How To Finish The Edge Of A Laminated Countertops Banding

Your options range from applying a simple band of matching laminate to creating a customized work of art. On standard countertops such as those you might find at a home improvement center, everything except the open wood at both ends is finished at the factory with one seamless sheet of laminate, a process called post-forming. Once the glue has set, both types are trimmed to fit with a router. The strips typically are made of aluminum or stainless steel, with a rolled edge and an embossed pattern. A similar banding made of plastic is another durable, easy to apply option.A simple band of hardwood glued into place and chamfered on the edge with a router really increases the “wow” factor of a laminate countertop. If you’re comfortable working with wood, you’ll be right at home handling laminates, since they require similar tools and techniques. Whether you purchase a stock countertop or build your own from scratch, you’ll probably have to finish at least one edge. A countertop you make yourself requires finishing on both ends, the front and possibly the back if the counter is installed as an island. You can cut your own from a larger sheet and glue them on with contact adhesive, or buy preformed pieces coated with a glue you activate with the heat of a household iron. They often are applied with screws to achieve a retro or 1950s-diner look.
Fastcap Faretroedge Counter Edge Protector Edge Banding | Duration 3 Minutes 9 Seconds Stock moldings sometimes are used, or you may make your own.

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Most are not appropriate for use on islands or peninsulas for two main reasons. Wood tops need to be located in the home several days before the install so that they can acclimate with the temperature and humidity levels inside the home. The article below is a technical briefing provided to our people. One is that they aren’t deep enough to cover them due to the thickness of the finish panel(s), which will be required on the back side of the cabinet(s). It does not come with edge-banding and is not solid wood so you will need to use the full length of its pre-cut size. These include limitations of the products and your intended applications of use. Wood tops have a bevel on the edges which is approximately ⅛”. Some wood tops will also require sealing and post-installation care as per product instructions.

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