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We all love to have granite or quartz for our counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms as they are strong and durable stones. It is wise to get professional help in this case, as granite repair calls for technical expertise and experience. We will restore your granite surface to its original shine and appearance. Granite chips and cracks can be repaired using a colour matchable repair compound.
How To Clean A Granite Countertop | Duration 1 Minutes 58 Seconds Sealing work is also important part of protecting granite and marble from damage. Marble is generally a softer stone and comes in many colours, usually with beautiful veining. Marble will scratch, crack and lose its shine if not maintained properly. A marble with a matte / honed finish should be periodically cleaned and re-sealed by a professional. It will also guarantee your safety from accidental fire caused by damaged fireplace parts. With our reliable services, you’ll have peace of mind because all problems are addressed before they become safety hazards. But the great thing about hiring professional like us is that we have different approaches in addressing each fireplace damage. We use wet floor pads with billions of microscopic diamonds. Whether you are looking for refinishing, stain removal, cleaning and polishing services for your office or house, we are here to deliver the best quality and customer service at the most affordable prices. We have run across a number of clients who believed that the dull look of the marble, terrazzo or travertine floor can be removed by cleaning. In fact, the grout lines are often brought back to 80% of brand new. Whether it is routine marble tiles polishing, floor scratch removal or extensive marble floor restoration, we avail the most efficient and effective procedures to obtain the desired results on your marble, travertine or terrazzo floors. Travertine is a stone that adds character and appeal to the floors of any home or business. In all cases chips under 1 inch can easily be filled and blend in with the stone. We will cut, polish and install it to your requirements. Stains are a discoloration of the stone that doesn’t normally appear in other areas. Common staining areas include, around sinks and hobs, splash backs and kitchen flooring. When sinks are under constant use, supports can weaken and the sink may lower a few millimetres or more. Undetected water intrusion may cause serious and costly damage to the kitchen unit and your stone. Just give us a call and we will drill required size holes on site without removing your stone. Whether you want to give your entire fireplace and hearth a new look or just repair your current fireplace to make it more efficient. If your granite, quartz or marble was installed incorrectly or damaged during the process then this is the time to give us a call. Therefore, it is more commonly used for vanities and fireplaces than in kitchens. When you think about it, it really should come as no surprise that granite and marble needs to be sealed. Some types of granite worktops never need sealing and adding sealer to these types will just make a mess. Place the water-soaked towel on the counter and wait about 5-10 minutes. Not only are they practical with low-maintenance, they also visually enhance the overall look of your kitchen. Our stone care services are performed by trained, efficient and experienced professionals. We mechanically clean and maintain floors using floor pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds. If you neglect repairs, you could end up replacing the entire structure. We will professionally re-point the joints and fix damaged edges of your granite steps in one day! Wojciech was friendly and helpful, and did an excellent job. As a strong and beautiful material is being used for a number of purposes. This is why it is vital to repair or polish your granite whenever it’s needed. There are others who prefer to hire professional repair services for this purpose. Granite wear patterns and dull spots are diamond honed and polished to the desired finish. If you have marble with a matte / honed finish, it also needs proper care and maintenance. Fireplace has been cleaned and re-polished, loose pieces refitted. Stone has been fitted to plywood support previously installed by us. Ensuring that your fireplace is well-maintained and free of defects is vital to continue enjoying its benefits. We can provide efficient solutions that are based on our deep understanding of natural stone fireplaces. Fortunately, marble is different than other surface material in that the damage can be honed and re-polished, revealing its beautiful original lustre. Our professional staff is trained in stone restoration and perform all required work to the highest standards. Many of our clients use the phrases ‘marble cleaning’ and ‘marble polishing’ interchangeably. Our qualified staff will fill the holes again and restore the finish. We will be happy to visit your property and evaluate your concern before doing any repair or maintenance task. We commonly repair scratches and chips caused when large appliances were installed on or adjacent to counters during construction or remodelling. You can minimize this by being aware and being careful. Stone can easily chip along edges because those tightly formed minerals get knocked off during cutting or handling. This service is usually carried on site /no transportation costs involved! / and takes one working day from the beginning to the final outcome. Most of these reasons can be prevented or minimized through common sense and simple prevention techniques. If you are sure the discolouration is a stain, get it addressed right away. As the sink lowers, a gap will occur between the sink and the stone allowing water to get under the stone. Our experience and understanding of stone make us the premier choice when you need your sink replaced. We provide repair/re-installation services related to unprofessional stone installations. If the marble has become dull over time, we can re-polish the surface to bring back the original shine. Perform the paper towel test to determine whether your granite needs to be sealed. Soak a paper towel (without printing) or a white cotton towel. Is the area under the paper towel dark from the water soaking into the granite? On your request we can add a splash-backs and window sill to your granite, marble or quartz counter-top. Within years some parts of the worktop may require re-polishing, joints refilling and silicone replacement. The finish perfectly matched the original machine cut to the point of not knowing they were later hand cut.

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How To Clean Black Quartz Stone Benchtop Black Granite Countertop Streak Free Remove Stain Quartz | Duration 52 Seconds A third possibility is that you have both a stain and an etch mark caused by the orange juice corroding the marble and then absorbing into the stone. If you have both a stain & etch mark , you’ll need to remove the stain first, then restore the etch mark with the above recommended product. Most likely you’ll completely remove any marble stain or etch mark leaving your countertops looking bra nd new. As you are finding out , marble is reactive to acidic foods and drinks like pineapple juice. Marble countertops do not stain easy especially when polished. So, when you spill pineapple juice it will etch the marble quickly and if you don’t clean it soon it will start to absorb and may also stain. The paste is also good for buffing out light scratches, which is another issue you have to contend with marble kitchen countertops vs. Sealing only protects against staining (substances absorbing), which shouldn’t be much a problem for you anyway. Also, be sure to use only products safe for cleaning marble. Marble countertops are still very durable, it just requires much more effort and marble maintenance to keep looking newish than granite does. Marble is a calcite-based stone that reacts with acids instantly . Etching is common with marble, although it isn’t actually a “stain”. Nothing you can do about it to prevent it except use coasters, etc. It’s also a common mis -perception that sealing solves this issue …wrong. Sealing marble will only retard substances being absorbed causing marble stains. To remove the little lime spot and restore the color and shine you’ll need to use a specialty marble polishing product. Severe etching rarely happens, so likely nothing for you to worry about. It is a very rare granite that will react to acids like marble. Get some recommendations from a local stone warehouse and check references. The other type is actually not a stain, but it does create a spot that is lighter than the marble color. The acids in the juice eat away at the marble causing a dull and light-colored spot. Severe etching where the marble is rough to the touch may require a marble maintenance professional to fix. However, it’s also important to know what kind of “stain” you actually have. Etching is a mark of corrosion caused by contact with acidic foods and drinks like lemon juice. Also, etching can be caused by harsh cleaning products, which are most of the common and brand-name household cleaners at the store. Lemon juice will etch marble countertops , but typically won’t stain it (because not much color to lemon juice). If your marble has a honed (matte, non-reflective) finish, then the paste won’t work. Acids will react with marble floor tile and “etch” the surface leaving dull and often lighter-colored spots. They absorb into the marble and work below the surface to slow down absorption of substances and help prevent stains. The acid in the juice has physically damaged and corroded the marble. It left light rings around the outline of bottles that were on the counter. Like marble and limestone, travertine will react with some chemicals and foods/drinks corroding the surface and leaving a dull spot. The acidic aloe vera juice has etched the surface and it needs to be re-polished. Yes, it works for travertine exactly like it does for restoring marble etching. The marble has been physically corroded by this chemical reaction. There are some hot coffee cup stains, juice cup stains and etching on it. Stains are always darker than the marble color since something has absorbed into the surface. Etching is always lighter in color and usually look dull. Nothing has absorbed, in fact some marble has been destroyed and removed essentially. When this occurs you need to remove the stain first, then repair the etch mark. You need to know which you have or you won’t fix it. The only more “technical” work that would ever be required in the case of a stain or etch mark (besides the solutions provided in the answer above) is that a restoration pro would have to grind down the stone surface until the stained and/or etched marble was removed and then re-finish to a honed or polished finish. This product was engineered by stone professionals, tested by pros and is used daily by pros all over the country. Nothing is absorbed and nothing is on the marble countertop or floor tile. The remedies for each problem (cleaning marble stains vs. I have several stains from pineapple juice & much etching & water stains. Acids will corrode and “etch” marble leaving dull and discolored spots. However, once etched the marble does become much more susceptible to staining. So, use the paste for any lighter colored and dull etch marks you have. Sorry you have to find out all this after the fact, but that’s the deal. Too often consumers and homeowners are not properly educated by sales reps on how to care for marble and natural stone. But even if severe enough to require professional marble repair (that’s expensive), it’s best to apply the etch remover product first. Now there are large jar shaped white stains on the window ledge. It occurs due to damage to the marble from corrosion caused by contact with an acidic substance like juice. Most likely you have an etch mark, although you could have an etch mark and a stain in the same spot. Just mix, rub on the etch mark with a soft cloth and it will restore the color and shine of mild to moderate etching. There are two types of “stains” that can occur on marble countertops and floor tile. The other type of “stain” that is not actually a stain is called etching and is a known and fairly common marble maintenance issue. An etch mark will always be lighter in color than the marble. Marble sealers and sealing have nothing to do with etching . It was left on the countertop for almost a day and left light areas on the brown countertop. Marble, travertine and limestone all have similar characteristics, so any product made for “marble” can be used for repairing or cleaning travertine as well. Since the juice was left on the surface for a long time the etching could be severe. If the etch marks are still smooth and just dull, then the marble polish will do the trick no sweat. Removing stains is easy, but no cleaning product will work since the stain is beneath the surface. Etching is a result of a chemical reaction with acidic foods and drinks like coffee and orange juice. Something like coffee, juice or wine could spill and etch the marble countertop and then absorb to create a stain. I have an unidentified light colored stain on it and cannot find out how to remedy the problem. It isn’t difficult although many in the stone industry are often mistaken about correct solutions. But typically the damage would have to be very severe etching and/or very old and deep stains for professional help to be required.

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Though it is durable and hard, it needs proper care and maintenance to last several years. This is because the use of wrong products can result in considerable damage, especially to the gel coat that imparts that brilliant glaze to these products. If possible, excess water from the shower base and surrounding areas should be squeezed out after each shower to prevent water stains. Vinegar can also be used to remove soap scum without damaging the seal. Then rinse the surface with water, and wipe with a soft damp cloth. Instead, you can use a mild soap or detergent cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner for the daily cleaning of marble surfaces. Mix 1/4 cup each of baking soda, vinegar, and ammonia and dilute it in eight cups of water. Alternatively, mop the area with a soft rag that has been dipped in hydrogen peroxide and let it stay overnight. You can also take the advice of a professional or the manufacturer of the product to clarify any doubt regarding the use of such substances on your cultured marble products. For polishing, you can use either car wax or countertop wax. Remember that cultured marble is vulnerable to scratches and dents. But as with any other flooring type, cultured marble requires regular cleaning to keep it looking as good as new. Cleaning cultured marble is not very hard, but one needs to know about what should or should not be used on them to avoid possible damage. Just spray some distilled white vinegar on the surface and let it stay for sometime, around half an hour. Never use warm water on the surface of cultured marble, even for cleaning purposes. They can also damage the seal applied on the surface of cultured marble. Simply spray the cleaner on the surface and then gently wipe with a soft and damp cloth. Wipe the stains with this solution and leave on for 10 minutes. But before applying such products, they should be tried on a small inconspicuous area to avoid any major damage. Water and silica products are also suitable for polishing them. Therefore, take appropriate precautions and do not drop any heavy object on them.

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Without regular professional carpet cleaning… well, let’s just say some unsettling things happen on a microscopic level. Watch this video to see how professional cleaning solutions and powerful equipment breaks down soils even beneath the surface and extracts them, leaving you with dramatically cleaner tile and grout. This means your carpets, rugs and upholstery will be safely (and impressively) deep cleaned. We’ve created a gallery of case studies to give you a behind-the-scenes, detailed overview of our work. Carpets are prone to spots from spills and soiling from grungy feet. If we professionally clean your window treatments, it helps prevent premature wear so your investment lasts longer. Request a free estimate for your cleaning, polishing and restoration needs. Watch this short video to learn more about what may be lurking deep down in your carpet. Damage from infrequent or improper care will also diminish the elegance of granite kitchen countertops, onyx bathroom vanity tops, travertine shower walls, and flagstone or concrete pool and patio areas. But we can get your floors and surfaces looking great again! When it comes to natural stone, we can grind and hone away damage, and polish and refinish your floors and surfaces to a like-new appearance. We also provide upholstery cleaning services, including interior textiles, leaving them fresh and residue-free. With over three decades of knowledge and experience, and a solid reputation, you can entrust all your floor and fine surface care to us with confidence. Call us at (661) 833-1168 or send us a message and we’ll get back to you quickly. What we won’t be doing is bugging you incessently or selling your info to anyone else.

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Types of stains on pure white marble and how to remove them. It is composed primarily of calcium carbonate and usually contains other minerals. For white marble to maintain its extraordinary look for the next generations, precautions and maintenance need to be carried out. When such a product is applied to a surface, t he oil tends to penetrate into pores of white marble. The oil stains usually appear as circles and are often dark in the center. What best to do when you notice the stain is to wash the surface of the white marble with ammonia, rinse with plenty of water, then repeat. Best keep the area damp by covering it with plastic wrap sealed with masking tape. However, a few types of stains caused by fruits that are acid-based like orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemons… may need extra actions. The best solution yet is to clean up with 12% hydrogen peroxide (hair bleaching strength) and a few drops of ammonia. Poultice procedures may have to be repeated to thoroughly remove a stain. If you attempt to remove them a few times and nothing seems to be happening, you might have to call in a professional. Lichens and mosses in particular, produce oxalic acid which can damage certain types of white marble, causing an unhealthy look for the pure white surface. Mix one tablespoon of non-ionic soap with one gallon of water, add one tablespoon of ammonia to the mixture. This will help to eliminate any streaking and avoid erosion on the stone. Avoid cleaning your white marble walls of floors more than once every 18 months. They are readily absorbed into dry white marble when they are spilled or applied to the surface. For example, red wine leaves purple-pink stain while ink or dyes cause dark brown to lighter color on the pure white marble floor or table. With ink stains on white marble countertops or coffee table, use only non-acid-based bleach or hydrogen peroxide of 20%. Between sections, wipe with the damp cloth or sponge to prevent the cleaning agent from sitting on the pure white marble for too long and potentially damaging the surface. Small amounts of paint on a pure white marble surface can be removed with lacquer thinner or scraped off carefully with a razorblade. Paint strippers can etch the surface of the white marble, leaving behind foggy whitespots and making the pure white marble surface less glossy; re-polishing may be necessary. There are many different agents of deterioration may have a degrading effect on the appearance and structural soundness of white marble. Marble is metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to extremely high heat and pressure. Vietnam pure white marble only forms when the level of calcium carbonate is over 98%, with low impurities, which gives it the pure whiteness without any visible veins. The first step in proper white marble maintenance is to understand your material’s geological composition, as well as the reasons for the damages on marble surface. Most of these products are composed of some material, often pigmented, suspended in an oily vehicle. The pigmented matrix may rest on the surface, while the oil is absorbed into white marble, generally causing a darkening effect. Or cover the area with a 1/2 –inch-thick paste of 20 percent hydrogen peroxide and powdered whiting from the paint store. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with water again but avoid any wood trim. Stains caused by organic products are normally of pinkish-brown color and may disappear after the source of the stain has been removed from the pure white marble countertop or coffee table. Using store-bought stains remover for stones may leave a halo around the rim of the stain. Copper and bronze stains appear as green or muddy-brown on the pure white marble floors and counters in bathroom, living room… and result from the action of moisture on nearby or embedded bronze, copper or brass items. However, deep-seated, rusty stains are extremely difficult to remove and your white marble table or countertop may be permanently stained. These growths should be removed, as they attract moisture to the surface of the white marble walls or white marble floors and hold it there, which can lead to more serious problems. Use only a soft bristled brush when scrubbing white marble surface, always move in an orbit motion randomly all over the stone. Instead, rinse with clean rain water to remove bird droppings and other debris whenever needed. This type of stain is likely to be extremely localized around the area of contact, so the best to do is to spot the stain and immediately remove it. Remember to apply the swab soaked in cleaning agent directly to the wine or ink stain, working about an inch at a time. Repeat the process if the ink mark is not sufficiently lightened. Understanding the reasons for weariness of your pure white marble, as well as keep in mind the tips for maintenance will ensure a long-lasting and elegant white marble countertop. Vietnam white marble in serve for construction demands worldwide.

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True, some formulated stone stain removers are either acidic or basic. Do a test patch in the least conspicuous location prior to a full application. Use more water than soap (use very little soap) and rinse the surface thoroughly. Optionally a squeegee may be used to remove or collect the greater amount of the solution or to remove plain water. Otherwise residual compounds from the washing detergents or soap can be rubbed into the stone on successive cleanings. Every once in a while use a non-acidic soap scum remover and/or marble polish. Thin repeated applications are better than globing on a single heavy coating. Washing machines reviews make me think there are no good washing machines out there, are there? In case you want to cleaning with green products, just do a mix of a solution of borax and water. Stone soaps are synthetic detergents and are called soap for convenience. Either may be used, but both tend to leave residue behind and must be thoroughly rinsed from the surface. The vegetable oil version is generally a better choice in the real soap line. Repeated application of acids or bases is one of the known ways to break down mineral substances, (marble and grout), by degrees of exposure. But controlled applications verses hap hazard applications differ. For hard waters it’s not a bad idea to select a stone soap that combines a scum remover or to use a non-acidic scum remover in addition to the soap. Use a clean rag mop on floors and a soft cloth on counters and walls. Polishing with a clean chamois after cleaning helps to keep the stone looking like new. The down side of a topical dressing is hazing from moisture trapped behind it. Washing with soap and water is effective on many stains on a sealed and dressed marble. For persistent stains ready made poultices from a stone supply are the better choice for stain removal, because many of them are matched to the type of stone and type of stain.

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I would say that hardly any other surface is as stunning as a big slab of marble. If they have the means, they’re likely to have to have many beautiful possessions, and an artfully furnished home. They’re likely to have a strong appreciation for the finer things in life, such as good food and good wine. Their homes are likely to be tas tefully furnished and immaculately maintained. They enjoy tradition and security, and will seek stable lives that are rich in contact with friends and family. I just want to make the right decision between honed or polished! Marble is usually sealed once at source, a second time at the distribution center relevant to the country where it is being imported. Imitations aren’t obviously the real thing although some of these are very close to the real look of the material. The easiest and quickest way to clean these are with white household vinegar. Need to make a decision on my counter tops soon and keep coming back to one of the white marbles. And even more awesome with two cutie little girls playing on top of it. I honestly don’t think it matters whether it’s honed or polished. If they have the means, they’re likely to have to have many beautiful possessions, and an artfully furnished home. In general, they take great pleasure in objects of aesthetic beauty. Their homes are likely to be tastefully furnished and immaculately maintained. We, as a stone supplier seal marbles once prior to manufacturing of the tops and once again immediately upon installation although people should be made aware that sealing doesn’t make marbles stain-free but more stain resistant and nobody should rally guarantee marble won’t stain. Nowadays there are a lot of quartz brands that have come out with products looking like marbles. With regards to watermarks, these are usually caused by hard water in certain areas of a given country/city and usually not due to faulty material. I love the idea of a living surface that will look elegant and stately but still “be real” and change with its environment. You can’t beat the sheen it gives off in that afternoon light! But you may need to go on anti-anxiety medication once the water stains begin in full force! What about the need for additional care and maintenance, are they worth it? Will go with a honed finish since its my understanding it tends to hide the etching a little more than polished finish. And the beautiful thing is, once you relinquish yourself to the stains, there’s no painful upkeep!

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I know what was ahead of me with this island, lol (in more ways than one)! I learned to be a little more careful going forward when doing the dishes so this wouldn’t happen again. I learned however that over time marble develops a beautiful patina and the subtle imperfections that can mostly only be seen when the sun hits it just right all blend together and become the character of the marble, and therefore of your home in my opinion. I had someone to come and buff, polish and re-seal the countertops in the kitchen, laundry room and the master bathroom for the new owners (since these were the most used areas). Calcutta is a fishing reel so my spell checker probably went with that since we do a lot of fishing stuff around here. I wouldn’t be able to reach across it and clean the middle! From someone who’s hubby said no to marble, it’s nice to read your long list of pros! So sorry for the delay in getting back to you but thanks so much for stopping by! I will more than likely do marble again as well on the backsplash. How do you handle parties at your house and your counters? I hope that helps a bit and thank you so much for stopping in today! How far away from each other will they be in the space? Personally, that’s enough of a reason for me to change my mind. I wanted to take a moment to answer any questions about it that might pop up before hand. I get started that this is my point of view after living with marble for several years and my point of view only. I do it should be no problem for you to go that little extra mile to keep your marble countertops looking good. I did have some spots in those heavy traffic areas (on the island and next to the sink) that simply weren’t ever going to come out of the stone but they weren’t colored stains/spots like from wine, spaghetti sauce, etc., they were etching spots which means the sheen just changed in that spot because the sealant and/or surface of the marble gets eaten away from something acidic being on it for too long. I just chose to not allow having a few etching spots or scratches here and there bother me! In my opinion marble is kind of like your carpet…you wouldn’t allow a spill or a puppy accident, etc. I did with hiring help, the place where you purchased your countertops should either be able to provide this service for you or refer you to someone that can help you. Can you tell me what color you used in your kitchen? We would have been marble twins but you were so smart to do the two islands…such a great feature in your gorgeous kitchen! I am looking for something more durable on my counters, but still considering marble for my backsplash. I still don’t think it has the same look and feel of marble but totally get it if you don’t think it will work of you and/or if you feel you need something more low maintenance. I wanted to be able to reach across and it’s the perfect width for that! I wondered how you felt about having marble on your backsplash? Did you run into any different issues with marble backsplash vs’ counters? Much easier to manage than the counter tops for sure! You could also provide some cute small trivets for people to use when they are mixing their drinks…just a thought:). The mosaic looked great, but the porcelain does not match the honed marble on the vanity.

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All it takes is placing something too hot (like a curling iron left on the counter too long, or a little cigarette burn) or even just setting something sharp (like a barrette) on the counter, and then when you pick it up you inadvertantly scratch the marble countertop by accident. Spray the cleaner on the counter and use a soft damp cloth(think: microfiber or chamois, not any type of scrubber) to wipe down the entire marble countertop. These can all damage marble countertops in a matter of seconds. You want to avoid spilling anything that has any kind of color on your cultured marble countertops. You should never leave water on your countertop in any form: water drops, water rings from the bottom of a glass, etc. What happens is that the acidic liquid or substance corrodes or eats at the marble. By remembering to avoid powdered cleansers and other abrasives, along with being careful about not dropping anything heavy on your cultured marble countertop will a long ways towards keeping your marble countertop clean and looking its best. Another way that you can quickly damage a cultured marble countertop is by not cleaning it properly. If you’re not sure whether you have solid marble or cultured marble, treating your countertop as if it is solid marble might be the safest option. Most importantly, you should never use anything abrasive on a marble countertop — such as steel wool, colored scrubbers, or anything else that you would normally use to scrub out a stain. And even though you can repair and refinish a marble countertop, it will never look the same as it did before. Avoid using bleach or anything with bleach products in them, for example. And be sure and wipe off anything that might stain the surface of your marble countertop right away. Instead, you should wipe up water on your marble countertop using a soft cloth. The reaction will destroy the thin polished layer causing a dull, light spot. The cultured marble countertop on the right is a couple years old and looks dull and etched.

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They are also great for light daily cleaning of your shower stalls! They can be used on polished, honed or any other stone surface. Also safe to use on gilded fixtures, mirrors and other delicate surfaces to avoid damaging surrounding stone. It also works great on mirrors, windows, and high shine metal fixtures. ]]> Nothing beats the practicality and convenience for wiping down your countertops or other hard surfaces. For a full list of natural stone countertop cleaning products and kits visit us here.

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The marble dust and liquid polyester resin form an attractive and durable bathroom and kitchen product. This synthetic marble can stain so you don’t want to be careless with any personal-care liquid or food item that’s acidic. This group, at one time, had a certification process so consumers could tell what members made great products. Cultured marble made by a certified manufacturer, should maintain its brilliance for many, many years as long as you care for it. It’s not possible to apply a complete new clear finish to a cultured marble product once it’s left the factory. The process goes quickly if the wall surfaces are plumb, square, and flat. Colored drywall or gray cement board can show through some light-colored marble products. Remove dust from the back of each piece with rubbing alcohol before you apply clear 100-percent clear silicone caulk adhesive. If you install the side wall pieces first, your cuts on the final piece have to be perfect. Caulk all seams with a colored 100-percent silicone caulk that will closely match the cultured marble. Hard water deposits can be dissolved easily with white vinegar applied from a spray bottle. Rinse the softened deposits with clear water and a sponge or cleaning rag. He thought it was mold but knew otherwise when we looked closer. My husband recaulked it, but the hole just kept getting bigger. He pulled out the piece that he caulked and what do u know? We thought it was one piece, but over the days my nose told me something different. My installer who use to work for a marble place swears by the cultured marble. I really like the idea of not using grout but my may concern here is the maintenance with either product. I never thought about the marble chipping so some of your points above added to my concerns about using marble. Stands up to lots of wear and you can use common bathroom cleaners. It’s time for a new sink unless you can continue to live with it. Is it possible to repair or resurface without totally replacing? Is there a possibility of an overcoat being poured on top of the existing floor? I am looking for something to apply to make it have traction, but won’t ruin the floor. We called someone out to fix the leak but they had to remove the cultured marble front. During that time, it was left leaning against the end of the tub and the cultured marble bowed. I sprayed vinegar on the area, waited for a half hour or so and then wiped up. The resurfacer tells me that cultured marble tends to trap air bubbles and maybe willing to give a refund. I have been told pretty much sorry about your luck by the installer? Not only will water disappear, you’ll lessen the chances of mildew growing. Will these synthetic products loose their shine over time? I can attest to how cultured marble has rock in it because the sink and countertops made from it are quite heavy! Hair coloring products, chemically reactive shampoos and conditioners, and many colored liquids can cause staining problems with natural marble. Small volume local fabricators sold their products to plumbing and building supply houses. Certified members of the association are committed to making a high-quality cultured marble, granite, onyx and solid surface pro duct. A certified repair person can re-buff the surface with a special mixed gel-coat compound. Cracks and broken pieces are virtually impossible to repair. Use a squeegee after each shower to quickly remove water drops from walls. Heavy hard-water deposits may require multiple vinegar spray applications. He finally did it again and left the shower dry for several days before we got it wet. I hired a restoration company and rented an air scrubber (filtration machine) that removes all spores and odors from the area. She says the marble is too heavy, very porous and requires resealing annually by a professional. He claims that the tile tends to leak more and it could be tough to keep the grout clean. Can you provide any advise on which material is better to use and why from a maintenance standpoint? Most cleaners destroy the coating on cultured marble leaving it dull and vulnerable to cracks! It would be very expensive to have another custom piece made and could also involve our soaking tub, as well. I have been told that etching solutions will break down the resin in the floor and ruin it – is that true? They did not put the front back on the tub, trying to get it to dry out. Is there any way to straighten it out or must we purchase another panel? I also would like something that is easy to clean, little or no maintenance. Now that whole area has lost it’s glossiness and is completely dull, like the vinegar ate through the finish. Unfortunately, they have tried recoating the surface three times now, and we see dimples in the coat itself arise in different locations depending on the coat. It occurred on the wall with the shower head and it is approx. We are guessing that the wall was compromised when installed? Manufacturer says it’s normal, but it never happened with our previous cultured marble pan.

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But you are no doubt fully aware that marble requires tender, loving care to maintain its natural good looks. These have been recognized as being the best of the best, by professional marble cleaning companies and we are inordinately proud that these professionals reach out for our products when they need to clean and maintain marble finishes in the 5 star hotels and luxury properties they service. So when you have marble in your home, invest in these products to keep it in tip top condition. It will work everywhere and is also great on granite, limestone, porcelain and ceramic tiles. And that’s no surprise because marble surfaces look amazingly sophisticated and classy. You can be sure that if the pros trust and rely on our products, these products will truly produce fantastic results for you; our products are all formulated to be safe to use and user friendly. Use it on any marble in your home: showers, vanity tops, bar tops and floors. We know our chemistry and will always recommend the right product for the right job. This product is indicated for polished marble, granite, limestone and travertine.

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I use the stain removing powder and then seal it or is it better to use the polish to give the counter a surface? It sounds like you have white carrara (white with grey veining) but that’s just a guess. Here’s a rule of thumb: an etch mark will always be lighter than the stone. For etching, which is actually damage to the surface caused by acids coming in contact with the stone, you will need to polish out the damage much like a jeweler polishes out scratches from a gemstone. Anything beyond minor etching, you will want to call in a pro. I have a question about my white marble kitchen counters, which seem to have some sealer on them, but absorb water and stain very easily. For true stains, you will need to use a poultice to remove them. If you have mnor etching you can use a good quality marble polishing compound or powder. In your case, it sounds like you’re dealing with a number of issues: the stains will have to be removed, then the countertops will need to be re-honed or repolished then properly sealed. You will be suprised at how much you will gain from using a pro.

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This product will remove tenacious soap scum and hard water deposits that accumulate on shower walls and tile. Leaves my quartz and marble countertops sparkling clean with etching the polished surface. After using it for some time in our personal home, we responded to several clients requests for recommendations. I am very satisfied with the stone cleaning spray, it is great for everyday cleaning and leaves the marble clean and beautiful without streaks or spots. Corian, travertine, and all other natural stone countertops and backsplashes. We are obviously very conscientious in providing advice regarding products. We even gave our own bottle to one client to try on her marble surfaces. We have decided to provide this product to all of our natural stone customers. I have a new counters and it worked just like it said it would. I have been using this cleaner since our home remodel for my granite, marble and travertine. Make sure you completely wipe off any residue because it sometimes leaves streaks. It smells fresh and leaves an awesome shine with no streaks!

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Spray the artificial marble with a mild all-purpose cleaner and wipe it clean with a damp sponge. Apply the vinegar solution to any water marks or soap scum and allow it to sit for 30 to 45 minutes. Apply a thin, even layer of countertop wax or fiberglass polish with a soft cloth if artificial marble looks dull. It’s made of crushed marble and resin, so it can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use and most cleaning products. To keep your artificial marble looking its best, clean it on a regular basis and restore its shine with a coat of wax or fiberglass polish twice a year or as needed. Rinse the sponge with water and wipe away any excess cleaner. Mix one part white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Rinse the artificial marble with a clean, wet sponge and dry it with a towel. Allow the wax or polish to dry to a haze, then buff the artificial marble to a shine with a clean, soft cloth. Dry your artificial marble sink, tub or shower with a towel after each use to minimize water spots. If you must, do not allow the product to sit for extended periods of time and rinse it thoroughly with water after cleaning.

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If the surface isnt sealed with polyurethane or another sealant, use a good quality laundry waxfor marble flooring to make it less porous and less likely to absorb stains. If the light shines in one uninterrupted beam, its sealed with polyurethane. It helps to seal the marble too so that it is mor e resistant to stains and water spots. Can a rubber backed throw rug be safely washed in a washing machine to remove pet urine? The way to tell if the marble is covered in polyurethane is to put your eye level with the marble surface and shine a light along the top. What is the best type of cleaner to use on granite/marble countertops?

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Use a soft cloth an d a little warm water to clean dust and small spills from your marble countertop and floors. A chamois cloth is made from a soft fabric that can be used to dry and shine your marble at the same time.


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