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Homemade cleaners made from dishwashing soap and alcohol that aren’t rinsed off, will build up leaving a cloudy look over time. Over the last several years, marble and granite countertops have noticably become the popular choice of kitchen worktops.

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We understand the that remodeling your home can be stressful. We work with major slab distributors in our region and stock many colors at our facility. Granite is a family owned business with a focus on quality, service and value since 1893! We want the process to be fun and rewarding for you. Selecting the right material is a very important part of the process.

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I got better service because it is a local company versus a home improvment center.
Granite America Introduction Video Columbus/Bloomington Indiana | Duration 1 Minutes 30 Seconds We contacted him and within a couple days he brought us color samples and measured for our new countertops. They were very timely in getting my countertop made and installed and in helping give guidance and advice on what products are the best. Our products consist of plastic laminate-solid surface-quartz & granite.

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They were sullen and did not speak, did not let me see the work they were doing, and had to be called back a second time. One counter had a large scratch which could have easily been fixed before it was delivered, and we have to live with that as is. The installer sent out to do the repair was very nice and did a good job with the repair. I brought my measurements and had measured it out in the wrong units and had to make unit conversions on site. He even told me that since we had so much more material we could change the seams to a better location. An appoint was made to measure and they had a precision laser system and we were impressed. They sent me the final drawings two nights before installation as they were going to fabricate it the day before installation. I was not too happy about that since shouldn’t this be part of the installation price for it to be installed the way it needs to be? So in any case after some to and fro, i finally agree to pay although i really felt that it should be part of the install price as i had clarified. An older guy and a younger guy arrived and two of them had to lift all the granite into my bi-level house which seems a little too much for the older guy. They could not lift it up my stairs so i had to help, which was not a problem for me. After the install, i realize that the overhang for my bar stools area did not look right. I clarified with the installers who showed me the drawings they had and confirmed that instead of a 12 inch overhang, they fabricated a 10 inch overhang which kinda made it too short of its intended purpose. The installers acknowledged the mistake and said they would have someone call me. I had asked point blank that they had sent me final drawings and if there had to be changes, shouldn’t they call and clarify. Firstly, she was not there when the manager at the sale agreed not to charge me for the measure and charge me install based on the installed sq footage versus the remnant sq footage. It was clear it was not and again here they did not seem interested to make things right. These people will not own up to their mistakes and are completely and absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional. I now have a bar top area that is too shallow to sit comfortable without having to jam my knees into the counter to sit deep enough to use it for its intended purpose. Matt scheduled all the projects perfectly even though he had a very big project ongoing in town. He paid great attention to detail and made sure we combed through all the options we had while considering looks and price. We liked them so much that are having them replace the countertop in the main bathroom and replace a wall cabinet and woodwork around the spa in the master bath. Suggestions about color and size were helpful from our showroom person. We had some special needs regarding the location of our plumbing that required the measurements to be very accurate. We waited for our cabinet to be built and our countertop to be made, but it didn’t take more than a few weeks. They walked the cabinet up and down the stairs – once for fitting and once for cutting. Working with them was a horrible experience from beginning to end. I ended up buying a smaller sink to be safe, which looks disproportionately small. The sinks were not centered, edges did not line up, caulk was applied like a five year-old and was visible from above. There was a 1/4 – 1/2 inch gouge out of the top of a side splash which was filled in with silicone gel and not brought to my attention.

Custom Concrete Countertop, By M.R.H.Construction | Duration 1 Minutes 27 Seconds I kept after them, and they finally agreed to replace the broken side splash. So, i went to their semi annual granite remnants sale and purchased granite for my kitchen and bathroom. I purchased my kitchen granite top which included installation and measure and my bathrooms were from the smaller remnants section that did not include installation and measure. While doing so, i actually used the wrong conversion factor, but it was really ok since i over measured by 20% and in the remnants sale, you had to also pay for the wastage. Kevin was the operations supervisor so i bet he knew what he was talking about. As for the pricing, they offered that since they were out there doing a measure and i had bough a big piece for my kitchen that they were not going to charge me for the measure for the bathrooms and the install price would be based on the installed sq feet for the bathroom. We told the person measuring all the things we wanted done and it was all good. On the day of the installation, the crew arrived and were extremely professional.

Bloomington Indiana Real Estate Bloomington Indiana Condos For Sale | Duration 57 Seconds Sure it may be 2 inches, but between 10 and 12, that is 20% and that was the difference was noticeable enough for me to spot it without the tape measure. On top of that, they had left me a whole bunch of granite leftovers. Sky even went so far as to say that they miscalculated the install charge and they should be charging me more instead and taking off what they did not install, i ended up owing them money. Who charges install based on the whole piece versus the installed piece anyways? They told us that we are welcome to purchase a sealer from them to fix that, however they said that all granite they sell are factory sealed. Anyways, their final ultimatum was they can come and take everything away and refund my money, which would leave me with a kitchen with no countertops which obviously does not work for me and a stupid suggestion. They did not care about making things right and had poor delusional customer service. Seams much superior now after old silicon material was replaced with a high strength epoxy. He also becomes very concerned when even the littlest issues come up and makes sure we are satisfied with everything before and after they are completed. He was also very patient with us when we returned several times with changes. Would also like to point out that the installers were fantastic, fun to be around and very professional.Installers were very professional and did all the special fitting that was needed. That way the mess was in the driveway instead of all over the bedroom. They installed cabinet pulls on all the doors and drawers and did a perfect job. We love the result and can’t wait to do it again in our other bathroom!

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They can be made to resemble other natural materials for a refined appearance, or left in their raw state for an industrial look.

Custom Concrete Tops. M.R.H.Construction | Duration 1 Minutes 12 Seconds A concrete counter top or bar top can take virtually any size, shape, or color you wish. Concrete counter tops can even be made with sinks built right in!
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