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Using painter’s tape, tape off drain and area around sink that you don’t want painted. I also go back over to make sure the strokes start at one end and end at the other. Do not remove the painter’s tape until the epoxy has fully cured for a minimum of 72 hours. Don’t know what they used or how they did it, but lasted that long. Now there are so many different things that you can use them for.My question is this to avoid the sinks to look flat would you advise that a glaze be added to the second coat? And the sink in the kids bathroom has taken a beating! You are cute and funny as always, even with something not so exciting, but necessary as painting a bathroom sink! Would you notice them or would the paint fill in the chipped part? I have a feeling the first coat would start to roll up if you sanded it. Done nicely and he have been here 18 yrs now and it still looks as good as it did when we moved in.My new place has the ugliest sink ever made, every shade of yellow and harvest gold all swirled up into a marbelized effect. The previous owner restored vintage sports cars and washed his greasy hands in the bathroom sink – yerk!

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Cycloaliphatic and water based epoxies have a common problem they both have high abrasion loss ratings. Other systems may cost less but can’t & won’t guarantee their product against wear at all! They’re only stuck to the surface giving the floor a slight texture. This provides added protection via a chemically hardened finish when working on a regular basis with heavy rolling tool chests, tools or equipment. For high volume foot traffic and or shopping carts use the upgraded topcoat for best results. No experience needed to get the same beautiful results you see here. Pattern 7 & 8 is a combo of the two patterns and the additional epoxy and 3″ roller is included for making the grout lines. We give you plenty of chips to achieve the look your eye thinks is best. Let epoxy & chips dry to the touch, usually in approximately 5-6 hrs, you can let the epoxy cure overnight also. Then apply the clear topcoat to seal in the chips and magnify the beautiful high gloss finish. Allow first coat to dry to the touch before applying second coat and the same for the third coat. To sum it up polyurethane is to epoxy what rebar is to concrete. For abrasion loss ratings you want the number to be as low as possible. Applying a clear version of the same epoxy as a topcoat does nothing to solve the problem. Also your topcoat must have a lower abrasion rating than the epoxy for it to be effective. Although well marketed, brand name kits are prone to failures and cannot hold nearly the same amount of chips! Plus you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your floor looks! You will be constantly scrubbing your floor clean instead of simply wiping it clean in minutes! Our military grade topcoat allows you to do only one coat over the epoxy and has an abrasion loss rating of only 4mgs which is the best in the business. It is extremely important that your floor is absolutely clean and properly etched. This is how your floor should look like prior to coating with any type of floor epoxy paint. We recommend doing your floor in 3-4 batches per kit, the smaller batches will allow you to apply the floor epoxy and chips without rushing and still have plenty of work time left over as a safety margin. Using the spiked soles you can see an alternate method a customer shared with us for spreading the chips that works amazingly well at bottom of this page. The chips themselves give the floor some texture but we recommend you use the nonslip additive supplied for added traction, mix it right into the third final clear coat. Clear coat dries to a touch/walk on, in about 2 hrs(you can move all your stuff back in at that point). The biggest mistake you can make is not using a topcoat! Leave out either of those items and both epoxy and concrete will fail, it’s just a matter of when.

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Do a small section and then grab the next color and do over that section. We scored the tape with a knife, peeled the tape off and voila, we have beautiful new kitchen counters which look like granite. I want to see pictures in a year so we know how well it wears. I am interested in this product but would really like to see pictures of them now.

Slate Kit (Application Tips) Giani Countertop Paint | Duration 2 Minutes 3 Seconds I reassured him it would look different at the end and waited overnight for it to dry. We applied each color lightly as recommended, it made it easier to go back and add color as we wanted at the end. We have to let them cure properly for 2 weeks before heavy use but they’re so much better than before!

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Even relatively simple jobs can add immeasurably to your property’s value, and to your enjoyment of it. Now women are fighting back with their she-sheds, the perfect feminine getaway! From a glued wood floor to the finished project you are seeing now. Their customer service and technical support is by far the best there is.

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Do not use any other cleaner because it may leave a residue. Really happy with the outcome and was not too hard to apply. I used a fine brush to go for a veined marble look and it’s great. You end up with something that just looks like cheap laminate all over again. They are really stingy with the amount of paint you get too. We waited the 4 hours as directed before applying the sparkle top finish coat. I think we have a benefit not having backsplash installed yet because there are less areas taped off and we don’t have to worry about it peeling up. That said, don’t think this will make your countertop look like slate. Its light, neutral coloring compliments any color scheme! Giani is protected with a durable, automotive grade, clear acrylic topcoat. You would need to use at least 5 or 6 coats to get any kind of real coverage. And they give you so little you would need to buy a lot more anyway. As one review noted you have to use an epoxy clear coat from another company. We chose to use only the black and white and omit the bronze that came with the kit (we are still doing the backsplash and floors and felt the bronze wouldn’t match). I saw a couple spots that we missed with the first top coat and applied the 2nd coat on around 9:30pm. The whole process was relatively simple, and there are tons of instructional videos online to help with mastering the technique. We had a terrible, worn down, off-white countertop with pink and blue flecks – this has definitely been an improvement.
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