Grizzly G9912 Solid Workbench Top Color With Maple Cabinet

It arrived in perfect condition and is very solid and well-made. It looks very stylish over the slate tile floor of the bathroom. The finish is nicely resistant to the usual bathroom materials and is easy to keep clean. Astonished at the excellent packaging, there was zero damage. The top is perfectas a vanity, allowing me to sit in a chair next to it if necessary.Contrary to some concerns about needing a support under the top, it has turned out to be very sturdy indeed. It’s in my garage and we have always parked our cars in the garage and don’t plan on changing that!

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Our manufacturing process includes sophisticated, computer-assisted machinery. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals , such as lacquer thinner, bleach or cleansers containing solvents or abrasives; especially avoid products containing tolylene or acetone. In the event of abuse, minor surface scratches can sometimes be removed depending on the severity of the damage.Be aware of countertop appliances such as boilers, toasters and toaster ovens that create high heat conditions. To any indirect damage and inconvenience, or any incident relating to the costs of installation and transportation, or any other costs relative to the application of this guarantee. Many of our competitors use thinner foils, showing telegraphing, revealing a rough texture where the door has been machined. However, as with any quality product, there are certain precautions you can take to preserve its value. Avoid bumping or hitting surface with a sharp object , since it could result in a permanent indentation or cut. Since the door seals on some ranges and ovens allow high heat to escape during the self-cleaning cycle, as a precaution, open or remove doors and drawers of adjacent cabinets during the self-cleaning cycle. They should not be directly under doors of overhead cabinets while in use. To any deterioration of the product resulting from normal wear.

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A picture or two above might have a finish applied, but that is for customers to have a better understanding of what a finished top looks like. Sanded to a 150-grit finish with mineral oil applied on them. Grizzly G9912 Solid Workbench Top Color with Maple Cabinet Can be finished/sealed with an oil-based product of your choice. Used this beautiful butcher block counter top to replace an old laminate one on a kitchen island. Turn around time was excellent as well as the customer service. No tops come with any bases, cabinetry, or hardware for installing, and no tops come pre-finished or sealed. All corners and top edges come with a 1/4″ round over on them.

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Seen here, one of the key new features of the kitchen was the addition of an island to give increased work space, and for guests to gather around during meal prep. It’s a super-convenient place to store odds and ends, like dish sponges and scrub brushes. A toe-kick drawer fits beneath cabinetry, adding extra storage, and is perfect for housing large plates and platters. They’re stored vertically in their own drawer, making storing and selecting the perfect trays a simple task. Everything from the stark-white cabinetry to the older appliances felt less than modern. This once-empty corner, opposite of the galley and island, was turned into a kitchen office using the same countertop and cabinetry materials, so it matches seamlessly. The cabinets are both durable and extremely easy to wipe clean. They make storing flatware an organized breeze, and the stacked dividers provide ample storage.
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