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A pipe wrench and an assistant are very helpful when building this desk! Orient the tees as shown, so the next pipe pieces can be installed under the assembly. The flanges should be resting on the underside of the countertop, as shown in the photo. Drill pilot holes first, and then drive screws into all four holes of each flange. Flip the leg assembly upside down and place it on top of the countertop.Measure the distance from each edge of the countertop to each flange, making sure that you center the leg assembly along the underside of the countertop. Once the countertop is attached, flip the desk right side up and you’re done. You could make a smaller version by trimming the countertop and selecting shorter lengths of pipe for the legs.

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This handy girl really doesn’t have the time to sit still ;-). I had a heavily loved craft table that a neighbor gave away.
Diy Desk (Made W/ Steel Pipes & Ikea Countertop) | Catabot | Duration 2 Minutes 52 Seconds They have a great assortment of legs and cabinet hardware! Usually there is a small lever on the side that needs to be pressed down on both sides before you can remove the drawers. Look for interior screws holding it on and try to release it by unscrewing them. Trim any excess off the table leg first (from the top of the leg). The other plug under the desk rarely gets used since there is a plug literally behind the wall in the living room for plugging the vacuum into. If they won’t budge, use a hacksaw to cut through the stubborn screws to remove the side of the desk. Attach the board with screws to the underside of the drawer. Figure out how tall to cut the remaining three legs to create an even height. And, per our need to meet new code, we added several new outlets in the kitchen.

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A desk built into the corner of the room is a great way to maximize the space in your office, keep your office organized, and give yourself a larger worktop area. The desk fits into the corner perfectly and is large enough for multiple people to work at when needed. The desk provides an abundance of additional workspace, while still keeping the room itself open and uncluttered. From there, you can combine the kit with any table top you like. With this fitting loose, the pipe leg can be position further up or down to adjust the height. This allows the desk to be adjusted in height while still creating a unique desk frame. However, we’ve seen this approach with two desks of the same height to create a flush table top. On the lower top, the computer desktop can be used and on the upper level, a laptop can be used while standing. The table top is very heavy but the heavy duty pipe frame supports the desk fine. If you’re thinking of building you’re own corner desk, make sure to browse our list of fittings and desk frame kits to find a solution that works for you. That’s why it’s important to create an office environment that utilizes the entirety of your workspace and allows you to work effectively. Be it a sitting or standing desk, long or short desk, wide or narrow; you can create a desk that is perfect for you. This fitting has a range of motion of 160 degrees allowing it to be used to create almost any angle. The desk also features a custom countertop that’s finished on all edges. How to Build a Pipe — the Family Handyman Desk Diy The pine dowels were 25% of the cost of normal steel tubing. He wanted his new creation to be as large as possible to give himself a large work area. The utilitarian look of the iron pipes complements the warmth of the aged wood perfectly. This generally makes them easier to use and more flexible (as they can be used in more untraditional ways as compared to threaded pipe fittings). This approach can give you more flexibility and since there are no drawers under the desk, this layout still provides for a clean look. If you want to read more on this project and the fittings you’ll need to build a desk just like it, you can check out the full tutorial and parts list here. From reducing obesity, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases, there are so many benefits of standing desks. Lee wanted a desk he could use while exercising on his treadmill. It’s an innovative way to get work done while keeping fit by walking on the treadmill. The desk features a 3-3/4″ custom table top made from a natural live edge wood slab. If you want to read more on this project, you can find the full details here.

Diy Reclaimed Wood Desk Countertop | Duration 5 Minutes 38 Seconds The fittings give you the versatility to build any desk you want.

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The base should be about three inches set back from the cabinets in front, and one inch on each side. Secure the cabinet boxes to the wall studs and the base using 3″ screws. Attach the butcher block to the cabinets by screwing up from inside the cabinet. If there is an electrical outlet on the wall, measure and cut out a hole in the back of the cabinet before you install it. The size of the screws will depend on the thickness of the butcher block.

Diy Concrete Countertop Desk, Custom Edge Effects | Duration 13 Minutes 18 Seconds The result is a rustic yet dramatic focal point of any room.

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We love that it works as a hallway console when it’s not being used as a desk as well. The base of the desk is made using cabinets that you can build into the wall. It’s a pair of doors where one is used as the main desk and the other has all sorts of handy compartments.

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They can be made to fit different sizes and room shapes, and they are durable. The tabletop was then stained and finally attached to the steel frame. If you’ve been planning an upgrade, but you’ve been unsure of what to build, then maybe you should try this one out.The only tool you need here is a drill/driver, although you could also use a pipe wrench to properly tighten all the pieces. The materials are detailed in this plan and a step by step picture guide takes you through the building process until the installation of a 9-outlet power surge protector. It is painted black, after which a 60-inch door is attached to the top. You can decide to get a little creative and change the colors of these desk to something more inspiring or exciting. The plan begins with a material list, then a piping cut list. The casters make this desk special, both as a feature and in its looks.

Diy Custom Built Quartz Desktop With Epoxy/Preview | Duration 40 Seconds This plan also lists additional tools and materials that you might need for the job. This guide takes you step by step through the assembly process, until the countertop is stained and finished, completing the desk. Lumber type decision is left to you here, and the level of finishing is also yours to decide. The desk stands on just 2 feet, though you could change that a little to better suit your needs. This guide shows you how to do it, as well as how to finish the rest of the process. Pictures then clearly show every step of the 7-step construction process. Depending on how you screw the pipes to the couplings, you can get a table height between 30 inches and 48 inches. The desk’s frame is built using pipes, while the shelves are made from a pipe, a cap, and a flange to attach it to the wall. The guide ends with a supply list of all the materials needed to build this table. The tabletop is made from 5 pieces of 80 inches long 1×6 boards, which have been attached together to create an 80 x 30-inch tabletop. Every step is detailed, including a tool, material, and cut list. The price of every single material is listed, including the prices of gloves. The end product is a strong and good looking standing computer desk, worthy of any modern office.This tutorial starts off with a picture of the table, then a material and additional supplies list, with each item’s cost also recorded. Such a desk is therefore recommended only for kids under 60 lbs. With pictures in a step by step manner, this guide shows you the individual steps to building such a lovely desk, including the spray painting of the wooden boards. They made changes though and ended up with a 72- x 34-inch table which is 30 inches high. The lower shelves are not tightly fitted and they make this pipe computer desk absolutely fabulous. Each step of this construction is shown in pictures, from the assembly of the pipe frame to the attachment of the wooden slab. A fitting dresser was also added to the table, as well as a small shelf for the printer. This gives it a distinct look, which sets it aside from the rest. I wish you lots of fun with whichever plan you have decided on. Its other side is anchored to the wall using right angle brackets. Next came the painting of the door and then the attachment of the legs and corner brackets. It also contains lots of clear pictures, which make it easy to understand. Its material list includes a 70-inch long pipe, lots of shorter pipes and t-joints, and even caps for the feet. A picture shows you all the needed parts before the construction starts. Detailed pictures lead you through the steps until the steel frame is positioned on the tabletop and holes drilled to mark the spots. It also includes a butcher block for the computer station, which will not be necessary if you use only laptops. The steel frame includes a station for the computer, which makes it quite solid. There are lots of pictures in this guide and each one comes with enough explanations to show you what’s going on. If you need a desk for art or studio work, then this might do it for you.

Diy Dream Desk Setup A Stylish Desk For Two | Duration 1 Minutes 59 Seconds With this steel pipe standing desk, you get your very own healthy standing desk. If you are one of those, then this desk and bench plan will surely get your creativity in top gear. The other side of the desk is fixed to a 2×4 board which has been attached to the wall. You will have to divide the board in 2 and then attach the 2 sides together. It begins with a material list, including the cut list for the pipes. Though she doesn’t provide a plan with exact measurements, you can actually understand the process. The wood was stained to match the rest of the furniture in the house, and the shelves were mounted above the desk. In this guide, pictures lead you through the sanding and staining of the wood boards, to the building of the pipe frame and the final assembly, including the addition of casters. A pipe table on casters that is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. A material list contains all the needed items, including 3/4-inch pipes and 2×12 boards. An 8-step guide leads you through the cutting of materials and the assembly. What you get is a wall full of storage space for your books. You can also add a frame around the tabletop as is done in this plan. There are also pictures of the copper frame with detailed dimensions and directions to help you re-create this lovely table as perfectly as possible. It is the perfect pipe computer desk because it is simple, stylish, lightweight and mobile on 4 casters. The legs cross themselves in a stylish yet sturdy way, also making this a very stable and long lasting desk. Every single step is also presented in a fun and informative way. Chris does not add too many pictures in this guide, but he does add the important ones and with lots of detailed explanations. The tutorial starts out with a picture and list of all the necessary materials, plus a cut list. The boards used were 2x12s, which were initially 12 feet long, then cut in half. All these are extras that you can choose to either add or not add, depending on what you want. It is simple and natural without finishing, although you could add your own ideas to it.

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The desk, in particular, plays a critical role in any office space, particularly one at home. And, best of all, since you’ve made it yourself, the desk will be completely original. Remove the legs and hardware from the desk, then add some braces to the back corner that, in this case, have been fashioned out of metal plates and banister inserts.For the table top, the door was cut down to its final size of 28″ x 62″ and then sanded. They’re smaller than regular laptops, but they’re more practical because of how easy they are to carry around. First you’ll want to cut the piece to the size you’re after. Use a coin as a template and a jigsaw fitted with a scroll blade. Use a compound miter saw to cut the leg tops and bases and the front of the risers, and use a circular saw to cut the front edge of the shelf. Drill pilot holes to attach the legs at the top with four #8 x 1-1/4-in. Then you can build another shelf for a keyboard and monitor. First decide on the dimensions you’re after, then buy the wood for the desktop. If you’re up for creating your own version, start by sanding the top and the sides of the desk (provided that you already have one). Lay the torch at such an angle that the flame licks across the surface as you move horizontally. Pick up a pair of simple table legs that are similar in height to a modern-style dresser. Find a vintage piece with cool legs, like an old sewing machine table. This is an excellent way to upcycle vintage bits and showcase your personality. And, bonus, when you remove the chair or set it aside, you’ve got a working console in your hallway. These can be made into a corner desk, a closet desk, or really any size or shape your home office space requires. The first step is to paint the desk top and the cabinets in white. The owners didn’t give us many details on the process, but you can figure it out from the pictures. Two of the legs have hollow centers for power cords and internet cable, which is a very clever solution for electrical requirements. Use laminated pine for the top, and pine for the risers and legs. Now it’s time to assemble the desktop with adhesive and screws. You can hide all the wire underneath the desk, and you’ll still have plenty of room the monitor, the keyboard, and the speakers…plus some spare space. Despite that rather lengthy list, you’d be surprised how non-difficult this desk is to make yourself. Cut it down into 4’’ planks, then place as the desktop, leaving a small gap between each plank. After that, wipe it down with a wet cloth and start the staining process. Grab a top for your table (use wood cut to size then sand it), and lay the top on top of the two supporting shelves. The benefit of something like this is that you can use what you already have, and it will be a completely unique home office desk – with plenty of storage or display area. Even (especially?) if the piece itself isn’t your style, you can repurpose the legs by detaching them from their original top and attaching them to a simple desktop board, cut to size. With a sturdy bookshelf as the separator, a desktop is mounted at the proper height (if the bookcase is sturdy enough, the desktop could even rest on the middle shelf and extend all the way through, making two work spaces out of one desktop). It can be something elaborate or something minimal – whatever speaks to you and your time and ability.

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Whether you’re routinely working from home or just need a place to set down a book, these 21 wall-mounted desks are the answer you’ve been looking for. Keep the contrast between industrial and all-natural by using concrete desk accessories to store good old-fashioned pencils.It would work wonders to create an eating surface in a small kitchen too. If you’re looking for a more colorful solution, try wrapping them with neon embroidery floss! Be sure to have some workspace organization tricks up your sleeve and seek creative solutions for extra space saving, like mounting floating shelves nearby. There’s also a rear compartment to hide cords and and wires.

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However, it is not only about creating delectable coffees, but also relaxing ambience that can bring excellent vibes. Many people have been dying for steampunk style that features industrial look lately.These black pipes are a convenient way to add boldness and industrial look to your coffee bar. To get this vintage look, you do not need to spend much money because you can use some leftover. The combination of black chalkboard and some distressed wood planks looks epic. It acts as a bold wallpaper that define the racks perfectly. Not to mention the concrete countertop that completes the rustic look of this coffee bar very well. But if you are going to do this, you will need a basket to keep everything clean and well arranged. How to Build a Pipe — the Family Handyman Desk Diy The black chalkboard makes a pretty good canvas that enables you to express your imagination. Now you can make it true by creating a small coffee bar by the window. It also provides the touch of boldness due to the black matte finish. Just like most of coffee bars, the mini chalkboard hung above the table makes a pretty good adornment. Not to mention the chandeliers that add the touch of luxury to the bar. It provides sufficient storage space to store various kinds of coffees, sugar, and creamer. The four tiny wheels enable you to move this coffee bar without breaking a sweat. To get rid of clutter, a wire basket is added on the bottom shelf. A coat of varnish is added for the finishing touch to tidy up the final look of the bar without compromising the rustic look. To create this look, you will only need an old console table. By doing so, you will get an easier access to the shelves especially if you are rushed off your feet. It is not fancy, but it is definitely a place that you have been looking for. The simple black and white with chalkboard accents will really make your day. To make it more appealing, some eye-catching quotes are added. The combination of fadhionable bar and scrumptious coffee will definitely replenish your energy before going to work. With the accent of chalkboard, it will be a nice place to mix a cup of energy. Although there aren’t many adornments, this coffee bar provides an excellent look already with the handwriting on the chalkboard. The opened shelves enable you to grab everything you need in no time. Why don’t you try to add the style to your coffee bar? Besides being stylish, they are sturdy enough to support the table holding various kinds of things. Combining new and old things all together is one of the general principles of a vintage style which usually turns out very well. And do not forget to add some flowers to add more colors to the bar. The mounted rack provides clear countertop for you to concoct delectable coffees. It can give the touch of vintage style to your coffee bar and complement the subway tiles very much. Attaching some racks on it to hold some cups will accentuate the look of the bar. White curvy console table is shoved against the wall functioning as a countertop.
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