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This event is accessible, with three exterior stairs down to the bar’s entrance. Thanks to thorough restoration and preservation efforts, we can still enjoy these historic spaces. The “activist estates” explored in this book represents both a conceptual and a literal struggle to create a space for civic action in a city that is built upon real estate speculation. Community workshops and envisioning sessions will open new discussions of the future of community-controlled space. This street has seen dramatic changes in landscape, immigration from all corners of the world, and major class and business shifts. Tauranac will share his favorite architectural features, mysterious artworks, and hidden remnants from the city’s earliest days. Come prepared to learn about art, and then create it yourself, with this tour and hands-on artmaking workshop. We begin this year of programming with a multimedia panel, telling the story of how the district was won. In the coming months, each of these immigrant groups will be explored in depth. He is the author or editor of eight books about urban development, public housing, and affordable housing. In this special panel conversation, we will gain glimpses of the mysterious spaces where artists created and displayed their work. Through timelines, photographs, artifacts, film and architectural models- the exhibit will invite visitors to share their own stories and images to fill in the blanks or simply re-interpret the material within the show. Built in 1887 and lovingly restored in the 2000s, it is an inspiring example of how historic spaces of all kinds can continue to enrich our modern lives. Their lobbies, which bridge the gap between the public and the private, offer one important slice of their stories.

Mental Health and Survivors Movements by

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