How Match Tile To Granite Countertops And Backsplash Design

Every slab of granite you encounter is unique, making it a challenge to create universal rules about what works and how to choose your backsplash. For example, a bright and patterned backsplash tile will go better with a light and subtle granite. It’s more likely to be the center of attention for your kitchen, so it’s the best place to start. There may be a distinct part of the pattern you’ll enjoy seeing on the wall. Despite this, we can create some guidelines on how to pair your granite countertops with the tile for your backsplash.You’ll usually have a better match when one of your elements is showy and the other one is more subtle. Your choice of granite will help eliminate many choices of backsplashes. Sometimes a simple and neutral colored backsplash will be a good choice. This can often make choosing the right granite more of a challenge, but it’s certainly not impossible. Consider a neutral tone that’s a close match for the main color field in the granite.

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Subway tile has become increasingly popular over the last several years due to its versatility. Combined with stainless steel appliances and beautiful white cupboards, the backsplash here is a perfect example of how easy it is to set the tone for your kitchen. I think that this room is a great example of how you can really make a statement with this element. White subway tile in the first picture really sets the stage. Finally, subtly, we recognize the complimentary stone in the dining area and the subtle use of the same backsplash tile that might otherwise be too dominant simply blends perfectly. In the large open kitchen and living area we extended the lovely stone backsplash across the rest of the wall. All of the cabinetry and countertops were existing, we just did small upgrades here and there via wall paint, backsplash tile, and fixtures. As you can see, it offers a lot of warmth, character, and charm. It’s a great way to tie together the rustic character of a modern farmhouse with the simple and quaint look of a country cottage. Then we recognize the kitchen backsplash functionality and are amazed that it blends so well with the overall. The beautiful colors of the natural stone pair so well with rustic stained cabinets like ours, and actually give the space a cool contemporary feel.


When you look at your backsplash, do you want it to be made of the same material as your countertop? You can achieve the look that you want with your countertops and backsplashes. You are not required to have the same material for your countertop and backsplash. If you want a monochromatic, solid look, you should select shades of the same color for your countertop and backsplash. You may even have a white kitchen with brightly colored backsplash and countertop. This can be more evident if you do not have an under-cabinet or overhead lights in the kitchen. Talk to experts of your chosen remodeling company and ask the to test some lighting samples in various areas of your kitchen. We can help you with your new kitchen from flooring to granite countertops. One of the most common dilemmas is to whether the countertop and the backsplash should be made of a common material. Like all homeowners, you want a specific look for your kitchen. If you are into drama, then you should combine contrasting textures, materials, and colors. If you fee that you should have a continuity between your backsplash and countertop, a sheet or a full-slab style of backsplash is also an option. Well-planned lighting can also affect the look of your backsplash and your countertop. The right selection of lights can make your countertop and backsplash pop. Do not be afraid to ask questions because deciding on the right lighting will highlight your backsplash and countertop.

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Usually, that substance was as simple as a coat of semi-gloss paint on the back wall. Many older porcelain sinks had their own backsplash that swept upwards to give of a few inches of ceramic protection against the back wall. Today, you’ll still find some homes with only that simple coat of paint on the back wall serving as the backsplash. Consider that many people are getting quite creative with the appearance of their backsplashes due to the numerous decorative wall-covering materials now on the market. But today, even with this meager protection, the remaining exposed back wall is often decorated using one of numerous options. An evolving trend today is to mix materials, and so many tiles can be a combination of glass, stone and even metal. Today, that monotonous arrangement is being broken up by placing stylish glass or metal tiles randomly in the mix. It is simply a matter of sanding the wall surface, coating it with mastic to hold the tiles, carefully placing the tiles in position, and finishing with a coating of grout. All you need to do is clean the surface and press into place. These squares can be tilted to a diamond shape throughout; or just randomly to draw attention. These can be used horizontally, or vertically, or as a combination of both. By now you can tell that if you let your imagination go you can create a very unique kitchen backsplash. Chalkboard can be installed and used for daily notes between family members. A favorite photo can be enlarged, printed on vinyl and affixed to the back wall. A collage of your favorite posters can be affixed in position. And probably, its been a decision you never thought you’d have to make! It used to be built with any water-resistant material that could be washed of the soap, water or food that might splatter outside of the sink itself. If you happen to be living in one of them; now may be the time for you to change it. For decades, laminate countertops have been, and still are, a very popular choice for kitchens. Many have a rise of three to four inches which acts as the backsplash. To elaborate, you can buy a pattern of monotone glass tiles constructed of identical pieces, or one that has various shades and sizes randomly placed throughout the piece. This off-white, weathered surface stone has been popular for some time, but is slowly becoming dated because it was most frequently used alone in repetitious laid-brick patterns. The installation of tiles as a backsplash is not as diffcult as you may think. The time necessary to complete this project will depend on how big of an area you plan to cover. Wood and wood veneers can be cut and applied for a rustic look. How much attention your backsplash gets in your kitchen, is your decision.

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Keep in mind, this limits your space to tile to approximately 12-14”. Textured tiles or 3 dimensional tiles with patterned reliefs are beautiful – if you are not the person that has to clean them! If your upper wall cabinets do not end on the same line as your base cabinets and countertop, be sure to clearly choose a stopping point for the tile. With some surfaces like solid surface countertops the transition from the countertop to the backsplash can be seamless. This can be outlined with a listello at the top and the bottom of the diagonal band if you have room or a decorative dot can be inserted in between the diagonal tiles.This can be created with a listello as the frame and it gives you the option of the choices listed above to accent the interior. Backsplashes are a wonderful way to jazz up your kitchen with an element of style that reflects your personality. If you choose a decorative pattern for your tile, remember items like pot fillers that can end up right in the middle of your decorative pattern! If you have a large enough area behind the cooking surface, add a feature like a decorative picture frame. Solid mosaic backsplashes can be a timeless choice with an element of “punch” that will be great for you and good for resale as well.

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We do not recommend a splitface or ledgerstone, rough slate tiles that are not honed or polished, or unfilled travertine that you don’t intend to fill with grout. The answer depends on the selection and variety of the materials you want to choose. Your selection of granite will be more limited than your selection of backsplash materials, and you should choose your granite first. Contrast can be achieved by pairing lighter and darker colors (example: a light gray countertop with a white backsplash and charcoal cabinets), pairing different finishes or materials (example: a polished granite countertop with a tumbled travertine backsplash), or pairing different patterns (example: a tile countertop set in a square pattern with a brick pattern backsplash and a diagonal floor). One of the most popular options for this area is a custom mural. The final detail of your project, your outlet covers can complement or clash with your tiles or mosaics. These are great for travertine or tumbled marble backsplashes.Also consider a metallic cover to match your fixtures or any metallic accents in your backsplash. If a sauce splatters on to a rough, textured material, it can be extremely frustrating to scrub clean. Mosaics, glass, ceramic, and tumbled travertine are among the most popular materials for backsplashes. For example, if you want a solid surface granite countertop with a mosaic backsplash, there are several hundred granite options and several thousand mosaic options. Most people will take advantage of the larger backsplash area behind a stove or cooktop to create a stunning focal point for their kitchen. Europe create a dramatic backsplash that blends contemporary and traditional styles. If you’re going to put all of this time and effort into installing a new backsplash, shouldn’t the finishing touches be perfect? We sell stone-looking outlet covers in two colors and several different configurations.
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