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From showroom to home: a great selection of natural stone under one roof! Kelowna’s largest premium quartz, granite and natural stone showroom. Get the best experience, see all the diverse selection, inventory, and pick out your exact granite solution to beatify your home!

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We understand how important your home or business environment is to you and we work with you to find an optimal solution to your surfacing needs.A beautiful kitchen countertop can easily be a focal point in the room, but functionality and durability are just as important. We know that your experience with us will exceed your expectations.

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This ensures your satisfaction in every aspect of your kitchen countertop purchase. Because of this, we are able to consistently produce countertops with the finest quality control to not only ensure our reputation remains first-rate, but that also every countertop or piece we install is too. Our vast product knowledge and careful attention to detail is backed by an extensive warranty.

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Even if you want to make a countertop as per your taste, we have got you covered. We craft customer-made countertops that inspire a great lifestyle and everyday living space. We take pride in the quality of service we provide to our clients. You can also come directly to our office to see the projects we have have done in the past. If you add something just let us know, we will change it for you. You can also choose your countertop from our catalog. You will get locally fragmented and professional craftsmen from our company. We will also give you the choice of faucet and sink styles along with a broad range of backsplash options. If you hire us for making granite countertops in your house or office, we can finish the project in 10 days. Hence, we are open 7 days a week with an appointment along with a free estimate. They will also suggest to you which one will be better for your home. After this, we can either deliver it to your place or install it at your location.

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Set includes 2 full sized sofas, each comes with 2 matching white toss. Complete kitchen including the dishwasher & sink! Send us your shopping lists for a quick and affordable quote. If the wood is in good condition and the upholstery not so much this is fine. Four sections with sliding drawers at top all lined with green felt. Some marks on the top, however this piece would look fabulous painted!

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My counters are by far the favourite part of my new kitchen. When the team arrived on the scheduled instal day they were organized, tidy and meticulous – a perfect instal! He always makes sure all our finishing is in tip top shape – and meets our high expectations. I was concerned that it might would be very noticeable but it looks amazing. You can expect a very quick response and competitive quotes. Revitastone would even hear us out about our vision of relocating granite! We want to thank each and every client we have worked with from the small powder room vanity to the three storey development.

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All counter tops have their pluses and minuses and we’ve created this page that will help you decide what will work for your next project. Kitchen countertops are easily your home’s busiest highway, and you’ll want to accurately assess your family’s lifestyle and everyday usage when trying to choose the right fit for your home. Kelowna retailers offer a wide variety of materials and styles – the sky’s the limit.

Granite And Quartz Kitchen Countertops Kelowna | Stone Quest | 250 451 6858 | Duration 1 Minutes 5 Seconds Aside from the higher than average costs, you’ll also want to consider your family’s everyday use before deciding on this material. The stone-like finish is widely popular among those who have an affinity for a more modern and industrialized expression in their kitchen’s decor. Another unfortunate downside is that these surfaces are susceptible to stains, and like other countertop materials, will require regular care and treatment. This is truly where function meets form and laminate is as beautiful as it is durable. Our material of choice for kitchen countertops, based on a variety of factors, is ‘laminate’. Form meeting function is where the proverbial rubber meets the road and you’ll need to base your final decision on practicality, cosmetics and overall budget. While cosmetics are important for many people, understanding the unique strengths and limitations each counter top material presents, will be key to enjoying your new kitchen countertops for years to come. Many homeowners limit the use of marble to isolated areas, as the material is naturally vulnerable to scratches and stains. Surprisingly, concrete countertops do not offer a low-cost solution, as the customized procedure involved for construction will dramatically increase the price level. Laminate countertops appeal to many homeowners that are looking for an elegant surface area without the high-maintenance and high cost of granite or quartz. As with other materials, laminate countertops are not indestructible and should be handled with appropriate care. Whatever your vision, we can facilitate requirements for stone, quartz, granite or stainless steel.
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