How Choose A Paint Color To Complement Your New Stone Countertops

It would be a shame to choose a color that would detract from the granite, marble, or quartz that you so carefully selected. You could bring home endless paint chips and study several test paint areas that you’ve tried on your walls, or you could try something much simpler that will give you a better idea about the way that a large area of painted wall would against your stone countertops. You can also use the wall color to bring out the color of the veining in your stone by matching the paint color to the veining. For instance, a small bathroom without any natural light will be better served by a lighter color of paint.   You want something that will enhance the beauty of the stone that you have chosen and fallen in love with. The simple way is to use the virtual color tester at your hardware store when you are choosing a paint color. When you’re choosing which color will look best, consider whether you want the paint color to pop, or if you’d rather have a more neutral color that will give a backdrop for other objects in the room to stand out. But a larger kitchen with lots of natural sunlight can adapt well to a more saturated color.


I have a challenge with where the base cabinets meet the corner of two walls.   We have cherry cabinets, a little darker flooring, and a grayish brown granite countertop. Shake the box throughly, close your eyes, reach in the box & pull out one square. I exceeded your expectations, a bonus is greatly appreciated- it’s easy to do when you accept an answer.   If you boil it down to 2 or 3 possibilities, and you just can’t decide: cut the cards into 1/2 inch squares and mix them all up real well in a empty cereal box. My kitchen is approximately 19 ftx 13 ft give or take a few feet.

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The flow is the kitchen to the kitchen table area, to the family room. I really don’t like anything bold or trendy on the backsplash. As for choice of white paint, you need to get samples of your options to paint boards and see what they look like in the room, especially with your bright white trim. That pattern and style that sowerjen posted is right on! Instead of doing a bright white paint and changing the backsplash to match, why don’t you do an off white or cream color for the cabinets to blend in w/the tile? I don’t think the white subways would go w/your type of kitchen. I think that, combined with the cream cabinets and your existing granite, would look very nice.   Plus, this stone tile comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and would also look really nice w/the dark hardware pulls. They also have great customer care and replacements, if something breaks)! The cabinet color seems much softer than the one above it (the more white one). The whites you list may look too stark up against your counters. My main concern is anything off-white will look dingy next to all the bright white. I have hired a professional painter/cabinet refinisher to paint my cabinets wh ite. The oil rubbed cabinet hardware, granite counters, dark brown porcelain tile floor (florida tile berkshire olive), and ss appliances will stay the same.   The blinds w/those curtains you have make it appear dated and heavy. Otherwise wait until everything is in before choosing a color. I think the cream would be better w/the type of granite you have anyway.   What would look nice is a tumbled marble or travertine subway tile. I think the bamboo blinds would look really nice on the kitchen windows and coordinate with my living room and dark floors. Decide on wall coverings and paint later and ensure it compliments cabinets and surrounding furnishings before committing. The trim and doors and several windows will be right next to the cabinets. I think it’s going to look wonderful to have a bright, light kitchen leading off the family room, by the way. This project isn’t fully wrapped up but it might help youvisualize. Subway always looks nice but we decided on an offset tilepattern for this kitchen.   We had that installed 4 years ago and it’s perfect for a high traffic area and held up great with the kids, dogs, and pool.

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A dark classic red with almost a wine tone would turn your kitchen into something elegant and classy! Does red colour wall paint go with white kitchen cabinets? What color of behr paint for white kitchen cabinets? Behr that you can use to go with your white kitchen cabinets.   The hunter green would compliment the burgundy cabinets nicely. What color should i paint my white brick fireplace mantel? What color paint white brick house with black roof? I stained my brick fireplace with mahogany what color should i paint the wall? What color should i paint my wall if my floor is a reddish brown brick? What colors match kitchen with a brick accent wall? Daniel matches your request with our community of online experts. The color red is a “hot” color and would go perfect in your kitchen. I choose the red cabinet but no idea what to do on the walls. What color wall paint with burgundy wood kitchen cabinets? What color should i paint my my triming of white brick house? What color to paint wall behing red brick fireplace? What colour would you put with a painted off white kitchen? What color of paint should i use on the wall directly behind the brick fireplace in the livingroom? Do i paint my closets the same color as what is painted on the wall in the bathroom? What color to paint kitchen walls with white countertops, white appliances, red brick paver floors?

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Having started that theme, a black backsplash would complete it beautifully. Any variation of white or gray would compete unnecessarily with it, and gray is just not called for, as the material of the stainless steel should also have it’s own stage, and not be copied in a different material. That being said, if you don’t l ove it don’t fret – it is only a backsplash and you can change it.   And of course there are tons of glass tiles in a variety of colour and shapes and marbles in shapes like hexagons, rounds, oblongs, etc.   I like the idea of a matte stainless tile in an interesting shape that brings a different texture but allows you introduce color in your accessories and change over the years. Mosaic is too busy, clashes with the pattern in the counter top.   You can’t go wrong with this tile, but you certainly could with others.   I think it will look modern and interesting, yet not compete with the gorgeous countertops. I know everybody likes subway tile, but you have picked some really unique samples. The stainless penny rounds would be my second choice if you wanted to stay more updated traditional. Kepp in mind this is your home so use whatever you feel make the best choice for you! That’s what everyone will be “blown away” with when they walk in not the backsplash. We had the cabinets and countertop installed and thought things looked pretty flat. Saw some beveled subway tile glistening away under lights in a restaurant and immediately knew that was the solution. You can go with a neutral field tile and accent with a splash of color to tie in your beautiful counter top. I had many samples, mostly grays but they looked strange with the stainless appliances. Simple elegance that does not take away from your gorgeous kitchen.   You don’t have a huge amount of backsplash showing ang can change your color out at will. Then accent with any color you wish depending on how you feel. It wouldn’t fight with the counter’s shiny finish, plus no grout lines. Let the beauty of the patterned white countertop marble shine on its own.   A solid tile in glass or ceramic so it doesn’t compete with beautiful countertops, go light on grout, maybe match the grout with the white in your cabinets? I thought it would be weird, but it turned out beautiful! Would have done that but it would have competed with the countertop. You could also consider adding some subdued color like green (which may tie in with the cabinet glass?) or blue like your bowl. You’re the one who has to live with it so make sure it’s something you love. I think it all gets a bit predictable when you stick with black and white only.   I think it will look good for years: natural material in a neutral color and pattern. Since you have the black island and stainless appliances, the darker color will coordinate beautifully.   I am doing something similar to this in my own kitchen with the addition of mosaic tiles behind the stove as well. Remember, the space between your countertop and shelving above is relatively small in comparison to the rest of your gorgeous kitchen. It’s quite apparent to me that you have put a great deal of money into the kitchen on very expensive finishes. I am having my rococo in a week or two and can’t get away from the clean classic look of the white subway either! Take a look at all the options we have to offer and maybe find just the thing you are looking for!

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It’s the typical boring builder grade light oak wood and it desperately needed a little face lift.   The lighting isn’t very good at all after bedtime, so naptime was it.   Behr is so sure you’ll love their paint that they back it up with a lifetime guarantee! I was a little afraid it’d be too dark, but it’s not too bad! I just love walking in there just to see how much better it looks. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wood vanities, it’s just not my style.   I wanted to find an easier way to get ‘er done without a ton of work involved. Even though it was such an easy project, it still took almost a week of naps to complete! Do you know how much easier that makes a process like painting the vanity? This is really just to help scratch the surface so the paint will stick even better. It will pull up much easier and not take any paint from the vanity with it! I have been wanting to paint all of the vanities in our bathrooms, but the sand forever then paint thing was just too overwhelming! Since then, my hubby fixed the door so it’s on straight! It held up great while we were still living there, but we’ve moved to a new house since. That faux drawer you mention can be a very useful storage place in a bathroom without a lot of space. Amanda; wife to a handsome hubby, and mom to two sweet kiddos!


The island is actually coming with all 4 edges down in the fancy edge, this one is just temporary. We too used a laminate on our countertops, rationalizing that we could change them oodles of times before reaching the cost of granite or marble. The original wooden top was screwed on with 6 screws – 3 on each under-side. Did you say your new top will have all finished edges with no seams? I think the more the public is educated regarding their choices, the better they can make an informed decision.   If you have money to get real stone, and real stone is what you really want, they get real stone. It does, however, make me think of fudge shops since they make the fudge on marble counters! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! Love your rationale for the formica – makes so much sense and it looks perfect. Also, was the formica glued right to the desk top or is there particle board between the desk top and formica? Does the faurble pattern help camouflage at all? Do you think most people that see them in person think they are laminate countertops right away? Leslie, what is the name of your all natural cleaner or the recipe if you make it? You said you installed yourself, can you tell me more about that? Could you tell me the name of the edge your chose, too? What sort of / color of caulk do you recommend, since your wall/counter seams look good?

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How you decide on a white undertone you want in your white is purely subjective. I am so glad to learn the tip of looking at whites on-line to compare undertones. The colour palette for the home is white, grey and black, with pops of colour throughout. I painted my basement white with a under tone of green and it look sage to me. We have pale yellow walls with white trim and are also ready for a change of wall colors. What would you say the undertone of this color is considered? I love white and just went through the process of picking whites for our new house! I want to tile the surround with a tyle that has creams and grays.   Painting poster boards with sample color is the only way to be 100% sure of the what the color will do in your light. I always play it safe and lean to whites with the most subtle gray/green undertones because of the way these whites look at night. When you look at these whites all together online, it really shows how dangerous whites can be! It too drives me crazy when a white looks bad at night or on dark days. I hope this post will help you zone right in on your perfect white! It’s really hard to see the undertones on a small chip – but when you see them in comparison to the other whites the undertones jump off the page! It has a bit of a warm grayish tint to it and makes a great wall color if you want an all white space, but want the trim to pop. I wonder if you know the colour number of these whites? Also, the kitchen is mostly white as well (white soho cabinets). Would a white with a hint of grey under tone prevent that? I was not very happy with it since the accent colors are all in the blue family/turquoise. I think it’s one of the best paints on the market and it will totally cover your yellow (even in one coat). Not an easy task and you’re absolutely right about everything you said here. It’s beautiful on walls, especially in spaces with poor lighting.

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However, blue then is the only choice for the wall colour since taupe is out. I wrote a post ages ago talking about wood flooring and how it’s pretty much like jeans when it comes to wall colours. You can have 2 unrelated colours in the same room together but three looks like you don’t know what you’re doing. Chosen a white or cream countertop for your wood stained kitchen, 2. For example, if your countertops are black, it will look odd to have a white backsplash unless your walls are also white.   Which brings me back to where we started which is, choose your wall colour first, or if you already have a painted kitchen, find a backsplash that relates to your walls.   Because then you won’t be married to the same colours for the rest of your life. Would you like to look at an image and know which category of undertones it belongs? So you really need to think it over and try to hire a professional help in case you don’t have any experience with it. Carrara marble work simply because it’s been continued up the walls? The surrounding walls are soft yellow and one deep red accent wall in the adjoining family room. We had oak cabinets (selling soon and didn’t want to take the time to paint white) and no backsplash. Does that give me pretty much a clean slate for wall color? The granite is brown with some specks of different specks of brown. There’s enough kitchens with that horrible colour tile, don’t add yours to the list.   What you need is off-white subway tile to relate to your floor. I need a backsplash that will contrast and break up all the brown. I got lots of questions from readers who need help choosing a backsplash for wood cabinetry because if you don’t have any white or cream in your kitchen countertop or floor, white or cream subway tile is not the answer. So choose the wall colour that looks the best with the cabinets first!   If you have granite countertops pick a backsplash colour from the granite. White walls in a kitchen with no white walls in any of the other rooms could look like you haven’t painted the kitchen yet. It’s also the reason why my dream kitchen would be white on white. We all know that we should play around with it, since they’re not cheap. Do you use white or a lighter shade of the wall color? My solution to updating this traditional warm-colored space was stainless steel subway tile! Installed dark granite counters, and the wall behind it was really damaged. What would be a good color that would blend the light and the dark together? Otherwise you need an actual colour like blue or green or rusty orange, which you probably won’t want on your backsplash. I lightened up with light cream walls and light cream roman shades.   Had hoped to find a very light green/grey subway tile but am striking out.

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It will also break up the monotony of the whites and give them something to contrast with. If you have a lot of black on your appliances (which a lot of the older styles do) the black countertops will help to tie these details in so that they aren’t as overwhelming. Use a striking backsplash to add some contrast and personality to the space. While nothing beats white cabinets and appliances with regard to low contrast, by choosing a paint ‘colour’ that is in a lighter range you will create a low-contrast palette which will allow your appliances to blend in, rather than stand out.   You might want to keep things simple and straightforward when it comes to your countertop and backsplash with the hopes of simplifying things. With the creative use of artwork, pottery and everyday dishware – with a lot of white on them, you can tie your white appliances into the scheme without even trying! Consider doing white uppers (real white) and dark lowers to create a happy medium. It will make the appliances stick out like a sore thumb! I am considering a butcher block, stainless steel, or white countertop for my island. Just because appliances are white does not mean they are 20 years old. I don’t want to end up with the situation the other commenter posted where my cabinets look cream. I might keep things simple with an undermount sink, keeping things a bit more classic and clean! For those who don’t like ‘uber white’ cabinets, light coloured cabinets are a great choice as they are fresh and bright without being too white. If your appliances are the only white things in the room they will stick out like a sore thumb.   I like how my white appliances don’t stand out with the white cabinets. I think going for dark countertops is wise for sure! I saw them online and became obsessed with how cool they look. It is a fairly small kitchen with only one small window and no other natural light, that also serves as a hallway so will see lots of traffic. I have a lot of great packages to check out that are affordable! I don’t have a photo in that blog post with a pendant light above the sink!

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If you are having a hard time deciding what the wall color might be…is it a pale blue, a light grey, and a faded aqua green? It is those neutral tones which are difficult to pin down that turn out to be your best options for timeless, trend-less, unfussy style. Dark wood double vanities and twin tall glass doored cabinets. And that makes good financial sense for the long haul! Check pattern on roman blinds and dramatic coffered ceiling. In this classic and calm bathroom, a variety of stone tiles infuses the space with interest, yet the palette of soothing greys keeps it from busy-ness and dated-ness. A subtle, contrasting narrow tile is used to create interest with a stripe effect. In this media room, a sense of timeless elegance was created with classic trim detailing and a tranquil painted treatment. Light and luminous, it is a favorite choice for moldings and trim.

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Let us help you find the right kitchen color to help you feel more at home! When it comes time to investigate a paint color, make sure you first take a moment to think about the mission of the kitchen – if it is your kitchen are you really looking for excitement or is the room more for helping you find a sense of peace? When learning how to paint cabinets make sure you focus on choosing the right kitchen colors. Arrange drop cloths to protect any areas of the kitchen not to be painted. Start painting your kitchen from the top down, working from unpainted areas into wet, painted areas. Latex paints dry faster and only one or two brush strokes are needed with each pass of the paint brush for kitchen colors projects. Hold the handle of the paint brush near the base, applying light pressure to the brush with your fingertips to make the paint brush bristles flex slightly. The heart of the home, the kitchen, must appease the tastes of many. Expand your kitchen colors palette and see more kitchen paint colors or other shades from these collections on your very own kitchen walls by uploading a photo to our online paint tool visualizer and virtually paint online! Learning how to paint a kitchen starts with the right paint color – but if you do not pick the right paint for kitchens then your project will fail.   Don’t let food splatter ruin your interior paint ideas! Use a mild detergent to remove contaminants such as grease or food stains from the walls of your kitchen before painting. If you are using oil paints, they take longer to dry and allow you to brush across the surface several times for a smooth, even finish. Tap the brush gently against the side of the can, but do not wipe it across the lip of the paint can.

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I am on a mission to saturate our world with it……today’s tutorial captures this love. You want the pouring medium to turn from an off white colour to the colour of your chosen paint. I recommend doing larger puddles of one colour, then doing the same for the next colour. Work quickly as the “paint mixture” will start to skin quickly. I left mine for about 9 hours then removed the masking tape and then left it to finish curing.   Sponsors and collaborations are carefully chosen, and the opinion shared is always an honest opinion. We encourage parents and guardians to spend time online with their children to observe, participate in and/or monitor and guide their online activity. What we will be creating today is inspired by the technique of marbling…..where you drop coloured ink into water and then place your paper on top….peel it off and hey presto….. Mine is slightly different and gives you high-gloss contemporary art for your home. Medium dries clear so you want to add colour, even if you want white, you will need to add white paint ). There is no trick to this, you literally just pour the paint. Now is a good time to tell you this is when it gets a bit messy! You can also use the stick to draw patterns and swirls in the “paint mixture”. But make sure your surface is completely level or you will find the paint will continue to move across your canvas (potentially ruining your artwork ). I also added gold glitter through this one which looks beautiful when the sunlight catches it.   I used a dark and light green, white and tiny bits of black, along with the sprinkling of gold glitter and because the greens blended well together the colours were easier to manipulate. I hope to inspire you to make your house beautiful, organized, and a great place to grow and love!

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You may find yourself naturally gravitating to one side of the circle (say, cool blues and greens) or the other (warm reds and oranges). Gas lamps and a glass display case add a traditional feel while stainless steel appliances give the space a more contemporary feel. Elegant, bright red chairs add a splash of color in the space. Complementary colors are those that lie opposite each other on the color wheel — that means they’re visually balanced, although the high contrast may be more drama than you want in a room. Gorgeous teal floral wallpaper, a soft lavender coffered ceiling, bright yellow velvet chairs, a funky bubble chandelier and a colorful chevron rug pull the eccentric look together. Buy the manufacturer’s test size in your new color and brush some on the wall (preferably where you can hide it with a picture later). If you’re looking to inject some personality into a humdrum space, don’t be afraid to slather on a big, expressive color for the walls.   But how do you choose the color that’s right for a given room? The combination creates a relaxing yet energizing space oozing with style. You can always combine that bold wall color with neutral furnishings to make a statement without creating a headache. Learn tips on how to choose the best finish for your painting project.  

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I have seen amazing homes sit for months and months because the kitchen feels too 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, etc. I like both white and dark cabinets, depending on the type of house and the rest of the decor in the house. It looks great now, but what will we say 10 or 15 years from now? We had a professional do it, and for a few years all was fine. Now, in our new house we were lucky to inherit white cabinets! But saying this post on because kitchen cabinets should be white done me smile. I am so glad the homeowner painted the cabinetry white, which gave me a nice blank slate to add my own style to. I would love to hear your opinion on a off white or antiqued white finish. Look for a shade of white that relates to your granite, if possible. But honestly, they are not as timeless as white subway tile. Nashville-based, so not too far from where you are studying.   White cabins go with most of the colors and you can experiment with color. White kitchens only look good if you don’t use them and are able to keep them in absolute pristine condition. Although my inclination is purely based on my preference for white background. Dark cherry cabinets and taste-specific granite do appeal to a certain group of people, but that group is getting smaller and smaller (and older).   So you feel the off white can be as classic as white white? It’s the wall color, the appliances, the tile and the rest of the details in the kitchen that breath life into the potentially lifeless white cabinets. Kitchens sell homes, and they make or break a potential home sale. I had used white marble or the dark stained wood as my counter-top. Some contemporary styles just don’t work with white cabinets. White kitchens are awesome, but only when they are pristine. Kristie, what are your thoughts on painting the lower cabinets a darker color and keep the upper cabinets white? It’s all about options and not being stuck with an expensive trend! I live in a rental with a kitchen without any bells and whistles! So desperately want to paint them white but our floor, countertops and black splash are all very light tones of brown.   Just to complement the tile back splash and countertops mainly. It’s very dark, though, and will darken up your kitchen substantially. You can always change your wall color or accessories to freshen up a white kitchen. Will it look strange to have birch trim in a mostly white kitchen? We are moving to a new home and do want a white kitchen. The kitchen is the only room in the house which us predominately white. This has been so unbelievably generous of people like you giving unhampered just what most of us might have marketed for an ebook to make some money on their own, particularly observing that you could have tried it in the event you wanted.   I agree with him that our house looks like a “million bucks” but am otherwise conflicted. Yes, white kitchens are “on-trend,” but they are certainly not trendy.   The ivory is a little paler than what it appears in the picture.   What color appliances would you put with the off white cabinets?

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The inside awning supports are the ones that attach the side of the unit and slide into the outside awning supports which attach to the awning. In a pinch, a clutch head screw can be driven by a slotted screwdriver. Clutch head screws were popular in mobile home construction and electric motors. Over time just the flexing of the body may have broken the seal between the cap and the skin allowing water to get under the cap and to leak into the body. Seems they were installed on a seam and the rivet heads were removed so they could be mounted flush but over time the sealer between the bracket and the skin has worked loose allowing water to get behind the bracket mount and into the holes where the rivet heads were removed. There is no better instructions than here for compounding and polishing. The other help we have completed, but the exterior still needs additional refurbishing. However, it didn’t stay–it looked almost as bad a couple weeks later as it did originally.   It immediately looked like new and still does almost three years later. Since the anodizing is so hard to remove it’s best just to clean and brighten it. I really don’t know what would work best to clean and brighten them. Clean, polish, wax & treat every surface inside & out. I should know about getting around on the roof of my 34′ basement model? Send in your year and color and size and if anyone comes up with a close substitute let us know. I feel if it is not done right the first time it will be a problem for ever. Anyone have any ideas other than taking it to a service center. The shop we took it to fixed the brake and we were on our way. The inside supports have holes in the sides for various heights of the awning.   A worn tip on a driver can easily be restored by grinding off the end. Its advantages are great resistance to camout and 4 possible positions for the driver.   Also check the walls where they meet the floor and check for dampness. Even polishing with the most aggressive polish probably won’t faze it either. I have seen aluminum that had only a very light anodizing but more than likely those trailers have a good solid coating. You can try our polish but in all probability other products would work as well at a considerable lower cost. It is a very permanent sealer, should not be used where anything need be removed ( unless you are willing to cut it loose). I would like to know of a reputable place that does this type of repair and stands behind thier work. Eternabond is a 4″ wide sealing tape that can be applied right over existing sealing compounds. I have removed the 3′ x 3′ panel underneath the trailer to access the motor and have checked the motor by connecting a hot lead directly – it checks good (it works).   We stopped and were told our only that brake was working.


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