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Frequently Asked Questions Resurfacing Arizona

If normal household cleaners fail to bring back the shine on your other fixtures, your finish has most likely been damaged or worn and has probably become pitted and porous. Replacement fixtures are almost invariably of lesser quality than the original. Most of the time is spent in preparing the original surface for reglazing. If your fixture is made of fiberglass, acrylic, or cultured marble, it can – in some cases – be polished. Put yourself in the position of someone deciding whether to replace or refinish an existing bathroom.Customers are extremely gratified with our srvice and the price. Abrasives are capable of damaging even the most durable surfaces. Repair or replace any plumbing problems (leaking faucets, broken handles, pipes) and remove any hardware such as shower doors and tracks which are directly connected to the tub or sink.

Bathtub Refinishing by

Spray 2-3 coats of acrylic polyurethane top coat to cover the old surface – this coating is stronger than automobile paint. After a 24-48 hour curing period, the surface is buffed to achieve the best luster of the new top coat.
Bathtub Refinishing Phoenix Az | Duration 49 Seconds We also install a 5 or 6 foot curved shower curtain rods for extra shower width or an 84” handheld shower hose. With proper cleaning and care, the tub or sink will provide years of use and enjoyment! Visit: 1-2 hours – all refinishing work requires a 24-48 hour cure time, when the tub cannot be used. Prepare the interior surface of the tub or sink by etching and sanding. Spray acrylic polyurethane top coat to cover the old surface.

Countertop Refinishing and Resurfacing by

Our countertop refinishing requires a seven-step application process creates a long-lasting and durable finish. With countertop refinishing, no extra maintenance steps are required. Contact us today for a free countertop refinishing estimate. Our surfaces can be easily cleaned with any non-abrasive, liquid cleaners or mild soap and water.

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