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The quaint streets, the history, and above all, the kindness of its residents promise to make any trip there one to remember. So rather than rushing from location to location, choose a few places of interest, and explore the city at your leisure. Though it’s a bed and breakfast, you’ll be happy to find all the essential amenities you’d expect from a big-name hotel along with perks like breakfast and afternoon tea. But there are great common areas including a beautiful porch and kitchen (helpful if you want to save money by cooking a meal or two).
London Property Watch Luxury Apartments For Sale Near West End! | Duration 1 Minutes 53 Seconds The hotel houses an elegant courtyard that acts as the perfect retreat after a long day traversing the city. This spot is especially ideal if you want to explore the city on foot as it’s close to nearly all the major tourist attractions. The rooftop terrace provides a lovely view of the city and it’s the perfect spot to have breakfast each day. Though the rooms are all beautifully decorated—the lobby decor with it’s exposed brick will have you swooning. A timeshare rental, complete with full kitchen, living room, and multiple bedrooms is the perfect choice for girls getaways: spacious and affordable! The rooms are luxuriously appointed with the world’s comfiest beds imaginable and combined with the painstaking attention to detail throughout the hotel, well, you’ll never want to leave. Once you finally venture out of your room, treat yourself to the renowned spa facilities or the variety of on-site dining options. After taking in the historic homes, walk along the water and experience one of the most relaxing, scenic parts of the city. A great option for history lovers, this house gives you a glimpse into what it would have been like to live there in the 1800s. In the past, its been ranked one of the best farmers markets in the entire country, so needless to say, it’s worth the visit. This region of the country has been home to many different people and cultures over the years, and the museum does a tremendous job of capturing this history. Bring a towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses to set up shop on the beach and relax in the sand. If paddling isn’t your thing, you can charter a boat instead—a relaxing way to get out on the water and take in the views. If you don’t have time for a full treatment, it’s a great spot to stop to stock up on organic all-natural skincare products. The shop features vendors from all around the country, all of whom are doing some seriously creative, beautiful work. Housing a beautiful collection of vintage inspired jewelry, you’ll be sure to find something unique to take home with you—for yourself or as a gift.

Echelon Chelsea Luxury Apartments In Nyc | Duration 4 Minutes 51 Seconds As the name suggests, candles are the name of the game but the shop also curates other goods that you’re guaranteed to love. Just know their pieces are not the most budget friendly, but browse through to gather inspiration for your own place. Be ready to gorge on rice topped with super flavorful proteins and pickled vegetables with a healthy dash of chili sauce. You will be hard pressed to find the same dish twice, and why would you want to when you have so much to choose from? Take advantage of oysters and clams caught by local fisherman while tipping back fantastic cocktails and wine. Grab a glass or share a bottle and pair it with cheese and charcuterie with freshly baked bread. As if the wine wasn’t enough, their friendly knowledgeable staff will have you pining for a second visit. The bartenders are knowledgeable and the ingredients (especially the gin) are all high quality. If you aren’t a fan of gin, they also have plenty of other fantastic mixed drinks using other spirits. While everyone’s skin and beauty needs are different, it’s helpful to hear from a self-proclaimed beauty junkie — and hear what really works and what doesn’t. America’s currently in a state of political divide — and politically charged conversations seem to come up everywhere we turn. If you’re anything like we are and you’re craving a warm-weather getaway, you’ve come to the right pla ce. They’ll either get you pumped for a trip you have planned — or make you want to book one! The inn has an outdoor pool and sundeck, which isn’t always easy to come by in the downtown area, and is a saving grace during hot summer months. Because each suite is slightly different, you may even end up with an unexpected bonus like a claw foot tub! A nightly wine and cheese reception and a hot tub are just the cherry on top. Rooms feature a heavy dose of southern charm and other property highlights include a beautiful outdoor pool and an on-site restaurant and lounge. With just 41 rooms, the property is intimate without feeling too small. Though there are several great features, the property really shines when it comes to the rooms, particularly in the marble bathrooms complete with custom toiletries. With its high-end finishes and commitment to customer service, this is the perfect spot for a special occasion (like a bachelorette weekend!). The homes in this area are among the most historic and iconic in the city and you’ve probably seen these brightly painted beauties on postcards or in guidebooks. Though it’s close to the action downtown, it provides a serene experience that makes you feel as if you’re much farther away. There are a great variety of farmers, food vendors, and local artisans to choose from. Be sure to take a look at the calendar page before going to see if your trip coincides with one of their special events. Completely overgrown with trees and plants, the cemetery is equal parts fascinating and historic (and a little bit creepy!).

Luxury Apartments At Watermark In Cambridge Ma | Duration 21 Seconds As long as you don’t mind walking a bit, you can easily find a secluded spot away from the crowds (a big plus in our book!). Drivers are polite, and you definitely don’t have to be a biking expert to get around. Many hotels in the area also offer bikes for rent so you may want to explore that option first. Though they’re famed for sugaring treatments, you can also stop in for spa standbys like facials and massages. In addition to an amazing selection of candles, you can also stop by the shop for a variety of candle making workshops. Offering indoor and outdoor seating, it’s frequented by both tourists and locals alike. But beware, the spice may not be for the faint of heart! Grab an outdoor seat and a bottle of wine to ponder why you didn’t get to this place sooner. Make sure to check their daily specials for creative meals as well as classics like lobster rolls. Don’t hesitate to get the fried chicken—we promise you won’t be disappointed. The two-story bar next-door offers a large selection of their best dishes and cocktails in a comfortable saloon style setting. Sit at the beautiful wooden bar to take a step back in time or opt to sit at some of the marble high-top tables near the front for some quality people watching. But what’s the etiquette when it comes to having these discussions at work?


A vacant 37, 000 square foot half-block zoned for neighborhood commercial use with a 65-foot height allowance, the site offered an alleyway for primary ingress and egress. However, neighborhood activists were poised to ensure nothing happened to the site. We felt we could build something spectacular that would complement the neighborhood, but we needed to convince them. The new owner will continue to maintain the portfolio as affordable housing, the release states. On the income property side, we have not bought anything in two years. Part of the reason we have not bought anything is that it’s been very hard to understand where rents will stabilize. The properties we do have under construction are moving into the rent-up stage. We will monitor the market to determine when revenue and income from the asset would justify being able to break ground.

1 Bedroom The Durant Luxury Apartments Layout X07 | Duration 3 Minutes 25 Seconds They were delightful to work with and crafted some really interesting things. If you are banking on one particular deal, it can make you or kill you. Entrada was built in 2004 and the new owners expect to spend capital renovating the leasing office, improving the dramatic rooftop common area and implementing a vibrant exterior paint scheme. The property is currently undergoing renovations to the exterior as well as individual unit renovations. But, almost without exception, they want to build just one thing: apartments. Cain and other analysts say a convergence of economic, demographic and cultural forces should keep the market stoked into 2011 and beyond. The apartment market typically improves when employment grows, insiders say. Analysts say this turnaround is rooted partly in the real-estate downturn and partly in the 1980s. Now, landlords say, they’re increasingly finding places of their own. Many are renting rather than buying, by choice rather than necessity. They want walkable, vibrant neighborhoods outside rather than a lot of space inside, he said. And the drop in home values and rise in foreclosures has made many think twice about buying. They include compliance management to ensure apartment communities meet financial, operational and regulatory compliance, as well as construction management for projects of all sizes. The last thing we wanted to do was get in a neighborhood fight. The rental range exceeded that projected on opening, although average rents are in line with the project pro forma. Occupancy has consistently remained over 95 percent since stabilization. The panic and uncertainty about where to put money — that was unprecedented.

Cathedral Commons | One Bedroom W/ Den Loft Model Apartment Home | Washington, Dc Apartments | Duration 3 Minutes 30 Seconds In certain areas, the government provides through the stimulus act access to capital that allows us to continue to go forward. We have been fortunate in that the properties we do have under control were not sitting on any land loans or other type of debt that would make us lose sleep at night. What we are looking for in this environment are the entitlements on the assets. One thing we like to look for is current stabilized net operating income that gives us a positive cash flow on our equity — income from the property that will pay the debt service and then some. Epicenter rented up in the low cycle of the tech bust here and it has been very highly occupied. Fremont, as you know, has a very eclectic group of citizens and a very strong arts group. As a result we brought in people who were involved in the art world to help us. No matter how good the location or how good the pro forma deal is, it does not always work out. We spread our activity around a number of divisions and assets. The law school, which has an enrollment of 800 students, is planning for growth to 1, 000 students in its new facility along with faculty in excess of 200 people. Developers are racing to get projects permitted, financed and under construction. And, because construction tailed off after the economy tanked, relatively few new projects are slated to open this year to accommodate those new renters. Prices aren’t increasing; interest rates haven’t risen much yet. That’s when baby boomers began having their own babies in large numbers. It’s tougher for people of all ages to qualify for home loans now than before the real-estate bubble burst. No one expects that all the projects scheduled to break ground this year actually will. At some point, analysts say, lenders will conclude the market is saturated and pull back. The company provides property, construction and compliance management services that create positive living environments for residents and build value for clients. With a current enrollment of 950 students and 200 faculty/staff, the law school plans to expand its student body to more than 1, 000 students at its new downtown campus in the coming year. They have established a waitlist process for students, which is used as vacancies arise in the building.

Furnished Luxury Apartments At The Tides At Lakeshore East | Duration 2 Minutes 20 Seconds The building features a newly renovated rooftop common area, interior courtyard, fitness center and underground parking. In fact, it didn’t take long for the company to make a big announcement.

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With over three decades of project experience stretching around the globe, we continue delivering exceptional service with a high degree of principal level involvement to ensure client satisfaction. To safeguard our neutrality, we do not sell or install systems or products we specify; our company has no financial ties to manufacturers or integration companies. He also fabricated acoustical finishes and noise abatement products. In conference facilities, classrooms, courtrooms and similar smaller spaces, short reverberation times and avoidance of disturbing echoes are important objectives. In addition to the impact of existing environmental noise on buildings, we must also consider new noise being introduced by buildings or developments that can impact nearby communities. Networked audio and video is now common, even necessary for large systems that have equipment racks distributed throughout a building or an entire campus. These include structured cabling systems serving voice and data networks as well as security systems providing video surveillance, building access control and intrusion detection. We work in the built environment and in the outdoor noise environment around buildings and communities. Our clients include architects and engineering firms, property development companies, construction management firms, building owners and facility managers. As a pure consulting firm, our clients rely upon us to objectively represent their interests. He then worked for an acoustical contractor as a project manager overseeing the installation of products and observing methods specified by many other acoustical consultants. Stearns is proficient in the use of electroacoustic modeling software. Tom leverages his experience to minimize networking costs while maximizing the networking infrastructure lifecycle. Johnston brings vast experience in the in the high-tech arena through twenty-five years of developing solutions in the voice and data industry. One example is the noise impact of aircraft flyovers on a new school being constructed near an existing airport. Examples of this include construction of amphitheatres, theme parks, bars and restaurants with outdoor patios and open-air stadiums near communities. Project interests include architecture, community noise, soundscapes and music production. Brooks is active in standards development organizations and frequently publishes and presents his findings in a variety of forums, including peer reviewed journals.

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In the 1960s and early 1970s, the city became a trendy “hippie mecca”. Mediterranean climate, resulting in a semi-arid climate classification. The number of households in 2014 was 217, 245 against 173, 603 in 2004. The hotel infrastructure in recent years has experienced rapid growth. Morocco and most of the major courts of the region are located here. The square attracted dwellers from the surrounding desert and mountains to trade here, and stalls were raised in the square from early in its history. Young apprentices are taught a range of crafts in the workshop at the back of this complex. Africa and serves as a major economic center and tourist destination. Marrakesh sought to make an agreement with the military captains and saved the city from destruction with a sizable payoff of 500, 000 dinars. It has seen rapid development of residential complexes and many luxury hotels. Historically this square was used for pu blic decapitations by rulers who sought to maintain their power by frightening the public.

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This small office building completed in 1969 is an intriguing geometrical exercise. One of the first residential towers to employ steel frame construction, it was taller than most fire truck ladders could reach. The center houses a collection of exhibits that illustrate and celebrate his lifelong fight for equality and social justice for the common man, and the facility beautifully embodies the energy of his non-wavering belief and faith in the human spirit. The main feature of the exterior, a “wrapper” of 1-foot by 2-foot ceramic tiles in nine different colors, covers all four sides of the building. Like the forest of which it’s a part, the building captures light, water and air to the benefit of the surrounding landscape. Ponds collect rainwater for reuse and provide visual, acoustic and thermal comfort. In addition to the audio program, each structure contains an exhibit case housing photographs and common everyday items which are relevant to the building’s theme. Come and enjoy an experience you won’t forget with an overview of their processes, walking exploration of the property and, of course, bourbon tastings. Advance reservations are recommended for parties of 10 or more, particularly for those visiting on weekends. In contrast to other modern structures surrounding the site, this spectacular postmodern high-rise occupies its entire site and re-establishes the street as an essential urban form. The use of stone, wood and glass are extremely well articulated and scaled, and the interior detailing and natural daylight beautifully highlight the crafts displayed within. Each name is precisely located so the shadow of the sundial pointer, or gnomon, touches each veteran’s name on the anniversary of their death. Situated on a small peninsula, its three levels rise dramatically from the wooded shoreline that surrounds it. Elegant and ornate, the architecture features arcades, balconies and turrets. Above is a curved, vaulted ceiling with 139 sculptured faces of historical figures and the interior auditorium is heavily ornamented, displaying an imitation nighttime sky on the ceiling. As a civic building, the west façade presents a strong statement that speaks of its importance to the community. The solids and voids in massing and the overlapping skins provide visual interest for both the exterior and the interior and creates extensions from the inside to the outside. A tiered three-story atrium ties each floor together, giving occupants an opportunity to engage the building’s many activities in a variety of ways. The material palette and siting work well with the existing museum and the smart siting allows beautiful views from the lobby to the historic building. The architect’s straightforward, modern insertions weave the original buildings together, highlighting elements of the original fabric and providing opportunities to display dramatic, large-scale contemporary art. There are fun places to visit in all quadrants of the city — all with photo ops galore. Its intricate façade is composed of layered grids of wood, metal and glass. The building’s lower portion relates to the 19th-century context of the surrounding buildings, and the upper mass reaches skyward. Much of the roof is vegetated, producing oxygen and absorbing rainwater. Geothermal heating and cooling creates a quiet environment and connects the building to the earth, and photovoltaics produce energy on site. Plus, enjoy a mellow moment during your visit by stopping to smell a few of the many red roses on the distillery grounds. Cobalt blue and bursts of red and gold indirectly light all of the niches, coves and entrances. The interior experience is generous and light-filled, with great views of the landscape and sky and a sense of place is created for reading, sitting and simply being in the connective moment between architecture and landscape. The most prominent exterior feature is a large circular car salon encased by a striking yellow conical roof with a 12-story red spire. As a res ult, circulation is a major programmatic element in this facility. Its simple volume is clad in a custom folded panel that gives it a softness and animating texture.

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These offer a couple of advantages – you orientate yourself to a new place, plus you can get insider tips from a local on the best places to visit and eat. It is probably best done as a bus day trip, but you can also do it via public transit (train plus shuttle), by car, or via a private transfer. You can get here via public transit (train plus shuttle) or by booking a tour or private transfer. You can get here by public transit (train or bus), car, or by joining a tour. The included audio guide helps give you a lot of background on the church and points out all the highlights. Otherwise, you can book a tour ticket online for a self-guided audio tour or guided tour. London can be an overwhelming city for many travelers, especially those visiting for the first time. London’s has a great public transportation network and most visitors spend at least some time traveling on it. Best ways to get here is by car, train, or by joining a tour. Cambridge has a number of historical attractions and museums. This is a popular place so be sure to leave some time to get in and explore. There is a small café here and it is a great place to take a short break. The tour here is well worth it if you have the chance to do it during your visit. Of course, you can also just walk to each attraction or take public transit. This iconic bridge opened in 1894 and is currently painted white and blue. You can also walk the glass floor walkway across the bridge, a 138 feet high walkway that will definitely test any fear of heights you may have!

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The red carpet is out as hotels renovate and new brands launch from luxe to casual. The only evidence of the old blond wood is in the lobby and public areas where it is matched with beige marble and hints of polished brass to create an airy and bright welcome for guests. Not a bad investment if a good night’s sleep is top of your priority list. Disconcertingly, the lobby is on the seventh floor, but that little niggle aside, it is a crisp executive choice. The inroom safe won’t hold a laptop but a steam iron and ironing board are handy extras after the airport scrum. It offers a hip and happening alternative to boring has-been establishments without undue pinch on the wallet. The shower cubicles have bright vertical stripes on the tiles – a great idea. If you’re a hip thirty-something, take a closer look at this address. The hairdryer is attached to the wall and is noisy but not very powerful. There are two restaurants here and an added attraction of the raised pool is its peek-a-boo glass sides so you can show off your dolphin kick. Rooms are welcoming of light and offer business or leisure trippers a hairdryer, coffee/tea making facilities, and a work desk by the window. Rooms have rich wooden floors, see-through bathrooms and calming grey pastels with flashes of colour. For small meetings there are 11 function spaces with 636sq m for events. The hotel can manage small meetings (up to 70 theatre style) but is strongest as a fun events venue. It closed in early 2016 for a renovation with no time frame announced for a reopening. Step back in time with creaking timber floorboards, high ceilings, darkened interiors with splendid artefacts. This is a customised spa hotel and not for executive trippers or pin-stripers. The two flo ors of the villa embrace a small green-tile pool and patio at the back with a small complement of sun loungers. Everywhere you turn there is novelty and breathless expectation. On the fourth floor are an aerobics and yoga studio, and fitness area that will also undergo a change during 2015. This is an interesting value hotel off the well travelled track. Along its snaking corridors, foreign businessmen and trendy tourists now travel with aplomb and speed, in comfort and airconditioning, high above the madding crowd. This is a plush address that has set the bar high since inception. Like fine wine, the public spaces have aged well and a series of restaurant revamps have set the place abuzz. Interiors, while simple, are plusher than the lobby might suggest. Expect dark wood floors, see-through bathroom panels, long work desks and deep blue cushions to punctuate the grey woody tones. Or enjoy the views from the slim outdoor high-floor pool and its timber deck. After that long night out partying you’ll need help to figure out which way is up. This is a modern and compact offering with all the clean geometric lines and bold splashes of colour one would expect of a contemporary cubist habitat. A large full-size mirror leans against a wall producing a suitably flattering reflection. A big plus is the rainshower with instant and powerful jets of hot water. The wall and floor textures are attractive and contemporary. Walk into a bright and cheerful lobby with low bookshelves and a grey marble floor offset by bright carpets mimicing a ‘riverine’ theme, cream sofas, puckered brown leather divans, and seating clusters with the occasional yellow cushion. Also expect twin outdoor pools, a fitness centre, and a focus on healthy meals. Deer heads observe guests checking in at the small intimate lobby redolent of the past, more like your grandmother’s informal living room than a hotel entrance. A further set of two three-pin multi-socket plug points are featured either side of the bed so there’s no dearth of gadget recharging options.

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Its 30-year-old rail tunnels couldn’t handle the steadily increasing traffic. Wilgus (left, in 1905) proposed electrifying the rail yard and sinking the tracks underground. The space’s proportions and vaulted tile ceiling amplify sound, which bounces from one arch support to its diagonal opposite. The original plans called for a skylight, but time and money were running out. The station had to impress people with its scale and style, yet also move travelers and trains swiftly and smoothly. Looping tracks let arriving trains drop off passengers, continue ahead to pick up new passengers, and depart without having to turn around. Within a dozen years, increasing traffic made it feel cramped. Plans to add another annex would have doubled the size of the building. On top of that, the old station no longer reflected its surroundings. The state responded by banning steam locomotives within city limits, leaving the railroad in a pickle. A compact system of gears and wheels draws power from an ordinary wa ll socket. But within weeks of the terminal’s opening, an amateur astronomer complained that the constellations were in the wrong places. Mold, mildew, dust and peeling paint plagued it within a decade. Layered levels of train and subway lines pack enormous capacity into a relatively small footprint.

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Railroads were a vital part of this dynamic cycle—both a response to and catalyst for the city’s expansion. They were eager to proclaim their magnificence with a splendid monument—a fitting gateway to the nation’s exuberant financial, commercial, and cultural capital. The roof leaked; stonework was chipping away; structural steel was rusted. But that wasn’t the end of the story—just the end of the first act. It also became a place to display, inspire, and create other works of art. Later, in the 1960s and 1970s, rising crime and declining budgets took a toll on the building. Ultimately, the railroad spared the station, choosing instead to build a skyscraper in place of its offices north of the terminal. Growth fueled prosperity, and prosperity fueled more growth. Trains arriving from the north unhitched their engines at 42nd and towed passenger cars the last few miles downtown by horse. To coordinate their services (and save money) they agreed to share a new transit hub. The station not only looked like no other, it functioned like no other, merging elegance with efficiency. Each line maintained its own waiting room, baggage facilities and ticketing operation at the station. Wilgus, to demolish the existing station and create a new double level terminal for electric trains. A post-war decline in intercity trains triggered the terminal’s bumpy—yet ultimately successful—transformation into a regional commuter hub. In the 1950s, travelers increasingly took to the air and the highways. By 1900 the city had expanded to reach this neighborhood, and the station couldn’t handle the growing crush of travelers. It also accelerated the neighborhood’s growth, attracting more development…which in turn increased the station’s role. Decades of grime covered the once-beautiful ceiling, and passengers shared waiting rooms with a swelling number of homeless men and women. Restoring its former glory required an owner that recognized the station’s beauty and potential, craftsmen able to renovate its battered décor, and strong public support. The terminal must remain an uplifting, glorious public space, but it also must meet the region’s evolving transportation needs.


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