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Since we started our operations we understood that having top of the line equipment and experienced artisans was the key to our success in addition to a great customer service and a fair price. We want to be your best destination for solid surface countertops offering everything you need, all in one place. We are a locally owned and operated company established in 2015 with over 12 years of experience in this industry. A much bigger facility built to allow us to work on several projects at the same time with more efficiency making possible shorter turn arounds. Our new showroom displays over a thousand samples, we have tons of remnants and also slabs in stock to make color picking much easier for you!

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A popular look is pairing dark cabinets with a lighter stone, or pairing light cabinets with dark granite. We specialize in custom work, offering a variety of edge options. We have only experienced crews with high-tech equipment for custom kitchen granite installation. Bringing a photo or drawing of your kitchen is also very helpful.

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Bath Bathroom Vanity Tile Countertop Remodel Grout Grouting Sealer Repair Colorado Springs | Duration 3 Minutes 41 Seconds The granite countertop installation estimate does not include local sales taxes (state and city) on materials and supplies. Depending on the size of the project, you would need to multiply that number by the amount of square foot needed. You should always check whether they are adequately insured, licensed and properly bonded. Choose a category below to access specific task cost calculators.

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Getting the finished results you desire involves a lot more than selecting which surface material to use. When that isn’t possible, you’re still sure to get those appreciative ohs and aws from new granite or other natural stone countertops. These greatly improved sealers and a routine maintenance schedule are all it takes to turn your new natural heirlooms into rough-and-ready countertops that will be with your family for literally generations. Granite surfaces do require periodic resealing to preserve their glossy natural look. Like granite, it is important to periodically reseal marble countertops. Its finished appearance is rich, even luxurious, and has a “depth” that is not present in other natural stones. If you’re looking for a natural stone with an amazing amount of warmth, this is it. Soapstone is easy to clean and maintain requiring only a periodic oiling that keeps it looking its best and produces a natural patina as the years go by. As mentioned previously, part of onyx’s growing appeal is its translucent qualities allowing it to be illuminated from below as the photo above illustrates. This is a versatile countertop product that works well in kitchens, bathrooms, wet bars and can also be used for backsplashes and sinks. It won’t easily chip or scratch and it stands up very well to heat. If you think of granite countertops all as a bland range of dark gray colors, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Gaining popularity rapidly with homeowners looking to jazz up their modern kitchens with bright, bold natural countertops is quartz! They are a much better investment than a swimming pool, as an example, and increase your enjoyment and entertainment potential in a way most other investments can not! Granite and other natural stone surfaces are heavy, difficult to transport and must be cut with specialty tools. Granite and other stone is heavy – a small 2′ by 6′ countertop can weigh in excess of 400 pounds! We pride ourselves in minimizing our installation time and will hand over your “new” remodeled kitchen quicker than you likely expect! For longer counter runs, we’ll work with you to choose adjacent cuts from the same slab which we’ll install reversed and mirrored to create perfect continuing natural patterns as illustrated in the mirrored quartz countertop seam above. If your cabinetry needs to be altered to accommodate your new sink, our custom cabinetry team can handle this quickly and efficiently. Think about the spot where the front edge of the counter and the sink meet. As for placement of the faucet, it shouldn’t always be centered on the sink. You may prefer to center the faucet on a window or other architectural detail on the wall rather than on the sink. To get this piece right, you’ll need to know where the finished wall surface will fall once the backsplash is installed and where the sink will be centered so you have a faucet that comes out directly above the drain. As an example, what additional support may be necessary around your appliances?

Denver Kitchen Countertop Installation In Under 5 Minutes | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds Our installation team will install necessary wood blocking under and flush with the height of new countertops and adjacent cabinetry so this narrow stone strip can be properly and securely installed. Overhangs of 6 to 12 inches are possible without bracing, depending on the material; but an unobtrusive bracket, support column or overhang encasement adds support and peace of mind should someone hop up and sit on your new counter. If custom cabinets aren’t in your budget, one way to vary the finished counter height is to use materials of different thicknesses set on top of your standard cabinets. With new backsplashes, we’ll always install these after your new countertops are in place. They’re not only elegant and attention getting but, with proper maintenance, will look as good years from now as the day you installed them! If words like “durable”, “long lasting”, “sanitary” and “easy-to-clean” sound like music to your ears, then natural stone countertops are the kitchen or bathroom surface for you! Nothing will set the right mood and quiet elegance better than granite or other natural stone vanity tops. Our custom cabinetry group can reface your existing cabinets for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Shower Remodel Bathroom Tile Stone Countertops Large Walk In Colorado Springs Monument Co | Duration 5 Minutes 37 Seconds If you’ve heard suggestions to avoid stone surfaces because they were reported to stain and scratch, that’s just not the case with the modern stone sealers we use today. It’s easy to clean and is solid throughout making it the ideal option for a heavily used kitchen area. Quartz is non-porous so it resists staining even better than granite, marble and other durable alternatives. Like granite and marble, sandstone is quarried and cut from solid stone. Cutting and standard finishing leaves countertops with a bit of texture that retains a natural appearance. That’s one of the reasons that soapstone countertops are a favorite in country kitchens. While it’s hard to beat for appearance, be advised that onyx requires more frequent resealing than other natural stone surfaces. Slate requires less maintenance than granite or marble countertops. The hardness and durability of slate is very appealing in both kitchens or bathrooms. For those who may not appreciate other stone’s natural pigment variations, quartz offers consistent color from both top to bottom and side to side. The way this detail will align with your counter overhang should be decided in advance of templating.If you prefer the look shown above, where some of the top flange is visible all around, let us know. We’ll handle all these details so you have no concerns with elements that don’t work well together. Because it is tricky to move two large slabs connected by a narrow strip, we’ll usually seam this spot together on-site. Standard kitchen counters are 36 inches tall, but if you have a tall family member, 39 inches might be a more comfortable height. Your countertop height sets the lower line for your tile or other backsplash material making it easier and more sensible to install this last.

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The business provides kitchen remodels, cabinet refacing, countertops, and bathroom remodels. The team provides granite, marble, and additional natural stone countertops. Materials include quartz, granite, green products, and more. Potential customers can look for inspiration at the company’s showroom. The company does complete bathroom and kitchen remodels, as well as countertops. Services are provided to both residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts. The business specializes in custom slab marble and granite countertops, and custom counters. The business does countertop fabrication and installation in residential and commercial properties. In addition, the team will disconnect/connect plumbing and dispose of old surfaces during the job. Countertop materials include laminate, quartz, granite, and solid surface. The business has been operating for nearly two decades and offers granite, marble, and quartz countertops, as well as sinks.

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Our service department is staffed with certified technicians and we have a 50 ton travel lift, forklifts and offering dockside service makes no job to big or to small. Elegant, flowing lines and quick, balanced performance evoke a deep sense of personal satisfaction and safety, ensuring complete boating pleasure for you. Responsive power, along with an exacting array of logically displayed gauges and electronics, provide the confident, informed control you want. She is in fantastic condition – clean, turn key and ready to go! There is a separate stall shower in the double-entry head, a big galley with plenty of counter space, excellent storage and a walkaround island berth in the forward stateroom. The lounge seat opposite the helm can be raised hydraulically to expose a big storage compartment below. A walk-through in the windshield provides access to the foredeck, and hydraulic rams lift the entire cockpit sole for engine access. Freshwater use only about 170 hours on 496 twin mag high output engines. Satellite tv, hardtop, galley with fridge – freezer microwave, stovetop. Should the weather turn bad you can cruise with the full canvas enclosure, or on those beautifully sunny days go with a totally opened cockpit. Also included is an aft drop-down canvas curtain and two (2) sun block screens for the windshield.

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The instructions suggest changing these fittings on the filter (and the shut off valve?) when you change the filter once a year, again not the sort of instruction that build confidence in a leak free installation. Water quality is great and no leaks so far from the plastic fittings. The instructions that came with the unit have no diagrams on how to service the valve. Under all the chrome plated brass parts is a much weaker plastic valve stem that is taking all the abuse when the valve sticks and releases multiple times every time it is used. Someone in this company really needs to start hammering on their vendors about the poor quality of hardware they are being sold. My final suggestion would be to only buy the filter assembly and source all the other plumbing lines and valves from a reputable local source where you can inspect the quality of the parts. I mean customers in areas with comparable city water were much stronger for this product than for similar filters. It also meant that he did not have to drill a hole through the sink and risk damaging it. There is no comparison between to the old and new water filters. I caught one child drinking directly from the fountain because it was so good. First the brass and plastic wing nut that screws onto the threaded brass tube that holds the sink mounted faucet in place was not completely threaded. The tubing connectors that screw into the top of the filter were also defective, but not so you would notice at first. That meant one of the fittings leaked when pressure was applied. So, stop the installation for the evening, and go out and buy new fittings the next day. It is pretty awkward to clip the filter canister onto the mounting clip, at least up high under the sink, out of the way. I suggest being very careful to make sure nothing stored under the sink snags the tubes and puts side pressure on these fittings. Seems like some part of the valve is not self-lubricating (likely the valve stem o-ring seal). Besides sounding cheap, the friction on this sticking seal is very likely to cause it to fail, in my opinion. This junk is compromising the value of their filter products and the long term value of their brand. The two plastic parts on top of the canister are cheaply made and instructions for installing them lacked detail. After going through delays for a few weeks due to these problems with the unit and the company, it is installed and works well. This way the fountain could be be installed in the existing hole that had previously been used for the old-style sprayer. We use this water for everything we consume: drinking water, coffee, boiling pasta, etc. The company no longer sold replacement filters for my water treatment system. I wanted a filter that didn’t remove the healthy minerals in the water. This filter leaves the minerals and gives me great tasting water for less than half the price of the other option. I will only need to replace the cartridge once a year, at most.

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