor directly above the covered porch gives the exterior symmetry. Putting sentimental reasons aside – like growing up in one – a split-level is attractive to potential homeowners because it is affordable, comfortable, charming, and efficient. The house too dark from the curb and the front door a bit boring?

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Since her childhood she has dreamed of working with animals. You must be able to adopt a definition of ranch and rancher that fits in the economic universe in which you currently live. First was homesteading, and later on there was picking up the pieces from other folks whose homesteads had failed. The conditions under which our ancestors operated no longer exist. In our own little valley, even though there is virtually no influence by hunting or fishing values or high mountain views, the value of land has now risen to the point where pastureland prices are clearly irrational. So, is it possible for my young friend to become a rancher? Whether this is a good thing or not is hard for me to tease out. Ranchers of the future should build business models that take advantage of new technologies. Going forward, this trend will result in a higher degree of regulation of ranching activities on all fronts. Like it or not, this may be what opportunity looks like in the future. Ranches will offer a wider and wider range of services, and they will serve a wider range of customers. Instead, they often contract with public and private landowners to graze goats, sheep and cattle to restore landscapes and reduce fire vegetation. Maybe young ranchers will be able to enter the industry, buy some land and livestock and make out just fine. Surviving that, he now owns a small grazing and marketing operation that focuses on producing value through managed grazing. His multi-species approach includes meat goats, pointing dogs and barn cats. John spends his late-night hours working on fiction, writing about worlds much less strange than this one. But their time and the community was different as everyone relied on their neighbors and agriculture was “it”. Working another job, in addition to finding your farming range, is smart but often frustrating. Since most farming situations are highly local, adaptation is key. Problem is, competition wants what you have so you have to keep innovating or just plain be the best. But going forward, you will only be successful as a rancher if you accept the realities of the current world. Land values were tied intimately to productive value of the land and the then-current values of the cattle market. The model described above: working hard to build functional ranches by acquiring and paying for land with cattle, is apparently not possible in today’s world. Turns out, there are plenty of people with plenty of money who just want to live in the country, and they will pay whatever it takes. It should be mathematically obvious that the current land value situation absolutely precludes the possibility of becoming a rancher, if you think ranching has to look like it did 100 years ago. But that will require her to accept a different definition of what ranching looks like and of what being a rancher means. These trends will determine what ranching will look like going forward, and the possibilities for present and future ranchers. That said, ranches of the future will surely include more technology. This is certainly critical for businesses that involve direct marketing. Young ranchers of the future should consider business models that include providing even more diverse products and services. Renting or leasing grass that land owners don’t want or don’t know how to manage. Selling your expertise and skills as a grass and property manager. Note: be sure to make enough profit to fund your own retirement, as you will not be accumulating any real estate. Maybe land costs will magically revert to align with productive value. I think young ranchers would be well advised to conjure up a business plan that includes the parameters and limitations we now operate under, and think carefully about what the future might look like. He has a life-long interest in ecology, trying to understand how plants, animals, soils and humans fit together. He does exactly the kind of ranching talked about in this article. Glad you took that hill because folks around here think it’s too negative but the rule of reality dictates other strategies. It made sense since the ebbs and flows of farming required other financial ventures to keep the “whole” going. The kids today, like myself, want to farm but the kick in the teeth is we generally have to quell some of our expectations. It helps to share the outlier stories and aspire to go against the machine. Knowing and going with your unfair advantage does create positive niches.

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You can veneer over your existing fireplace with brick to achieve these very horizontal lines (veneer is thinner than real brick). These kits are not cheap, but they will be cheaper in the end than hunting down and installing vintage doors. Something about the mid-century houses just didn’t feel right. Here are a few ideas you can use to give your mid-century modern house more of a retro feel. When mid-century fell into disfavor, many of the fireplaces came down. That’s why room dividers saw their heyday during this period.

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The house looks exactly the same as it was in the show with the exception of the paint color and the gate which was probably installed to keep tourists away. I was walking down the sidewalk in front of the house & out of nowhere a football flew through the air. My nose is all black & blue & swollen & out like a balloon. Cool house that everyone needs to see & should be turned into a museum someday. It (the house) was just as much of a star as the actors in the show were. They built a small fence out front to keep peeps from trespassing. The good people who own this pop icon are generous enough to keep it in tact, as it was on the show in the early 1970’s. Unfortunately, for the people who live in this house, it is a famous house, and there are many people who continue to come and take a long look at it! Since the show, a fence has been installed to keep people from actually looking in the windows. You can expect new paint and yet for it not to be the same color. I wonder how many people do stop by the house and take pictures. We didn’t want to be annoying so we just slowly drove pass the house instead of parking and taking pictures. Totally curious if the house’s interior still has its 70s style. This house is nostalgic to many who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. If you’re in the area, definitely worth a visit to reminisce some episodes. This is a real house in a residential area so mind the neighborhood and be courteous and park where you can and don’t block any driveways or streets. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. Just don’t be a creeper, don’t ring the doorbell and try not to linger or show disrespect. If you visit, be respectful and don’t wander onto the property. I like visiting locations from film and television, and at some of the locations; the owners have changed the facade, or built walls to block out adorning fans. All the familiar rooms and furnishings are there, just how you remembered. As for that window, it was affixed for the show, it really wasn’t on the house. In the current configuration the house looks a lot different than in the television show. The house is beautiful and the neighbors are also nice homes and some also look seventies vintage. By coincidence, someone was stepping out of the house as we were driving up. After watching thousands of episodes on tv, the layout on tv doesn’t appear to match looking at the exterior. The exterior looks ageless with vertical siding, stone veneer, clearstory windows, and wood shake roofs which is typical 50-60’s architecture. No one else was around but definitely curious how the interior looks like if it’s stuck in the 70’s. From its inception television has been one of the single most important communication tools every invented, it became clear early on it could be used in a variety of ways, as a calming distraction for the kids or to censor and manipulate reality for our parents. I can’t say with certainty the world is any worst with today’s advances in technology and social media but the exposure to reality certainly has increased.

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I was concerned that it would not be enough light but it has been more than enough. Now that you have the vibes out, the retro decorating gods will send some your way, for sure. Get informed and be aware about the environmental & safety hazards in old homes, materials and products. Maribeth has seized the opportunity and given this house, an original time capsule, a fresh dose of 21st century flair. I wanted to ask what do you have on the floors… is that tile or cork?

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Whether remodeling, adding on, or just giving your home some extra curb appeal, knowing the style of your house can help you develop a successful plan. Colonial-style homes usually have two or three stories, fireplaces, and brick or wood facades. Spanish-style homes often feature a low-pitched red tile roof, arches, grillwork, and a stucco or adobe exterior. Rooms open to the courtyard, promoting cooling cross-ventilation and the flow of fresh air. The style dates back to 1932 and is still being built today. Although they were built at different times and feature radically contrasting materials and elements, they are connected by a playful use of angles and a passion for strong geometry. They often boast dormer windows for added space, light, and ventilation. Traditional and contemporary can be combined nicely in these houses. A distinguishing feature of the style is the large amount of interior woodwork, such as built-in shelving and seating. Craftsman bungalows often have unfinished but usable space in the attic. It was one of the most popular styles in the suburban home-building boom of the 1950s and 1960s. Bilevel and trilevel homes evolved from the ranch style and were built during the same era. You will often see elements of different styles combined in one home. Although you should avoid a hodgepodge of styles, you can alter a particular style for your addition, especially considering the many house styles to choose from.

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This originally came with an 8″ x 10″ cardboard picture of a locomotive train, but you can put any picture in it! This lights up – when you place on a book or picture, it projects it onto a wall. Base is 1″ tubular frame which would not tip over like normal spring horses. Long pieces are about 38″ long, with many different shaped smaller ones. This kite comes with the two wood sticks that hold it open, giving it a great look. Blaze, when ridden, would rock back and forth plus when going up down his legs would make a realistic galloping motion!

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As baby boomers age and working parents look for child care help within the family, it may be a trend that’s coming back. Inside, they reconfigured the home’s layout, knocking out walls to create a large, open kitchen and sitting area. The two pots are proudly displayed on a shelf in the sitting area facing the kitchen. Nancy’s mother-in-law suite features a mini version of the kitchen, as well as her own cozy living room, bedroom and full bath. We talked to financial advisers about different scenarios that could occur,” she says. The large center island seats six and has built in under-lighting. The gray painted crown molding and ceiling adds drama and makes it feel higher. Light hardwood floors have a touch of gray that picks up the cabinetry color.

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Yet, it’s this very cut-off feeling that some people find desirable for converting a raised ranch into a mother/daughter layout or for an accessory apartment. Normally that lower space is divided into one or two rooms, along with a half or full bath and a laundry room. Homeowners today are more sophisticated at all price levels and they want to distinguish themselves from their neighbors. The entrance now becomes expansive depending on the dimensions of the tower and provides more room for a coat closet too. The tower can soar two stories to impress visitors or to create a second floor for a large elevated walk-in closet or another bathroom. She advised how we might do the same, but we were already into construction, and are very happy with our results,” she said. It can become a more sizable project that’s more complicated than re-doing a ranch, cape or colonial,” he said. The rest of the level is for the utility room and a two-car garage. Also the addition of the tower tends to make the raised ranch look more like a colonial. Users who flagrantly violate our standards can be banned at the moderator’s discretion.

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To add character to the house, the architect chose four materials: custom gray-painted slab and white quartz for a modern touch; over-grouted brick and reclaimed wood for rustic texture. Eric, who juxtaposed white quartz with rustic wood strips left over from the floor. He chose four paint colors for the bricks and then over-grouted them by adding excess mortar between the joints and smearing it over the top. The bedroom borrows a good bit of the attached bathroom’s natural light through the wide doorway. To that end, he added skylights and a generous window behind the vanity. He placed the faucets on the sides of the sinks to make the vanity feel unique. The charcoal cabinetry and quartz countertops match the kitchen for continuity. Eric framed the door, which opens right into the great room, with rusted steel. He also made room for a new master suite—not part of the typical ranch configuration—by relocating the garage to the front of the house. Eric elongated the space, lifted the 8-foot ceilings, and opened up the kitchen to create a place where everyone could be together. Vertical wooden beams mask the pipes and make room for a mirror above each sink.

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The poinsettias can then be grown to maturity in their greenhouse environments and sold locally to retailers. Jesters have dark green leaves and also come in red and pink. Rose’ is often grown with long stems, just like the rose from which it is named. This way, the poinsettia arrives on store shelves and eventually to people’s homes with a minimal amount of damage in transport. A fabulous example of a poinsettia with a patterned bract, this cultivar features cranberry and frosty white coloring. These orange and red neighbors prove that unconventional combinations can be quite striking. It features dark green foliage, and unique cream and dark pink bi-colored bracts that resemble the shape of an oak leaf. Its bracts (the colorful “petals”) and strong cyathia clusters (the middle part, which is the actual flower) add to its total impact.


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