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Making the necessary cut isn’t a difficult process, and it requires no previous carpentry experience. Mark a cutting line along the rear of the countertop on the attached backsplash surface with a marker. You want to make your cut so that you remove only the upturned portion of the backsplash, not the base, which could shorten the countertop. Direct the heat back and forth over the countertop, heating the surface evenly. Slip on a pair of safety goggles to wear while cutting the countertop.Keep the saw going straight along the rear of the counter, removing the upturned section of the backsplash while leaving the laminate that covered the section untouched. Use medium grit sandpaper for smoothing out the surface, as you want to leave a bit of texture behind for the adhesive. Wait for the adhesive to lose its wet look after application. Some laminate covering will overhang the rear of the countertop. You can install the cut countertop and then place the ceramic backsplash as normal, without the laminate backsplash interfering with the placement. If you’d prefer a ceramic backsplash instead, one that descends to the surface level of the laminate countertop, remove the laminate ridge to make room.
How To Cut Laminate Countertop – Diy | Duration 4 Minutes 23 Seconds After the removal, you are able to place the ceramic backsplash nearly flush with the countertop, separated from the top of the laminate by only a thin joint. Set the countertop across the sawhorses, placing it so that the rear of the counter faces upward with the attached backsplash toward you. Position the line so that it runs straight across the length of the counter at the level of the countertop surface. Place a strip of masking tape over the cutting line, running the full length of the countertop. Don a pair of work gloves that are rated for use with high temperatures. Pass the heat gun over the backsplash of the counter to heat the glue holding the laminate to the counter core, weakening it. Pull the heated laminate covering from the core of the backsplash section until you reach the base of the laminate backsplash plus an additional inch from the flat, laminated countertop surface. Attach a fine tooth blade to a jigsaw, and then use the saw to cut through the countertop along your drawn cutting line. Sand the cut surface of the counter smooth and even with the uncut surface you revealed with the inch-long strip of removed laminate. Apply a layer of construction adhesive to the countertop surface as well as to the unattached piece of laminate. Use a router to cut the laminate from the rear of the countertop, cutting it flush to the rear edge.

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You won’t be limited on cutting range and can move the saw to do the cutting rather than having to push the countertop through a static blade like what was done with this countertop. It also keeps the resin in the stone from balling up, making for a more difficult task. They didn’t take any pictures while cutting it (typical guys), but hopefully these tutorials will help. Quartz and granite are super heavy so make sure you have someone to help you install the countertop. If you do not have standard size countertops, you will spend an arm and a leg having them custom made. Read my previous posts this week to learn why we decided to tackle this project. The cool water keeps the temperature down on the diamond blade while cutting the stone creating a smoother cut. I stayed home and cleaned while the guys tackled this project. They decided one cut would be easier than two so they cut more off of the one side. If you’re cutting a lot off then you of course need to cut from each side. Before lifting the countertop onto the cabinet, add some drops of silicone on the top of the cabinet to glue the countertop down. You can find therefore several brands and also equipment to the market. How to Back Laminate Countertops So I Install a You Can Cut On I am having a company install my kitchen countertops but there will be spare pieces left over.

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You can use a circular saw with a diamond-tip grinding blade, but you have more control, and you can cut curves, with an angle grinder. Measure and mark the cut line on the painter’s tape with a pencil and tape measure. If the tape is beginning to bunch up or peel off, you can remove it. Support the off-cut with a sawhorse or an assistant before you reach the end of the cut to prevent it from breaking off and falling. Replace the cutting disk with a 100-grit sanding drum and sand the edges of the cut to clean them up. While that’s true to some extent, the procedure and tools you use to cut granite aren’t more sophisticated than those you use to cut other hard materials. Lubricating the cut with water keeps dust down, protects the blade and prevents the stone from cracking. If you’re also cutting out a hole for an under-mount sink, lay the tape around the perimeter of the sink. Put on a pair of goggles and protective gloves in preparation for cutting.

Cutting A Laminate Countertop Diy | Duration 5 Minutes 41 Seconds Guide the tool carefully along the line, cutting just deep enough to score the surface. Continue to lubricate the cut by squeezing water onto the countertop with a sponge.
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