How To Refinish Marble Tile Floors

If you use small 5 x 5 ft sections it will make your work easier to keep clean. If you don’t do this, the milky colored spray will get everywhere. Make sure the water/compound mixture is milky and pretty dissolved before buffing. It will take a bit of getting used to at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.
How To Polish Granite And Marble Countertop | Duration 1 Minutes 15 Seconds Keep the grinder moving in small circles to polish the tiles evenly. Two coats are sufficient and your floors will look as good as new. You can selectively grind out deeper scratches with a lower grit pad. Wear grubby clothes when you do this, and wash them separately from the rest of your clothes. This method of refinishing will give you back the shine and polish of marble tiles. It’s a little disc attachment which has little hooks on it (like velcro) to grab onto velcro disc pad attachments. Cut a piece of the white polyester buffing pad in a circle shape to fit the angle grinder velcro loop attachment. A shop vac to suck up the leftover water and compound mixture. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This method also removes the thin layer of grout which has been left if grout was installed and not immediately cleaned afterwards. Use rolled up towels or drop cloths around the 5′ x 5′ perimeter to limit the amount of kickback spray from the spinning motion that the angle grinder generates. Be sure the water/compound mixture completely covers your work area. Be sure to wear gloves when doing this as the buffing compound is acidic and will dry up and irritate your skin. Let the angle grinder do the work and just hold the sucker steady. Spend least 30 seconds on each tile to make sure the scrapes, scuffs, scratches are buffed down and smoothed as much as possible. Then if necessary, rinse with clean water and suck that up too.

How To Polish Marble Wall Tiles | Duration 52 Minutes 47 Seconds After you have a uniform surface, you’ll probably have to use grits up to 800/1200/1500 before using a buffing solution to polish the stones. The polishing compound smells really sour, and the spinning action of the grinder is will get it on your clothes. But after you do so, you can use this method to regain the shiny finish. It is not terribly caustic, just an irritant to the skin, but failing to wear gloves will result in dry irritated hands. A variable speed angle grinder which uses 5/8 attachments (or if you want to do this more quickly, rent a floor buffing machine). Stick it onto the attachment and make sure it stays put (the hooks will grab onto the polyester fibers).

Polishing Granite Marble Or Travertine Tile Edges by

Marble and travertine are soft stones and will sand down relatively rapidly; you have to be careful not to remove too much material. If you can’t find a solid edge, you may have to get some epoxy filler to repair it. A piece of oak flooring or other dense board makes a good clamp board, as it distributes the pressure over a wide area. Don’t think you can hold the tile with one hand and polish with the other. A typical stone tile already will have a slight bevel on the topside edge. Use your belt sander for the first step, using 120 or 220 grit paper. Again, if your material is granite or travertine, be careful not to remove too much material. Polish up to 1500 grit, even 3000, if you can find paper that fine. Then polish it from there with the progressively finer grits. You can pay a lot of money to have it polished–or you can do it yourself. Because the material is so porous, it may have unfilled holes or gaps along the edge. Firmly clamp the tile to your worktop with the edge you are going to polish overhanging the bench by a half-inch or so. You will be too unsteady and will increase the chance of cracking the tile.

How To Polish Stone Tile | Duration 3 Minutes 28 Seconds If you are cutting the tiles (with your own, or rented wet saw), make sure to get the smoothest cut, with no blade marks. In any case, use clean water in the saw and apply constant gentle pressure to the tile as it moves through the saw. If you have cut the edge, so the tile lacks its small bevel, run the belt sander along the top corner at a 45-degree angle a couple of times to build a bevel to match the manufactured edge. In this step, you are removing any blade marks or roughness. Work steadily and firmly over the surface, working through each grit of paper: don’t skip any. You can wet-sand, but it really doesn’t polish better; it just cuts the dust. Because of the aggressiveness of a belt sander, you may want to use your reciprocating sander for rounding, using 100 and 200 grit. You might end up covered in dust with a stiff back, but you can also get a nice polished edge on your stone tiles and save yourself a chunk of cash.

How To Polish The Edges Of Granite Tile by

When using granite tiles on a wall or counter application, the unpolished edge of the tiles can give the final installation an unfinished look. Grind off the bulk of the tile’s edge, using a tile wet saw that has been outfitted with a bullnose blade. The bullnose blade is a curved blade that shapes the side of the tile into a subtle curve. Ensure the portion to be polished is hanging off the edge of the workbench. Screw clamps onto the wood and underside of the workbench to secure the tile. Run the angle grinder over the edge of the tile both vertically and horizontally. Metal clamps can scratch some kinds of granite; use clamps that have a rubberized cover over the top section, if you do not use the wood. The edges of these tiles are duller in color than the rest of the tiles, because the act of polishing deepens the color while it enables the tile to reflect light. The tiles can be ground down and polished on the edges, however, to complete the installation seamlessly. Push the tile forward into the curve of the blade, then pull it back toward you. Place a thin board on top of the tile where you plan to clamp it. Place a polishing pad on an angle grinder to buff the edge of the granite tile to a high sheen. Make multiple passes from different directions on the edge until the sheen of the edge matches the top of the granite tile.

How To Polish Marble Tile Edge | Duration 4 Minutes 13 Seconds Leaving the square edge intact would make a harder transition.


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