How To Measure And Cut Crown Molding Clamp

Make a mark where the two boards overlap by drawing the pencil along the edge of the board closest to you. Place a combination square corner-to-corner as a straightedge, then draw the diagonal, which represents the bisection of the actual angle created by the meeting of the two walls. On inside corners, the end of the tape represents the long point of the miter cut, but on outside corners, the end of the tape is the shortest point of the cut. These angled edges allow crown molding to align at a slant against the two surfaces, but that makes proper alignment in the miter saw difficult. One mounts against the ceiling, while the other contacts the wall.Connect the two opposite corners created by the edge of the board closest to the ceiling and the pencil line you just drew. Run a tape measure from one corner to the next and read the measurement. Make a slash mark with a pencil on the piece of crown molding to help keep the orientation correct. The bed of the saw acts as the ceiling of the room where you will install the molding, and the saw’s back fence acts as the wall. Repeat the process for each corner of the room where you will install crown molding.

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