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We offer competitive pricing and excellent results every time. Even if you are looking to change the color of your bathtub, this is a great option. Our refinishing options are far more cost efficient than replacing your shower enclosure and yield results that are just as beautiful. We can also repair any damage that has happened to your shower enclosure as well. We have the training and experience needed to help you restore your sinks rather than replace them.These small issues can easily be repaired by our team of professionals. A great solution to damaged ceramic tile countertops, bathtub and shower surrounds is refinishing . Our resurfacing and refinishing services are a great solution to your remodel needs. When you choose us to handle your bathtub refinishing, you will see the finish of your bathtub come to life again. We area also able to repair any chips, dings, stains or cracks that your bathtub may have sustained over time as well to leave you with a bathtub that looks brand new again. When you care for your shower and clean it properly, you can count on the refinishing services we offer to last 10-15 years.
M.L. Foundation Repair | Refinishing, Resurfacing, Hardwood Floor & Countertops | Dallas, Tx | Duration 1 Minutes 8 Seconds If you have cracks or the fiberglass panels have been damaged, you can count on us to repair it. Sometimes, it is a difficult task to replace your sink, or many homeowners want to keep the original sink in their home because of its unique beauty. With the amount of items that are often tossed into a sink, it is common to see chips and cracks. We also offer refinishing services for porcelain countertops and surrounds as well that will leave your surfaces flawless. Do have a piece saved that could be used if someone could do the edge trim. Also need drywall repaired at toilet paper mount and drywall repaired at curtain rod mount.

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You reach for the hairdryer on the shelf; it slips out of your hand and bounces off the tub on its way to the floor. The work we do is quick and skillful, and once we’re finished, the chip is gone. Let us refinish and resurface your countertop, tiles, and vanity for a brilliant new room. As you bend to retrieve it, you notice the dryer has taken a sizable chunk out of the enamel finish; you didn’t think it could happen, but it has. Suppose you want more than just a chip repaired; suppose you have a classic old cast iron tub and want it completely refinished. The solution is to let us take care of your bathroom remodeling too. Contact us to get a quote on the work you want done to improve your bathroom or kitchen.

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Let us take care of any worn or outdated fixtures and surfaces. The process is usually subject to substantial cost overruns and delays. Don’t be embarrassed by your old or off color bathtubs, or your worn and outdated countertops any longer! A typical residential kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel can take several weeks to complete. Trying to tackle these projects on your own also has its own set of issues. Our technicians are highly trained, professional craftsmen who use the latest and most advanced refinishing techniques to give your kitchen or bathroom surface the makeover you have been dreaming of!
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