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Frigidaire FFPE2411QB 18 Inch Compact Refrigerator With 2.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity 1 Water Chiller

The fridge offers a movable glass shelf so you can adjust accordingly to your food storage needs. In the door you can store tall bottles with ease and hold up to eight 12-oz. Frigidaire is one of the leading suppliers of quality home appliances and they take pride in offering superior products and service to their customers.

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If you see, smell, or taste something wrong with your water, we offer test kits and refrigerator water filters to remove bacteria and lead in water.Our personable team and water experts use their knowledge to combat bad water and empower others to do the same. As a leading provider of water treatment options from water filtration products to plumbing supplies, we are your one-stop source for fresh water. We aim for excellence because fresh water is a critical resource and our guests are a top priority.

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Our products are worry free and are fully guaranteed and comply with all known plumbing codes. Our installation and after sales service plans are simply less expensive and more convenient.All of our fountains can be enhanced with one of our multistage filtrations systems. Our full range of products and services will provide turnkey solutions to all your drinking water needs. We provide full service packages to maintain your water solution systems and guarantee your employees an unlimited supply of great tasting filtered drinking water. We service what we sell and provide full in house warranty service to our customers for all our products including water softeners and filtration systems.

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I will say it could have been packed better from the factory, and the distributor put it in a larger box, which enabled it to ramble around in the large box. We are looking for a unit that ventilates itself better for an under sink option. We deliver water-friendly solutions that provide clean, safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere. Time will tell if this unit is more commercial and stands up to high usage. I purchased my first unit in 2015 and it failed at the end of 2016. It was in a cabinet under our sink and would continually overheat. We replaced the coil only to have it overheat and stop working again.

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