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Which is how this post about how to style window countertops came about. Next up is fall, and we will see how the plants look with some pumpkins and gourds mixed in. I have actually done a little re-arranging and brought back in the original group of plants. For me, these awkward spots are these two countertops that sit in front of a window. And it made it harder for the eye to find the focus of the room, which is our fireplace.Christmas included 2 napkins as runners and a chicken wire cloche filled with pine cones, berries and ornaments. But not just two big green pots sitting in perfect symmetry. I included a large, look-at-me shell on the left hand side window countertop. It’s a packet with 10 tablets in it, and you just push them into the soil. You’ll see lots of great tips, ideas and hopefully inspiration to enhance your life and living space. We picked a restaurant that is close to home, and the food is good.
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Here, too, there’s room for plants, further blending indoor and outdoor spaces. Placed high on the wall, the windows add a sense of height to this kitchen and allow additional storage at countertop height. Deer and wild turkeys often enter the yard, so a wall of windows to take in the action was a must. Here, a deep sill is repeated with a narrow shelf hung between the casement windows and transom windows. The arrangement makes cleaning and prep work more enjoyable. Large panes and sleek trim make these windows a perfect choice. The new, clear backsplash for the sink lights the room and makes a major style statement. The plants soften the strong lines of the stone countertops. The arrangement creates the illusion of opening directly to the outdoors. Get free estimates for windows & doors from local contractors. The collection of glass bottles on the shelf accentuates the sunlight shining in. The light streams over the table, ensuring it will reach all the way to the working areas of the kitchen. This arrangement creates a sunroom feel without having to add on to a house. Even with automatic dishwashers in most homes, the tradition continues. Even the backsplash window is a single square pane that makes a modern statement. The grass’s natural pattern adds a flowing point of interest to the otherwise blank pane of glass, and reflects the sway in the pattern of the backsplash tile. This choice also reflects the series of arched windows in the dining room. In this kitchen, a 12-foot-wide window on the exterior wall of the newly combined space replaced smaller openings in the previously separate rooms.

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Even when you need to work within the space you have and are on a budget (and maybe especially then), you still want your kitchen to turn out to be the best it can be so it is well worth the time to wrestle through the options. But even with the kitchen corner window accommodating a higher countertop, a sink in that location might feel a little scrunched. Sure enough, it too was high enough for a countertop below it. We had considered removing the wall before, but the placement of the basement stairs and the current stove location prevented that kitchen arrangement from feeling right. How to Style Countertops Window I will share more about how that kitchen configuration might work as well as dining space options in a future post. I will have, but the idea of a big unobstructed window directly across from the sink is pretty appealing to me! We chose corner windows that go to the counter spaced between the range and sink. Thank goodness for tape measures and thinking outside of the box! It is hardly noticeable but what a difference it makes! There was lots of room behind the faucet and no seam or raised area for the window sill. Just one tiny word of caution – if you can raise the window an inch or two – or – add a few inches of depth between the faucet and the window, it might be more practical. It was impossible to do dishes and wash up without splashing onto the sill. I was looking for my new home – a window over the kitchen sink. I have one littel window over the sink and it’s non enough light. I didn’t want the sink on the island and wanted the island to be “furniture”. Now the kitchen has a bank of three windows – lovely and bright. I do think it would be so wonderful to have that view! That way you don’t see what’s on the island from the living room, except the gorgeous lilies in a crystal vase. The dining room is now where the kitchen was, a room of low light. And it will certainly give you the space to need to do it needed. It so true that living with your house a bit before jumping in (like you have done) let’s you make the little discoveries! My faucet is too close to the window which is also at the counter level. I will definitely be having the window at counter level but at least 2 feet back.

Icestone Recycled Glass Countertops | Duration 1 Minutes 17 Seconds The view to the back yard and the increased light were amazing. Great idea to make the space bigger by bumping into the dining space. I would love to see a little diagram of your intended floor plan though. We are building a new home ( just retired) and we have an open concept kitchen with some seating at our island and then a large dining table all in the kitchen space which will also have a low hutch under some windows and then thru a cased opening there is the living room. Have fun figuring out the logistics of your new kitchen dining space! And it didn’t matter if it was old or a new build, they ve had the windows flush with the counters for years. My only hesitancy to what you are thinking about is the splash factor! I wanted to switch my small kitchen window for one that came to the counter level but we decided it wasn’t the top priority so it may never happen. We are looking at replacing my sink in the near future. We had some walls taken down and was going to have a bigger door opening. My current windows are located just behind the faucet and they are constantly getting back-splashed with water from the sink (the fly screens too)! As fun as it is for me, there are always dizzying amounts of options and decisions when it comes to remodeling a kitchen. The desk/lower counter area is always a clutter magnet so the bench seemed like a more useful and charming solution for our family. Much to my surprise, there was actually plenty of space below the window to install regular (to even higher than regular) height counters without getting new windows. When we first saw the house we thought a sink under a new window with a view to the backyard would offer the most pleasing view. But by reorienting the kitchen with the sink towards the backyard, opening the wall a bit more makes sense. There is plenty of space for a few plants as well as work space for chopping veggies etc.

Silver Sparkle Glass Kitchen Worktop & Matching Splashback Creoglass | Duration 2 Minutes 48 Seconds Everyone remarks on our long corner windows as it brings in light & enlarges the space. Thankfully we were undeterred and asked a cabinetmaker to measure and see if it could be done. When we remodel that kitchen and again in our new/old house we were able to add three inches to the depth of the counter. I had this arrangement a couple of houses back, and it was perfect. Our last house had regular depth counters with the window flush behind the sink. Not a deal breaker – but it did require extra effort! Our son and daughter-in-love have the window/counter combination and the view is fabulous however the window needs to be washed up about 18 inches constantly. There’s nothing worse than scrubbing pots in a black hole! There were windows between the upper and lower cabinets the length of the kitchen. The best solution was to switch the kitchen with the dining area. I walk through the dining room and look at that window, imagining it being the sink window. You just want to make sure your kitchen fits your living room style. I really like your idea of opening up the dining room to include kitchen space.Just nice open living spaces where we can be one with family and friends. My new kitchen has big windows above the sink with a deeper space between the sink and the windows. Now we dream of downsizing to a smaller home someday in a different community. Not a weekend went by that we sat in our kitchen and tried moving walls and spaces in our conversation! But, overnight we decided we liked how the kitchen flowed straight into our dining room. Here’s my other thought: the deeper the benchtop, the harder it will be for you to reach your windows to open them.
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