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The large doors/windows helps make the area look bright, while the all-white surfaces of the house makes the warm walnut laminates of the bar stand-out. It is ideal to have a separate and specific place for each because aside from having different storage requirements, it also allows you to easily look for what you need. Combine different types of storage units such as shelves, drawers, pullouts to obtain optimum storage capacity. When storing liquor it should be kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. You can learn more about different bar countertop materials, an overview of their pros and cons and some useful tips as we go on with this article.Bar counters are often furnished with at least two to four chairs to allow for personal use, for bonding with the family or for entertaining friends. Not only does a bar stool provide comfort, but it also helps in keeping your seating furniture well balanced and proportional to the height of your bar counter. To know the right bar stool height for your home bar, measure the height of your bar counter from the finished floor line upwards, then subtract 10 inches. The number of stools that will comfortably fit in your home bar counter will depend on the total length of your counter. However, if you are dealing with an existing counter, then you can take a reverse approach by dividing the total length of the counter by 24 inches or 2 feet. This provides adequate space to get in and out of the seats comfortably or to eat and drink without bumping into the next person.
60 Bar Top Ideas | Duration 3 Minutes 20 Seconds Some have cushioned and upholstered seats while others are made up of wood, metal, woven materials or fiberglass. Essentially, the decor of your bar area must blend with the rest of the home. You can include hanging glass racks for that extra flair or some framed wall arts and other decorations. General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, pertains to a main lighting source that is intended for illuminating a whole space. For home bars, general lighting is usually fixed onto the ceiling and is often surface mounted. Use daylight bulbs for ambient lighting in home bars to get a bright general illumination. Task lighting or localized lighting are additional lighting fixtures which are used to aid users in accomplishing activities. Some examples of task lighting for home bars are under cabinet lights. With such, you can also clearly see your glassware and other accessories. It is also used to highlight or accentuate a particular area or part of a space. It is essential for home bars especially if you want to enhance the ambiance or create visual interest. Examples of accent lights which can be used for home bars are wall sconces, recessed lights, floodlights or torchere. Some can hold up to 38 bottles and include two different temperature zones. Compact appliances can be incorporated into the base of cabinetry. A wet bar is a great option if you want to quickly wash your glassware without the need to carry it back to the kitchen. Make sure that the area has sufficient convenience outlets for small appliances like a blender or a coffee maker and special outlets for a refrigerator and wine cooler. Finish it off with some doors which can be easily closed or opened. These are the items you need in preparing drinks and other stuff. For everyday use, at least six to eight pieces of each type can be a good start. For many a well-stocked beer fridge and wine cellar could do the trick for a home bar getaway. Many drinks require a mixer and some of the popular choices include club soda, tonic, ginger ale, and cola. Often bar cabinets have some glass doors so you can showcase your glassware. Those who wish to keep the home bar tucked away out of sight, may want to select a cabinet with a hidden bar area to keep it discreet. Pullouts and slotted cabinets with individual compartments also work well in holding liquor bottles that don’t require refrigeration. Home Ideas Idea Bar However, if you have a limited budget, do not be afraid to explore other options for storage and cabinetry. Since there is a sink within reach, glassware can be washed immediately. Popular areas for a home bar are in a dining room, space room, or living room. Big spaces can utilize wall-hung cabinets for glassware and space for a refrigerator or dishwasher. Other storage ideas that can be used are a portable buffet table or bookshelf. With the island, additional barstools can be provided for a true home bar experience. The counters are built-in with oak laminate finish and beige solid granite countertops, glass display shelf on one wall and upholstered barrel seats for the snack/drink bar. It has red mahogany-laminated cabinets with built-in wine fridge and white display shelves with mirror. The theme makes use of handcrafted and often features distressed items which are finished in a natural colors and other earthy shades. A rustic home bar can take you back to an earlier time and create a relaxing ambiance you and your quests will love. To achieve this look, use wood as the most dominant finish in your home bar.

Backsplash Ideas For Granite Countertops Bar | Duration 3 Minutes 36 Seconds Decorative cabinetry with elaborate scroll work and paneling are also prominent features in rustic inspired home bars. Combing natural stone with wood adds contrast and contributes depth and dimension to your home bar. It can be left unpolished and raw for that unfinished and aged feel. Contrary to a modern inspired home bar which sticks with sleek and smooth surfaces, a rustic inspired home bar encourages a play on textures. Going for the rustic look, this basement home bar tries to emulate a wine cellar. The long bar counter is also finished with bricks and has a countertop with a unique curvy shape. A classic country inspired home bar which uses an excellent combination of materials. The wall is finished with terracotta bricks to give it a classic appeal and has a matching set of barstools to finish the look. It features floor-to-ceiling height wine racks which occupies the whole room, with a little bar counter when you need to serve wine and a small table for two. It is only around one and a half meters long and integrates two wine fridges into the cabinet. A home bar is a great place to mix up your favorite cocktails to relax and socialize. The home bar shown in the image above is stylish and simple, using elegant materials to create this gorgeous home bar. The bar counter at the back has no overhead shelves, but instead adds an accent wall with brown/beige mosaic tiles which goes from the counter height up to the ceiling. Building a home bar can be divided into two phases: setting up and stocking up. Also keep in mind that your storage cabinets must always be dry. You can read more about home bar cabinets as we go on with this article. The work counter is typically the same height as any standard kitchen counter and is used for food and beverage preparation, while the bar counter is usually raised at a higher level, functioning as a serving surface for drinks and for casual dining. The key guideline to keep in mind for home bar counters is to choose a countertop material that won’t scratch and is impervious to liquids and stains. Bar stools are higher than regular dining chairs and provide a comfortable seating area that is proportional to the tall height of a bar counter.Bar stools have an average height of 30 inches, but typically it can range from 30 to 36 inches from the ground and is perfect for counters or bars that are 40 to 46 inches in height. The resulting approximate stool height will provide enough room for your legs and will give you enough space to move freely and comfortably. If building a new home bar, this wouldn’t be a problem because you can customize and adjust the counter’s length according to the number of bar stools you want. For example, if you have an existing home bar counter that is 6 feet in length, then that means you can comfortably accommodate 3 bar stools. In addition to appropriate measurements and the right height, when choosing a bar stool for your home bar, also take into consideration other factors such as comfort, functionality and the overall decor of your home. Home bar decors also depend on your personal taste in style and preference.Ambient or general lighting for home bars must promote an adequate amount of brightness and an equal distribution of light. It can also be a drop light or pendant light or a series of down lights. Additionally, make sure that your ambient lights do not have any glare. It is usually added to spaces where the main ambient light source does not suffice. Under cabinets lights are useful in home bars because they assist you in looking for what you need quicker. Accent lighting is used for adding drama or for creating a mood in a space. Accent lighting also aids in generating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Wine coolers, for example, have different capacities which can hold a number of bottles. If you plan on setting up a wet bar for your home, make sure that the area is close to a water supply and have the plumbing checked by a professional. There should be an easy access to electrical supply in your home bar. For those looking to take the fun of a home bar outdoors a mobile bar can fit that need. A simple tall cabinet can be furnished with a bar fridge, an appliance garage and some glass storage. In that way, you home bar can be hidden away when not in use.It has walnut-stained counters with matching overhead display shelves featuring an array of wines and other liquor bottles. Bar accessories are the basic items and equipment that you need to store in your home bar to keep it running. Typically you will need to stock a type of short glass, tall glass, and a stem to meet the demands of most occasions. However, there are a few alcohol selections that can be added to your home bar. Also to make classic cocktails, you can stock on base spirits and a few mixers. Alternatively, you can also include non-alcoholic drinks in your stock so that you have a wider variety of choices. An effective home bar combines different types of storage units like a base cabinet, an overhead cabinet, open shelves, drawers and pullouts to achieve optimum storage capacity. You can also include organizers and metal wire baskets inside your cabinet systems to keep bar accessories properly sorted. Alternatively, hanging wine glass racks can also be used if you want to display your stemware and access them easily. If you’re wine drinker you may want to select cabinetry that has an area deep enough to accommodate wine bottles on their sides. A small pantry can also come in handy for storing dry ingredients or snack items for your home bar. Custom cabinetry allows for modification based on your specific needs and requirements. You can use prefab cabinets or get creative by repurposing old furniture such as dressers, armoires or bar carts. It uses salt & pepper granite countertop with multi-color glass mosaic tile backsplash, and a cocktail table with 2 barstools to complete the mini bar. Whether you want a place to hangout with an alcoholic cocktail after work or want a place to socialize, this spot in the house offers an enjoyable atmosphere to relax. Prep work is also more efficient because you are close to a water supply and can make snacks with ease or put water into drinks without the need to go back and forth your main kitchen. Wet bars are easy to build and can be undertaken as a “do it yourself” project. The basement area is a common choice as its a spot that is away from high traffic area of the home. Cabinets can also be used for storage of mixers, wines, and liquor bottles. Sinks can be installed directly in an island for ease of cleanup. Bar cabinets with glass doors are ideal for showcasing liquor, drink wares, and bar accessories. This bar area placed on one end of room is the perfect spot for the bar as it is placed directly adjacent to the pool table. The counter top uses green granite, and a wine rack is placed on the corner area of the counters. Despite its awkward location, the large window illuminates the space well, helping it appear more spacious. There are many ways to make use of the space under the stairs, and turning it into a glamorous mini bar is one of the most perfect ideas to use it for. This small home bar right inside the home office to help you relax and relieve stress. A small sink is built in to the cabinet to help with prep and clean-up. Some of the ways to implement rustic charm in your home bar is through decorative cabinetry with elaborate scroll work, rich stone flooring and accent walls, and natural wood and stone countertops. Colors and textures play a big part in creating a rustic feel with neutral colors such as beige’s and browns. Some other characteristics of rustic themed interior are timeworn, homespun and vintage. Wood cabinetry, whether in natural finish or in rich stains contributes a classic country flair to a home bar. Some other ways to implement rustic charm in your home bar is through rich stone flooring, countertops and accent walls. Some natural stones which can be used as accents in rustic home bars are limestone, slate, granite and marble. As mentioned, colors and textures play a big part in creating a rustic feel. It also has a neutral color palette, but can sometimes introduce accent colors which are deep and rich. Using natural stone tiles for the floor and masonry tiles for the walls, it creates an old-style appeal to the space and even integrates the wine storage through holes on the main bar wall. The unique gothic arc ceiling with terracotta bricks gives the space a unique aura – rustic and elegant at the same time. Even the walls of the main bar area uses brick finish, and even uses antique oil-rubbed bronze light fixtures to complete the look. It uses wood-look tiles for the floors and beautiful solid walnut cabinets to go with the dark gray granite countertops. The counter has beige granite countertop and also serves as a display area for wine and other home accessories.

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Your bar’s countertop is arguably one of the most important components of a personally appointed home bar, with attractiveness and durability not only essential, but obtainable as ever. Each material carries its own benefits, from mold resistance to heat and scratch resistant protection, and all are unrivaled when it comes to big-time eye appeal. No matter the size or environment of your household, you–and your bar top–deserve to shine. And as every lounge owner knows, when it comes to curating the perfect bar, the devilishly good drink is in the details.No nonsense, just my best material and things you’ll find incredibly useful. Surely you want a bar top that compliments your bar scheme and similarly dazzles your company, with years of use and enjoyment ahead. A home bar is about more than just cocktails and convenience, it’s a chance to show off your own speakeasy sensibilities. I installed this with 0% chance of rain (according to the major cable weather channel), and it rained. I also have some dirt in the finish because my make shift tarp tent wasn’t completely clean. He was smug, unhelpful and almost downright disrespectful, turns out he is the owner of the company. I was under the assumption this product would adhere to all surfaces, but it didn’t stick to the stain-covered concrete. I can’t necessarily blame the product, because they can’t possibly warrant every application. We couldn’t find anything anywhere to do this, so we took a stab in the dark and bought regular wood stain to match. I took a drill bit and drilled the corpses out, sanded off areas which had surface bugs, and just left the ones that were below the epoxy (it would endanger my red finish). Using three batches simultaneously, we were able to pour, feather in the edges, and level it out to a nearly flawless finish. That glossy finish is so nice to look at, and the rare sun beam that finds it emphasizes its beauty. I purchase over 8 gallons of the stuff to make a outdoor countertop in separate purchases. It was sticky tacky for about four hours, then began curing. I was not overly worried about the bubbles, because the concrete counter has minor pock marks in it, anyway.

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Or, to be more specific, the bar top, which is the essence of any drink serving setup. It’s the item around which the entire activity revolves and the one that makes the greatest impression on your guests. This spacious basement wet bar features stainless steel countertops paired with dark brown cabinets and a red brick accent wall.
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