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Use for your shower floor, decorative insert, or cabinets backsplash. It only takes a week to get your new kitchen finished!

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Your recommendation of our products and services to your family and friends is the greatest compliment we could ever earn! Our professional sales team will guide you through the whole process of choosing the right product and right color on your budget to successful installation of the product.

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Granite was formed millions of years ago from compressed molten rock which makes granite countertops very durable and far superior to laminate, synthetic and even marble because it is less likely to scratch or chip. If the stone never darkens or it takes more than 15 minutes, then you have a near stain-proof granite countertop that probably would not take a sealer even if you tried. Most granite countertops should be re-sealed every 3 to 5 years, but some do not need re-sealing. If the granite takes less than 15 minutes to darken, then applying a granite sealer will make this stone reasonably stain resistant, but make sure it absorbs well and doesn’t dry on top.

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Naturally durable and easy to maintain, granite is a beautiful, stylistic statement for those who appreciate the dramatic, random patterns of natural stone. This popular countertop comes in a range of natural shades that will set off any décor. While the surface makes it difficult for anyone to tell it isn’t real marble, you have the luxury of selecting your perfect colours from a wide spectrum. This relatively inexpensive countertop choice also offers a variety of finishes, from matte to glossy and textured. In fact, the texture will vary throughout a single slab, lending a unique and elegant style to your kitchen. Quartz countertops do not require sealing, are almost maintenance-free, and they’re virtually scratch-proof. These countertops come in a wide variety of veined patterns and solid colours. This popular choice is resistant to bacteria and adds resiliency to the surface, decreasing chips on your dishes. The options make laminate a versatile choice as well as an economical one.

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We would definitely recommend her to anyone requiring the services of a realtor! She made our purchase seamless and saved us thousands on our home! The basement development is close to fully- finished, with only the ceiling, baseboards, & some finishing to complete! Partially developed basement with large bedroom & 3- piece bath! I have worked with a number of other agents in the area before both buying and selling and she is by far the best agent we have worked with.

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