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Get the perfect piece of marble and granite when you come in. Our value is providing a simple process for you to change the look of your home with beautiful countertops, cabinets, flooring & outdoor kitchens. From the initial planning, to the final install, we are with you through it all! It means we have the quality product you desire with the price you can afford. Whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look for your kitchen or bathroom, we will have the right cabinets and countertops.Whether your project is a full remodeling, or just a small improvement, we can help you! Making sure you find what you are looking for is a top priority, and no job is too small. We stick with you through the entire process of selecting materials, to the finished product. Our focus is serving our clients in a timely, professional manner. Create more space outside of your home to enjoy doing what you love by purchasing one of our outdoor kitchens. Give your home the added value, and comfort of new flooring.
Tile, Marble, Wood Floors, Granite Countertop In Fort Myers, Fl | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds Studies show that homes with tile floors rather than carpet can be better for your health. It’s a good place to start because it is an area that gets used frequently. We have the largest natural stone selection in the area. Visit our indoor showroom to see cabinets and flooring displays. We have one of the largest selections of granite and other natural stone in the area. We proudly offer several types of box constructions, wood species and finish to fit on your project and within your budget. We provide a great variety of granite, marble, slate or travertine tiles. Whether you need a lot, or a little our mission remains the same. Our years of experience working with homeowners has allowed us to create a simple process for upgrading your home with new marble & granite countertops. What better way to begin enjoying the great outdoors than with an incredibly convenient outdoor cooking area, complete with a grill, storage & appliances. Would you like to add something completely different, and naturally beautiful to your home?

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I wanted to match the granite that was on my kitchen island. I got a quote back that was competitive with the other granite providers. Give us a call today, we would really like the chance to help with your project. Not all granite countertops, unfortunately, are created equal. It delivers a seamless look, but it is more expensive than tiles. Tiles are smaller but they have all the properties that their slab counterparts do. The thinner one is budget-friendly yet it requires supports for overhangs and laminated edges to build thickness. Anything more than that requires additional support, especially with thin granite countertop. The support is usually steel braces or a wooden corbel placed under the countertop. Many people who purchase granite countertops do not realize that they can select edge treatments and ask the sellers to provide it. Fabricators perform different treatments to create or polish the finish. To bring out the true color and character of granite, this is the best treatment. Honed: also known as matte finish, honed finish is achieved through sanding process. Other premium choices to consider are quartz and acrylic countertops, which are man-made and maintenance free. Granite countertops are popular for its durability and unique choices of color. On the other hand, granite is natural stone delivering high-end appearance and performance. The former comes in larger pieces typically 10 feet long for each piece. However, slabs are better when they are thick which makes the overall cost for good quality countertop even more expensive. Overhangs: a standard overhang is about an inch to an inch and a half, while extended overhang is more than the standard but less than 12-inch. Overhang support can extend the work-space beyond the cabinet or table. Finishes: a granite countertop does not come as is to your kitchen. It requires frequent resealing, but it conceals any flaw in the material better.

Fandos Marble & Granite Custom Countertops Fort Myers, Florida | Duration 2 Minutes 39 Seconds Maintenance: daily cleaning is necessary in all types and finishes of granite countertops. Most granite countertops need resealing annually, if not sooner. If installed and maintained properly, granite work surfaces in the kitchen bring timeless beauty compared to alternatives.

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We pay attention to detail, ensuring your project will be flawlessly fabricated and installed quickly and professionally. With a vast selection of stone samples in our showroom and full size slabs in our distribution center, your options for custom creations are limitless. We’re here to ensure you’ll love your stone countertops and the investment you’ve made for years to come. Bring your countertop drawing or cabinet plans to discuss your custom project and we’ll provide a free estimate!
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