How Do I Remove Water Spots From My Marble Countertop?

How Do I Remove Water Spots From My Marble Countertop? by

I have recommended this product to some of my clients and they have used it with success. Especially since the newest technology uses peroxide and detergents to penetrate soiled areas. Baking soda can be sprinkled on for a more abrasive kitchen cleaning action. Marble can also be cleaned using warm, sudsy water (a mild detergent such as a grease cutting dish detergent or laundry detergent is fine) or a solution of borax and water. If this occurs, you’ll need to have your counters professionally rebuffed. If the water beads, your countertop is maintaining its seal. What is the best way to clean water spots on marble? It’s two parts, powder and liquid that you use with a white 3m scrub pad. Cover the paste with a damp cloth, leave overnight, then wet down and scrub with a nonmetallic scrubbing pad. Always use a cutting board with a towel underneath it, when working with acidic foods such as lemons, vinegar or alcohol (which can damage the natural shine of marble in a matter of seconds) and foods such as beets or red wine (which can discolor the surface). If the water soaks into the countertop, consider reapplying the sealant.


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