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We employ the latest technology in the market to ensure premium, quality fabrication, and our installation process at your home or business is superior. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your home! They train and lead our installation crews to ensure the highest quality installations in area, and we stand behind all of our natural stone projects with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our process is impeccably refined to ensure the end product is exactly what you envisioned, and nothing less. So whether you are looking for marble bathroom countertops or some other stunning natural stone, we have just what you are looking for to bring your vision to life.And we have many options to accommodate your budget, and our pricing is very competitive. We have a great deal of experience performing remodels in homes of all types and sizes, and we work closely with each of our clients to make sure we cover every detail so that your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel will be a success in every aspect. So when we meet and provide you with a proposal, we offer the flexibility that you need based on your personal circumstance and preferences. It will transform your home to the most elegant, warm, and stunning look that you can imagine, and it will simply change the way your entire family sees your home! Our award-winning team of experienced fabricators will ensure a seamless, quality installation. Let our team provide you with a complete, free estimate at your home or business and give us a call today at 407-341-4688!
Refinish Your Countertops Orlando Area | Duration 50 Seconds We also have a skilled and experienced management team with more than two decades of experience in the natural stone industry. We know that your home is your castle, and you only expect the highest quality, impeccable installation. We also have a wide selection of products to cover every taste and every preference. We have a wide range of selections that will bring richness and elegance to your bathroom, and turn your vanity into a place that you truly love to spend time. We know that homeowners have all different tastes, different color preferences, different stone preferences, and of course varying budgets. Our goal is always to be your preferred provider for natural stone installations, and we have built our business on the quality of our work and the loyalty of our client base. Our smaller residential clients are every bit as important as our large corporate clients, and we have always approached our business with this in mind.

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Our company has been fabricating and installing granite kitchen countertops, incredible marble baths, stone fireplaces and outdoor living projects since 1978. We would love to give you a tour of our advanced stone and cultured marble factory. Stronger and less brittle than quarried marble, and more durable than porcelain, these surfaces will resist breakage; gel coat sealed surfaces clean up easily with a non-abrasive cleanser. Yes, we have one of the largest inventory of granite remnants around! Slabsmith allows us a unique advantage over other fabricators, providing you an understanding and comfort level that has previously not been possible. Combine one good coat of a quality sealer (which we will do for you in our shop) with the resin applied by the factory you will have a very stain resistant top that will be virtually maintenance free. Over time, in the unlikely you do see some water absorb into the stone simply reseal. Often people make the mistake of assuming that if it is more expensive then the slab is better quality. At the end of the day all three classification will perform perfectly in your kitchen but the “quality” is based on the subjective appearance. We stock many remnants for you to use on smaller projects. It’s hard to overstate the benefits our layout process provides as a direct result of being able to easily and accurately visually layout a job on your digital slabs. When the solvent evaporates (think paint) the molecules lock into the stone and seal it. Rarely, if ever will you need to seal granite that has been resined and properly sealed. We can help you if your countertops need to be resealed. Does the price of the stone effect the “quality” of it? These ratings are subjective and have to do with what the granite looks like. Granite Kitchen Countertops Fireplaces in Orlando Fl

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Additionally, adding new countertops can give your kitchen or bath a luxurious feel for a fraction of the price of a full remodel. You are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your cabinet style and room function! Corian solid surface is easy to clean and is certified for food contact. These half-inch thick, 100% acrylic based surface products are solid, nonporous and do not require sealing. They’re renewable and repairable — scratches are easily repaired. The rich appearance, distinctive grains, character marks and color variations are the purest expressions of nature. Laminate is fun, it’s affordable, it’s easy to live with, and it looks terrific. And whatever pattern and color you choose, the beauty will be yours at a price you can celebrate. Our pallet offers a rick variety of neutrals as well as brilliant gemstone colors and creative surface textures. The blocks are then cut, like a loaf of bread, into slabs, which are further fabricated into the final stone to be installed.

Orlando Fl Natural Stone And Quartz Fabricators | Duration 3 Minutes 5 Seconds It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate compression in the crust of the earth. While it can be used in a kitchen setting, keep in mind that since this material contains more resin, it is a softer product. This is typically seen being used in commercial settings this day in age. They provide a warm, organic landing surface in a kitchen; one that is wonderfully forgiving, gentle on dishware, and able to absorb the noise of a busy household. They can also be revived if damaged; you can have it refinished. Whether you are looking to bring your home up to date or personalize your forever home, new kitchen countertops are a great way to add value to your home. We also deal with natural-made beautiful granites and marble. We offer numerous options in many price ranges, making new countertops within reach for anyone’s budget.

The Best Granite Countertop Surfaces & Designs In Orlando, Florida | Duration 3 Minutes 11 Seconds One of our most popular options is granite, which bring your kitchen beauty and function at a very affordable price. Over the years, we’ve built solid reputations with brands to enable us to give you the best price for your project. Corian products such as sinks and backsplashes can be perfectly integrated to create the illusion of a single, solid surface. They’re naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains, even tough stains are easily buffed away. Highly resistant to wear and impact, marble countertops are nonporous – there’s no need for sealing and resealing as with other, more costly materials. It’s the performance you’ve come to expect from laminate, dramatically multiplied. The resins also help make these counters stain and scratch resistant—and nonporous, so they never need to be sealed. Caesarstone is globally recognized for its simplified fabrication and installation processes that enable cost-effective solutions. This enables even further money-saving features that customers happily applaud. Zodiaq quartz countertops are incredibly durable, resistant to heat and scratches, and virtually maintenance free. The stone is mined and sawn into slabs which are later precisely cut to become countertops.Onyx is formed in caves as stalactites and stalagmites drip to form this precious stone. The slabs are crafted from ceramic clays and mineral colorings, producing products that are full body with marble veining. The slabs will not be altered by heat, light, or chemical cleaners and disinfectant products. That being said, it can be damaged by heat and can also be subject to scars and scratches by solid, heavy objects. Wood countertops require a bit more care and maintenance than other countertops as they can be damaged by heat, stained, and scared or scratched.

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Countertop Floor Repair, Polishing & Restoration Atlanta, Ga / Orlando Fl | Duration 1 Minutes 58 Seconds Whether you need kitchen or bathroom cabinets , you can count on us. Our expert professionals will work closely with you to ensure that you have all the cabinets and accessories required to achieve your project goals.

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When it comes to life expectancy, we’d be lying if we said that stone counters last about the same amount of time as laminate counters. If you do decide to go with glossy white laminate counter tops, it is extremely important to wipe up spills before they become stains and always use a trivet for hot pots and pans to prevent burns. They are durable enough to last for decades, but priced low enough that you can change them at a moment’s notice without breaking the bank. Orlando homeowners should be aware, however, that stone counters have problems of their own. Laminate counters with a shiny finish are more likely to show scratches than those with a flat finish; likewise, light colored laminate is more susceptible to visible stains and burns. No where in the counter top world will you find the selection and customization you’ll find with laminate; when you add that to the fact that you can install and replace laminate several times before ever reaching the cost of a single stone counter installation, and you can easily say that laminate is truly the most versatile counter material on the market!
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