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Flowers In The Attic Dollanganger Series 1 By V. C. Andrews Paperback

Now, for the sake of an inheritance that will ensure their future, the children must be hidden away out of sight, as if they never existed. Andrews novels in total, which have sold over 106 million copies worldwide and have been translated into twenty-five foreign languages. He played tennis and golf like a pro and swam so much he kept a suntan all through the year. This was our company room, our mother’s room, and never could we feel really comfortable on the apricot brocade sofa or the cut-velvet chairs.
Look!! Daniel Padilla And Kathryn Bernardo Feel Kilig During The Hows Of Us Book Launch | Duration 2 Minutes 6 Seconds All the trees are sparkled with diamond icicles, and crystal prisms on the shrubs. I knew what was in store for me, the middle child, the one parents didn’t care about. You haven’t said hello; you haven’t even looked at me. This is the first time in your life you have ever glared at me like that. Daddy, slipping on my finger a tiny gold ring with a red stone he called a garnet. She was a grim, grouchy sort of person who seldom had anything nice to say about anybody. He was unshaven, tired looking, his suit rumpled, but he grinned at us happily. It was nearly impossible to get a full night’s rest with the two of them across the hall from my room. They were a perfect family, golden and carefree—until a heartbreaking tragedy shattered their happiness. Kept on the top floor of their grandmother’s vast mansion, their loving mother assures them it will be just for a little while. Amarican, wholesome, devastatingly good-looking face and charming manner that does them in. His nose was straight and neither too long nor too narrow, nor too thick. She’d sit at her dressing table to meticulously apply makeup. The most amazing part of this was our father thought she didn’t wear makeup! That pastel room, decorated to flatter our mother’s fair beauty, was off limits for us most of the time. I didn’t want any little whining, crying babies coming along to take my place!

Marble Machine 1 In Action | Duration 1 Minutes 4 Seconds I flung myself into his arms, and clung to him for dear life. Your mother will have more than she can handle, so she’s going to depend on you to help her. The music played and a ballerina dressed in pink turned slowly around and around before a mirror. Momma looked like a fairytale princess with her freshly washed and set hair. Strangely enough, he was more apt to keep himself clean than his twin. It curled over to the right, like a cute pig’s tail, and would you believe it? Carrie’s smoothly waved hair began to curl up and look windblown.

Undeniably Chelle… by

It dawned on me that he was mouth-jocking, trying to avoid something. I wanted this hardworking man to escape the cares of reopening a community center. Making jokes and not doing what the photographer asked at all. With it being so late, or early, depending on how you saw one o’clock in the morning, she was sure he was asleep. She is inspired by soulful music and sensual art to craft her stories. And when he laid down in his bed, his thoughts were of the one he craved the most. He was honest and genuine and vulnerable at times without looking weak. Carmen lifted the collar of the shirt to her nose and inhaled. She tried to get comfortable in the bed and quiet the yearning she felt in her core. Most often, love is a tangled mess that challenges our thoughts, beliefs, and challenges us to prove over and over that we are more than enamored with an individual. That got me wondering about the nature of love in general and young love in particular. Summer sounded like she had to have been drinking well before anyone else showed up, because the mixer had only been underway for about an hour. Zora looked a little disoriented when she first walked in, her eyes narrowing a little as they adjusted to the relative darkness of the bar. She was wearing a canary-yellow blouse with long sleeves and a ruffled neck with skinny black pants. Deuce had not seen her in eight months, and they hadn’t spoken in six. It’s a recipe for a read that’s wickedly witty and delicious. I wanted him to relax and leave all the foolishness outside.

How I Create Marble Effect In My Color Books | Duration 8 Minutes 11 Seconds Our sole physical contact was my hands massaging his. Our eyes fixed and focused on each other’s, we learned a wordless language together. Her literary “career” began in junior high school with the publishing of her poetry. But after the wedding when they took the photos, she was the silly one. She was constantly checking her phone, frowning whenever she saw or didn’t see something she liked. She had promised that if he hadn’t called or answered by two-thirty, she would go over there. Her stories allow readers to experience realistic, inspiring, and soulful interactions and intense passion while overcoming life’s challenges. She distanced herself from her past and was hopeful for what was to come. Grayson was everything she never thought she deserved, yet, he was right there. He showed her a life and lifestyle she couldn’t even imagine existed for people like her. Grayson was a real man; something she’d never experienced before. Love is a tangled conglomeration of what the mind thinks, what the soul feels, and what the heart knows. I was unprepared for the angst some readers experienced, wondering whether they would fall out of love as they grew up, and grew older. Summer said, raising her voice a little more than was necessary to be heard. And yet, he could already feel his body orienting itself in her direction, pulling him toward her.

Chapter 1 by

The visit is private, his goal personal — to revisit two “fearful sites” from his youth. Gene has grown beyond his school and is no longer a part of it; yet the school and his memories of what happened here continue to shape him in ways he feels compelled to explore and finally to understand. The intriguing combination sparks curiosity about the story that will unfold in the novel. Great and tragic changes traditionally take place under (or in) such trees. While the rest of the boys hurry ahead at the sound of the bell for dinner, the roommates playfully wrestle until they are late for the meal. The beauty of the campus still impresses him, even in a cold rain, but the school itself seems like “a museum,” a place to observe rather than to inhabit.

Marble Rollercoasters (Marble Skies) | Duration 40 Minutes 55 Seconds Gene’s past, the narrator hints, somehow unites these two very different places. The tree seems smaller than he remembers, much less isolated and imposing, because he has grown in height, and the tree has also been shriveled by age. Finny responds playfully, but the physical struggle between the boys foreshadows another struggle that will end in tragedy.

US2988361A by

This invention relates to a novel game apparatus for a chance controlled game and more particularly to a marble race game comprised of a plurality of marble race elements which are vertically stackable so that marbles released on the uppermost of said elements progress in an unregulated chance manner to the lowermost of said elements. Games , whose outcomes are influenced by the skill of the contestants, lose their appeal as one contestant becomes more proficient in the specific game thereby winning consistently. Bulky and elaborate structures utilized to play some games often create a storage problem, in addition to raising the initial cost of the game. This sequence type of play often results in loss of interest in the game by players while they are waiting for their turns. A further object of this invention is to provide a game whose outcome is not predicated upon the skill of the contestants but is governed entirely by the element of chance. Another object of this invention is to provide a game device which is light and compact, economical to produce, easily assembled, and easily disassembled and stored. The remainder of the marbles come to rest adjacent to the marble resting in the pocket 15 in. While any given marble may remain on a marble race element a relatively long time due to its momentum, other of the marbles quickly drop through the marble drop opening to the next succeeding marble race element having lost their momentum by bumping into other of the marbles. A fiat central portion 21 is provided on the marble race element 11 and the hollow support hub 22 rises integrally therefrom. Positioning notches 23 are integrally formed at the base of the support hub 22 intermediate the splines 24. Each number on the chart 17 coincides with a marble which has come to rest on the lowermost marble race element, either in the pocket 15 or adjacent another marble, thus providing a score for each finish position. The marble race elements 11 are alternately positioned so that the marble receiving ramp 12 of one of said elements 11 is directly below the marble drop opening 14 of another. After each player has chosen a marble, the marbles are simultaneously released on the marble receiving portion or ramp 12 of the uppermost element.

Createspace Book Unboxing. Timestopper Quest For The Mayan Stone Amazon Kindle | Duration 5 Minutes The scoring in the game is accomplished by referring to the chart 17 of the lowermost element. A marble to the right of the pocket receives a negative score. After the game has been played, the marble race elements are disassembled. Each of these modifications is to be considered as included in the hereinafter appended claims unless these claims by their language expressly provide otherwise. Games hitherto developed and well known in the art require skill on the part of the contestants or players, usually have complicated rules that must be learned before the game can be played, and often utilize complicated structures which present a storage problem when not in use. Complicated rules which must be observed during the playing of games often remove the element of relaxation from the game and require that potential users of the game devote time and etfort to learn the rules before being able to enjoy the game. Another limitation of most games is that a limited or definite number of contestants are required and players usually play in sequence. It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a novel and entertaining game which can be played by one or more persons simultaneously. A still further object of this invention is to provide a game whose rules of play are simple and thus easily mastered. Yet another object of this invention is to provide a simple trouble-free structure capable of high production and economical maintenance. The lead marble comes to rest in the pocket 15 which is formed by the walls of the marble drop opening14 and the surface 16 upon which the lowermost marble race element 11 is resting. A simple scoring chart 17 is incorporated on the face of the lowermost element 11 which indicates score for the relative positions finally held by the marbles after they have stopped. On the next succeeding marble race element, the relative position or progress of the marbles may again change because of similar chance bumping which may change their respective momentums and/or directions. A rim portion 20 merges with the banked portion 19 to retain the marbles on the marble race elements 11. The hollow support hub 22 of each of the marble race elements 11 is of an upwardly tapered splined hollow wall construction. The positioning notches 23 are configured to engage the upper portion of the splines 24 of an identical mating. Marbles, each of a different color, are chosen by each player. The marbles roll around the grooved paithway 13 of the upmost element has no relation to their final positions on the lowermost element. This constitutes a game or th e process may be repeated until one of the contestants reaches a predetermined score total. Various modifications of the invention may be made without departing from the principle thereof.

Stone Soup By Ann Mcgovern | Duration 4 Minutes 53 Seconds

10 Sci Fi Novel Opening Lines That’Ll Take Your Breath Away by

Yet it also needs to get you interested in a whole new alternative world, a place where you’ll live for the duration of the book. Nonetheless, there are some masterly examples of opening lines that do that and more. We don’t know who the character is, so we have no idea of the context or whether we should care what they say. This opening very much sets the scene for a world we want to know more about. Real estate agents are horrific at the best of times, but so many of them dressed so hideously shouts bizarre, bizarre, bizarre. Here is a world where the very nature of time keeping itself has been redefined. Its added kick comes from the fact the mundane comes after the horrific. Pity that the books got steadily worse (except the one with the flashback). For the vast majority of people who read that line clocks don’t strike thirteen and that’s all that matters. Like all good fiction, it needs to hook you, jolt you into the story and establish the tone. Most of the time starting a novel with dialogue is a big no, no. Another often cited rule of writing is that you should never start a story with a description of the weather. It’s such a vivid image and hints at a very ominous world in a way that prickles the readers’ curiosity. The concept is strangely fascinating and conjures up images of an old fashioned instrument with the power to understand a human’s feelings. Thompson road trip mold, this opening freaks you out in so many different ways. Arguably, one of the most famous sci-fi opening lines, what makes this such a classic is the way it lulls you into thinking nothing is amiss until the very final word. Who wouldn’t want to know how and, more importantly, why? It’s the juxtaposition between the everyday and the horrific, which makes this such a fantastic opening sentence. We love the drama and amazing energy of this opening. We want to meet the chaser and the chased and the world that enables them to do such a fantastical thing. Bruise-black clouds silhouetted a forest of giant gymnosperms while stratocumulus towered nine kilometers high in a violent sky.

MuseInks: 4 Quick Fix Ways To Improve Your Novel’S Opening: Right Now by

We paid specific attention to their opening chapters and put each writer’s first page under a magnifying glass. Be able to articulate what makes that character someone your reader should spend the next few hours of life with. Since you’ve already put your character in a situation that’s interesting (see #1), his or her reaction to that situation should entice the reader to come along for the ride. You still have only one page to convince your reader to take that leap of faith and turn the page. If you’re writing a mystery, identify each element that anchors it as a mystery in the reader’s mind and does so in a new, unusual way. Underline everything in those words that you have seen done before. Tell yourself if you can’t rework it into something intriguing, unique, and original, then it has to go. These are just 4 of the many possible ways to enervate and energize your novel’s opening pages. I write because all comparable obsessions are illegal, immoral, or deadly. If the reader doesn’t turn that first page, he or she certainly won’t turn any other. In a very short time, we all felt that their openings had improved tremendously. You may love your story, your to-die-for characters, and your fabulous, fabulous plot. Wait until the final edit to see if you need to replace any of what you’ve cut. Choose one defining trait and make it shine when introducing the character to your reader. If your book is a comedy, mark the funny bits that you’ve never seen anywhere before. Then go back and rewrite everything underlined in such a way that it merits an asterisk. Something fairly “punchy”, that they can take in immediately.

Are The Loose Ends In Your Story Too Loose? by

After all, what else do we do with loose ends but tie them up? Readers like just enough loose ends so that they’re able to feel the story and its characters live on even after they’ve closed the back cover. Viewers are left to speculate why he was cursed and whether his actions at the end of the movie were enough to free him—but, however each person chooses to answer those questions, the story still works, and its message is all the stronger for its leading ambiguity. So how do you know whether the loose ends in your story should be left in ambiguity or explained outright? Second, ask yourself if you’ve answered (or at least hinted at the answer to) any salient questions you’ve hooked readers with throughout the book. Weiland lives in make-believe worlds, talks to imaginary friends, and survives primarily on chocolate truffles and espresso. We thought that the unresolved questions you left provided enough room for a sequel. The woman who betrayed him (so he thought) is still out there somewhere. Readers know the protagonist got his major problems figured out, but they don’t always have to know exactly how the lessons he’s learned in the story will affect the rest of his life. I usually go by gut feeling, tie up the main plot and for the rest rely on my beta reader. I think this is an especially tricky question when writing a series. I suppose you have to trust those beta readers and critique groups! Still, readers do get a wee bit hot under the collar when they have to wait three years to have their major questions answered! But that doesn’t mean wasting the chance to lodge intriguing questions in the reader’s mind at story’s end. But: a killer who has actually come to the aid of my main character is still out there. The second novel, due out soon, will also end with plot elements finished, but also with lingering questions about whether a romance almost destroyed in the course of the novel has a chance of being saved. I added a plot to each book which does get resolved at the end of each book to give a sense of completion – while keeping other threads unresolved (niggling questions rather than major cliff hangers) – that lead on to the next book. Hawthorne eventually (and grudgingly) had to write an afterword that flat-out explained the plot twists. First, ask yourself if you’ve tied off all the major plot details. Will readers understand where the character is headed next? If you’ve teased them for three-hundred pages, you have to play fair in the end and give them at least a partial answer. If they enjoy any remaining ambiguity, you’ve done a good job. You left the characters alive enough for us to wonder what might happen next and yet the story had a definite and satisfactory ending. He discovers that he still harbors feelings for her, even though she supposedly framed him for the economic collapse of an entire nation and murder. Leave loose what feels right – then listen if beta readers disagree. I left readers hanging as to whether the antagonist was captured, died, or ultimately escaped, intending to use that detail to begin the next book. Ideally, each book needs its own story arc, but with just enough questions remaining that they’ll pick up the next! Series are a whole ‘nother ball of wax when it comes to loose ends, since, technically, the ends aren’t really loose if they’re tied off in a subsequent book. My short stories aren’t quite as loose ended, but maybe that might be a problem too. I consider it important, deceptively so, and a matter with special relevance to me as someone writing a series. The plot needs to be resolved by story’s end–unless of course it’s part of a “to be continued” saga. I am considering going back to rewrite it after readong several of your articles.

Author Michael Nye Explains How To Market Your Book by

If you’re doing some touring, it’s best to spend a little time with people you know. But it’s also a good reason to visit a city where there are people you love, who don’t care at all about your book because they know you the way readers don’t, and they just want to spend time with you. We want books that engage us, that are memorable, that you can’t stop talking about. This will only wear you out and make you feel terrible about yourself. Writing your book and having it published is a tremendous success. Because you’ll need the weekends off to appreciate your work, to reflect, to rest, to enjoy living your life. I know once your book is published, the real work of promotion begins. It’s nice promoting the works of others … just in case there really is something to karma! Save 84% on this premium collection of 11 resources on mastering these elements. No, it isn’t a bestseller, but that was pretty exciting for a debut short story collection on a small press. Every writer knows that you need to have a social media presence now. Why not show your readers that you are just like them (especially because, surprise, you are!). This might sound a little touchy-feely, but it’s really easy to get burned out. Recognizing the works of others is a good way of keeping your own ego in check.

The Art Of The Opening Sentence by

I have a prodigious and unembarrassed passion for opening sentences. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself,” expressed a woman’s small claim of autonomy. Much can be accomplished in seemingly straightforward prose. The pronouns here­­––the first-person-plurals “our” and “we”––are not used in the rest of the book, which stays firmly in third person. In other words, a portion of our measurement of an opening line’s efficacy must be contextual. See, this is an opening aimed at both establishing the focus and the narrative. It is undoubtedly a tale ––no other word for it––with rousing adventure and ridiculously complex intrigue and mystery. They are elegant and direct, but that doesn’t mean they are only accomplishing one thing. First, this narrator is talking to us , and in a friendly, almost conspiratorial way. Jerome’s e-mails to his father,” and proceeds to do just that. We never learn who the “white girl” is; she joins the list of millions––billions , even––of the anonymous dead. The opening sentence is the first utterance of life, the initial gasp of air that birth forces out. Their hush is full of more beauty than any description ever could be. I am surrounded by piles and piles (and, seriously, piles ) of books. The absolutist vibe they gave off made the work itself feel chiseled into rock, as if each word were crafted to unimpeachable perfection. Contained in each of the above sentences is something crucial to the novel it opens, all without stating it outright. They now seemed such a transparent attempt to elevate the book to classic status. Putting something offputting at the beginning, it’s a classic modernist strategy. But that fact does not diminish the power or the greatness of any work. It also features an enormous cast and a narrative that moves through all of their points of view. Often the most artful way to communicate something is when it is couched within ostensible artlessness. Because, oh yeah, it only goes down (or up, depending on your view) from there. Morrison, no stranger to frankness, is particularly good at opening her books. As a reader, a really wonderful opening line makes me giddy with excitement. It is the division between nothing and something, the bridge between emptiness and fullness, between something in your head and something on the page. Also the word bitter goes with the word unrequited in that one who suffers from unrequited love may well become bitter.

How To Write A Good Opening Sentence For A Novel by

We’re going to look at some examples drawn from that competition. Before we plunge into our sentence surgery, three quick comments. For the most part, we were looking at works-in-progress, so these examples were all subject to change anyway. The key word in the first part of the writer’s sentence is “certain”. But if the middle of those three statements goes, then the whole opening needs reconsideration. As a rough guide, the more the reader feels they’ve made a deduction, the more powerful that conclusion will feel. And “alert him to where you are” also feels a little bit strained. Oh, and you want to know why that sentence works as well as it does? Marriages that collapse and give the wife just one minute to get away – well! I mean, that’s a very large case, or a remarkably small mother. It’s almost good, but gets itself into a tangle, then trips over itself. That opening line now has real merit and launches plenty of story questions (why is this a bad day? When people get out of the pool their hair is normally already very flat and smoothed from the water. If he’s cold, he grabs a towel, or moves into the sun, or does something other than what you tell us he’s done. But getting those kinds of details utterly convincing from the off is part of what gets a reader into the story. Further into a novel, those kind of issues dissolve a little bit. I would be disappointed in an opening page that just rehearsed the various woes of the commuter – but we’re on sentences here, not pages, and the sentence itself is fine. Here’s one of those ‘sentences’ which is begging to be carved up. He weighed over two hundred and fifty pounds and had arms like a bear, thick, powerful and covered in coarse black hair. I know that last sentence still has three ands, but the restructuring helps the rhythm, at least to my ear. Opportunities to put your work in front of literary agents and get their feedback direct. We created our club for writers like you and we’d love it if you joined! The second is a bit more literary; the first is a terrific opening line for a psycholog ical thriller, or something of that sort. None of those are good opening sentences (though none of them are terrible). The last shreds of summer and never mind the falling leaves. The reader feels immediately placed in the mood of the story. If your manuscript does that then, no matter how unshowy that opening sentence, you’re doing just fine. And of course, everyone is welcome to access our editorial help, sample our courses, or come to our amazing events. The fact is that the process of hooking a reader usually takes longer than a sentence and writers shouldn’t obsess unduly about the stuff above and to the left of the manuscript’s first full stop. So if some of my could-do-better commentary below depresses you – well, forget it. My formulation is that bit clearer about where the interest of the sentence lies. The middle of one of the three certainties doesn’t tie obviously to the other two and feels a bit different. That is surely strongly suggesting that that first impression might be way off base, yet it conveys that impression by making the reader do most of the work. To stalk is a transitive verb, that is, it requires an object. The first part of the sentence makes you think, “oh, this is a question about packing. It’s also nice, because it instantly launches the reader into two important story-questions. Marriages collapsing are (unfortunately) a rather everyday occurrence. It pulls attention away from “net curtain” and the use of a net curtain for a shroud is quite striking enough irrespective of whether it’s grubby. So long as the author explains that niggle sometime soon, that’s fine, and (once you’ve deleted that “grubby”) it’s a good opening line. And the thing is, the best bit of this sentence is the very opening and the longer it goes on the more the writer overwrites that clean and striking opening. You definitely can’t chase cold away by palming your already flat hair and it’s not even a gesture most of us feel tempted to make. Here, you do get the reader in, but you’ve done so with a tiny – and needless – stutter upfront. Likewise fidgeting hands: also a very standard way of conveying impatience. He stood a little over five foot six, but gave the appearance of being almost cubic. That’s a relief already, only a few remaining niggles really. He must weigh close to two hundred and fifty pounds, and he has the arms of a bear: thick, powerful and profusely hairy. Result: much more energy per pound – and a much more compelling story. High clouds scudding in from the west and plenty of sunshine. Because the writing has that confident tone, the reader trusts me.

Sunset Boulevard by

It’s about driveway with squealing five o’clock in the brakes. Beside him, on the bed, is a dirty ashtray and a scattering of type written and pencil- marked pages. Also a small desk littered with books and letters, and a chest of drawers with a portable phonograph and some records on top. Two men wearing hats stand outside one of them carrying a briefcase. That car better be back here by noon tomorrow, or there’s going to be fireworks. He studio cops and extras are was a smart producer, lounging there. There are piles or scripts, a few pipes and, somewhere in the background, some set models. But he’s trying to go straight — except there’s a bunch of gamblers who won’t let him. In the gutter lie dead leaves, scraps of paper, burnt matches and cigarette butts. You’ll get and are running up to it over your radio, the pool, in which a and see it on tele- body is seen floating. On the walls are a couple of repro- ductions of characterless paintings, with laundry bills and snapshots stuck in the frames. The effect is dingy and cheerless — just another furnished apartment. He is wearing a tweed sport jacket, a tan polo shirt, and moooasins. A shooting schedule chart is thumb-tacked into a large bulletin board. One of the trainers, an oldtime player who got beaned and goes out of his head sometimes.

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They say ‘only mad dogs and english men go out in the midday sun! ‘… This one is especially for all you lovers of stockings and suspenders. It didn’t take me long to forget the sweeping and find another brush to play with. For those of you who love my legs and bottom so much, see me at my rudest, laid back on my desk. With a video rental shop and a burger bar open ’til late nearby, there were still quite a few people coming and going. I thought you’d much prefer to see me playing around with my horny new girlfriend than gorging myself on chocolates! She choose my big red double ender and boy – did we get hot slipping each other a length or two! See me give myself a good ‘porking’ with this huge, juicy sausage. I find plenty to spice things up, but sometimes pantyhose can get right in the way of what a girl yearns to do. I had great fun in this farmer’s field and back came the urge to abandon myself to nature. I really enjoy a long hot shower, taking time to soap myself up then rinse off. Having a cigarette or two and thinking about her fo! I thought it would be nice this time to share my toys with her.

Chasing Harry Winston: Lauren Weisberger: 9781439102930: Amazon: Books by

Best friends since college, each has seen her share of career foils and romantic foibles over the past decade. Within one year, each woman will change the thing that most challenges her. Were there people who actually welcomed unannounced visitors when they just stopped by to “say hello” or “check in”? Emmy should rest her head, ducked behind the wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. What higher power orchestrated such a perfect union of genes? She told anyone who would listen that she wanted a huge family, and she wanted it as soon as possible. After all, they were only twenty-five, and even she knew there was plenty of time. That of course she’d prefer to sit around in a pair of boxers and a tank top, but the skin-on-leather stickiness—not to mention the annoying ripping noises every time she shifted position—made this impossible. Her books have sold more than thirteen million copies worldwide. She tried to breathe slowly, but her exhales were short and raspy, punctuated by little guppy gasps. It was actually how they had become friends in the first place. Stay away from me and stay away from him, and keep your stupid freshman trampiness out of my life. Leigh knew they would think her crazy if she explained that she’d actually already worn all of her lightweight, full-length pajama pants (and even all of her yoga pants) and that because she preferred to wear them without underwear, they were really only single-use pants and ended up in the wash pretty quickly.


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