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GE Profile 30. Radiant Electric Cooktop In Stainless Steel Stove With Downdraft

Sporting a bold, dramatic look and state of the art features, this collection provides the perfect combination of style and innovation throughout your kitchen. The ones they list on their web site won’t fit this cooktop. They actually said that they don’t carry an adapter for this model. I also made certain all of my stainless steel pan’s bottoms were spotless – otherwise, it will eventually come off on the stove when heated. It is such an attractive stove top that you want it to look brand new all the time.On the plus side, cooking features/functions are very good and when absolutely clean, the unit looks very nice against our granite countertop. The control knobs have to be removed to properly clean this area. Firstly, and minor, is the ground and neutral wires are crimped together. Secondly, and the reason for 3 stars is the downdraft blower. I have spend hours trying to make it fit without having some ugly duct work. By the time you add the boot, the opening is almost on the cabinet floor.Other than bad engineering on the blower, the cooktop is very nice. Mating the downdraft outlet to existing exhaust ductwork was difficult / time consuming and definitely the most tedious part of the install. The black surface takes much repeated effort to clean up, and will show streaks and smudges. This is the second one we’ve had, only because when the first one cracked, the only cooktop that would fit into our space was this one. This top fit our island counter the same as the old one, so it was easy to install without doing any changes. The ribbon heating elements ensure even heat and fast warm-up times. Our area for the cooktop is a bit wider than the unit. Are the parts that are needed for the downdraft connection included? Also, do not slide your pans on the glass top – this may scratch it. The cooktop is really nice but there are two issues you will have to deal with. It is almost impossible to duct this unit to your existing vent. If you try to exhaust it to the back, you have about 1-2 inches to add the duct work. Installation was easy, with a slight re-configuration of the ductwork. Must procure / supply as additional items for your specific installation. If you want to spend more time cleaning your cooktop than cooking on it, then buy this product. She needed four burners to be able to cook more items at the same time.

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Back then the brand was well renowned and their ranges worked extremely well for years. The oven does not work without the controls, the heating elements do continue to work, though. The only way to get rid of these stains is to completely open up the door and clean the panels only to have new stains the next time you clean the range. Unfortunately these are not problems faced by just a few people. On the right you can see the automatic convection conversion is in process. It has got a specialized steam rack with an attachment that can hold water and thus adds moisture to the oven. As a rule of thumb, the time taken to bake with a convection oven is less than the traditional kind. The racks include a max capacity rack, a gliding roll-out rack, and a steam rack. Sadly, the cleaning system only works on the base and not the walls and the top. The model used here is the same but uses gas burners instead. There’s a slight smell of burning plastic and dust during the initial weeks. Since the door is completely metal, it results in both the door and the handle heating up. Slide in ranges usually have a rim at the edges and in most cases also at the back to seamlessly blend into the counter-top and wall, but they are absent in this model and need to be separately purchased. Having a non-functioning oven for up to a week while you wait for replacement parts in case of a failure is unacceptable. I have no other option and need a slide-in electric range with a downdraft system. I do not want an island range hood hanging in the middle of my kitchen, but would rather have a downdraft cooking range. Range hoods are better in the sense that they get rid of more steam, smoke, odor, and fumes as they rise up with the hot air and are collected by the range hood. You may have to change your cooking style if you’re like me and chop your vegetables, etc. When they are are on the side it limits the size of the pan you can place on the stove. There’s a lock for the burners and an alarm is sounded if a burner is operated in this mode. Also, the fan makes a lot less noise at lower speed settings. By default, it is expected that the cooktop stays in place with a rubber gasket around the edges. It’s meant to be hardwired, you could additionally purchase a plug if needed. You need to check them all individually to find out which burner is switched on. There are however separate hot surface indicators to let you know which surfaces are still hot. The need of an exhaust is important for safety and health reasons.

Downdraft Cooktop Vent | Duration 47 Seconds If you use a gas stove, you definitely need an exhaust if you ever cook with your windows closed. I would rather go with the 3 bends, but it depends on how much space you have and if you get rounded elbows to fit that space, etc. And l reread your article on my desktop – it’s great & gives so much insight. The last burner went this am, we’ve been hanging in there, but the time has come. When cleaning the range there’s a high probability that you’re going to have some water with dirt flow between the glass panels and stain them permanently. The door doesn’t close well resulting in a loss of heat from the oven. The coils do not extrude, allowing for a flat surface and easy cleaning. This is a system that converts the conventional oven baking time to that required by the convection oven. A self-cleaning system that cleans the oven in under an hour using low heat and water. It may not be hot enough to burn you on one touch but it’s substantially hot and could be dangerous if you have young children or pets around. The trim kit that they sell is a bit shorter than the length of the range.If you are not limited to having this combination of features there are other electric ranges with downdraft options if you’re okay with placing a freestanding range in your kitchen or if you are willing to buy a regular slide-in electric range and an external downdraft system. This models downdraft system is good, but it’s just not the same. It is wiser to pay a little more today than pay to change multiple parts in the years to come. The cook-top looks good and is easy to clean provided you’ve got the right cleaning supplies. With this setup, you can use pans larger than the default burner size with ease. It’s a good child safety feature that some of you may appreciate.

Custom Granite Kitchen Stove Downdraft | Duration 36 Seconds You therefore do not have to waste a lot of energy running the exhaust at max power when you don’t need it. Just one light that indicates if an element is in operation. It not a huge issue, but it is one that needs to be pointed out as it is a black knob on a black surface and can be hard to see. This is the reason the new cooktop fits in perfectly with no observable gaps. Also, if you need 100% of the suction power, this may not be the best solution as you are definitely going to have a loss in efficiency. We presently have an ancient 30” jenn-air down draft. Any ideas how to fix the chipping paint inside the downdraft wall?

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I cannot push any numbers for the potato or frozen entree option so have to use the default of 1 and 10 oz. My dealer took it in for “repair” but brought it back the same. When opened the box the styrofoam was broken as well as the turntable support. Use on the counter is poor – the metal/plastic “feet” make it slide all over the place. The specialized coating for stainless steel is easy to clean with just water and a soft cloth, so you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning up.I must push the numbers on the control panel several times before if at all getting a response. I must hold the open door button about 5 seconds before it will open. The published dimensions were incorrect and the appliance will not fit in my under cabinet microwave shelf. It could have been a great product, works well, but too many issues right now.

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That limits you to about 4 choices, or less if you want to keep the same size cutout in your countertop. While you could connect it to the old circuit breaker and probably run 3 of the 4 elements before it tripped some day the breaker would fail to trip until your wiring had overheated somewhere and it would burn your house down and kill your family. You or your installer will have to struggle with this but it’s dooable. They should shorten that to just “the glass will scratch” as it will. Since it’s a very dark glossy surface it shows everything on it very clearly. Even using the sample of stuff they sent with it it’s awful. If you hook up a rectangular to round adapter to the downdraft, you only have about 9″ to the bottom of a standard cabinet. This was the same but a newer model replacement for our old cooktop which has been cracked by clumsy houseguests. The styling perfectly matches the rest of our black and stainless steel appliances. I really like the 2 burners in 1 feature and the “melt” and “power boil” features. In general electric cooktops are hard to keep clean and can scratch, so you just have to accept that. Remember to use the cleaner before actually using it the first time. This stove requires a 40 amp breaker and a minimum of 8 gauge wiring. Just don’t expect to have this connected on the first day without several trips to the hardware store for you or your installer. They say that the glass will scratch if you drag pans on it, or do a long list of other things you’re not supposed to. You’ll be taking them off every single time, they are so close together that you can’t wipe between them when they are on and you can’t do it either once you’ve taken them off. Difficult to install, difficult to clean and just accept that the glass will be scratched from literally day one. Fan connection underneath is almost impossible to connect to an existing downdraft vent. That’s the risk with any glass cooktop, but we really like the smooth and easy to clean surface. The various sizes burners are just right for a wide variety of meal projects and the downdraft ventilation works surprisingly well. This one has a glass top which seems to be easier to clean than the porcelain.

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We’re proud to say we make dependable appliances you can rely on, and we’ll back that with a 10-year limited parts warranty, 2 so if something does go wrong, we’ll be there to fix it. Our stainless steel appliances give your kitchen a sleek and powerful look, while keeping your food cold, your dishes clean and your dinner hot.

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Love the electronic ignition over our old pilot light system. I prefer the knobs on the right, as opposed to across the front, so was happy to find a model with that feature. The burners are varying sizes to accommodate multi sized pots or pans. And, once the grates are removed, this cooktop is incredibly easy to clean. With a timeless appearance, this family of appliances is ideal for your family. This gas cooktop cooks so much better than my previous (nearly 20-year-old) one. The simmer burner (rear left) is a great feature, as is the large power burner (front left). Dials are on top instead of in front and out of the way of little people’s hands. It wipes down easily and my pots sit flat on the grates which was an issue with my previous stovetop by another manufacturer.

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Every time an exhaust fan removes air from your house, an equal volume of air must enter. So where does a powerful range-hood fan get its makeup air? Yet range hood manufacturers are notorious for failing to provide installers with any guidance on makeup air. Astonishingly, the instructions make no mention of the range hood’s requirement for makeup air. So why do the instructions refer to the need for providing makeup air for furnaces and water heaters — but fail to inform installers that range-hood fans also need a source of makeup air? So complying with these standards for water-heater installation won’t keep you out of trouble. The installation instructions certainly aren’t “clear” about the need for makeup air; nor do the instructions even mention the need to determine the airflow needs of an entire home. Unfortunately, this source of makeup air is so close to the hood that an airflow short-circuit was created, allowing cooking smoke to drift into the kitchen. In a tight house, a stronger exhaust fan can cause problems with backdrafting. Broan sells motorized dampers for this purpose, and also provides detailed and useful installation instructions. One 8-inch-diameter duct works for a range hood rated up to 1, 000 cfm. Although this solution works, it won’t satisfy most homeowners, and builders who suggest this remedy may still be legally liable for future backdrafting problems. When you take off the front panel it is breathing from the room. What an important item to be discussing and exposing! The ducting of these are more times than not, afterthoughts, and not to your surprise, not one of them have ever thought of make-up air. Fantech makes in-line duct fans and flex duct that is rated for kitchen exhaust. It can supply 790 cfm of makeup air at an 80-degree temperature rise, or 1, 580 cfm at a 40-degree temperature rise. But remember, you still have to buy all the other necessary components. A very important part of effective dust collection is to get your “source of suck” very close to the “source of dust” (sorry for the technical jargon). They are moving about 90% clean air and only a bit of fumes with all the consequent energy loss. Also, you need distance between the supply vents and the hood to create an air loop close to the range, but far enough to not draw from the house make-up air. But mainly the benefit was that the make-up air was integral and concentric in the hood. This is fine for heating up a ready meal, but you can’t saute a pan full of garlic shrimp on a stove top in the living room and expect not to smell it, no matter how many cfm you’re pulling. If this doesn’t work for you and your cooking style is too stinky to live with, just accept you’ll need to plan a traditional separated kitchen area where you can close the doors to the rest of the house and open a window. Since the flue gases of some combustion appliances can include carbon monoxide, backdrafting is dangerous. In heating mode, the makeup air appliance draws a whopping 10, 000 watts. Their instructions still make no mention of makeup air requirements. Buy a range hood with a small exhaust fan; for most homes, 150 cfm to 250 cfm is plenty. Broan recommends installing an outdoor air duct connected to a grille mounted on the kitchen wall or connected directly to the return plenum of your furnace; the motorized damper is installed in the duct. If your range hood is bigger than that, you’ll need two ducts. As a stop-gap measure, a homeowner with backdrafting problems can open a window near the kitchen every time the range-hood fan is turned on. If you’re about to buy a new water heater or furnace, remember that sealed-combustion appliances are virtually immune to backdrafting problems, and are therefore always a safer bet than atmospherically vented appliances. Air pressure changes do effect the start up of some appliances, tighter homes may cause more problems then just moisture, rot and mold. Viking stove and range hood seems essential for quality home status. We recently did a teaching studio for a client who works lamp-work glass jewelry and glass art work and needed an efficient studio with localized ventilation for open flame working of colored glass involving associated heavy metals and toxic fumes. If you buy the unit, it doesn’t include a blower or a motorized damper — you’ve got to buy those separately. Installing 2 or 3 supply vents minimizes noise pollution, plus you could insulate the equipment or cavity as well.The equipment can be installed in the attic, floor trusses above, pantry or cabinets. Whether or not you want to condition the supply air is up to you. A lot of folks around here just cook the smelly stuff outside. Good gracious, why do we insist on making our lives so complicated?

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