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I Chalk Painted My Countertops!

Plus it dries fast faster so you’re done with the total task quickly. As you can see below, the granite has held up pretty well! I used a basic paintbrush to get into the crevaces then a sponge roller to give it an even coverage. Wonder what kind of paint would need to use for tile?
How To Paint Laminate Countertops Part 1 | Duration 9 Minutes 47 Seconds I would definitely not keep this as a long-term solution! The solution is to dip in just enough to load the brush properly and then go straight to the work piece without striking off the excess. I also like to use the sure-line 4″ foam rollers when applying polyurethane. Check out this easy chalk paint countertops tutorial! We love our little farmhouse but it’s all original: the cabinets are starting to fall apart inside and the baseboards have been soaked a million times in the 40 years of raising kids from several different families (it was a rental for 30 years). I actually love my chalk paint laminate countertops, they are a fast solution to replace bathroom counters! If you were paying attention…you’ll have noticed the black and white floors in the last couple of pictures. For example when you wipe down or clean the counters does paint come off as if it’s still wet ? Painting your counter top in bathroom looks pretty doggone good also, sure is inspiring me to give it a go. I would be painting our tile floor and countertop in our master bath. Anyway so glad you share your fixes, sure encourages me to keep trying. My counter tops are unusable now without flecks of paint in cinnamon bun dough etc. I think they lasted just under a year- with a few touch up’s around heavy traffic area. A common cause for bubbles is dipping the brush and then wiping it off on the edge of the can. Simply and gently drag the tip of the foam brush down the entire length of the project.

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My New Countertops | Duration 30 Seconds I painted the laminate counters with chalkboard paint for a faux slate look. If you have laminate countertops in need of some love and like the look of slate, then keep reading! If you would like to use a different brand of chalkboard paint, make sure to first test the paint on a small section of your counters. Clean the countertops using some kind of a household cleaner. Let it air dry, or wipe it down with some paper towels to make sure the surface is completely dry. If you’re using a bristled paint brush, you’ll find that one coat doesn’t cover your old counters completely. It took me three coats to achieve full coverage, so do expect the paint to look streaky at first. Paint a thin coat of water-based polycrylic protective finish over your countertops. As long as you add the final top coat of polycrylic finish, then you shouldn’t have issues with the countertops getting chipped or scratched. Do you find it to be durable enough to try it in a kitchen? I can’t vouch for the durability of that particular project, but maybe it’s worth looking into for you. I shared in my post, and it came out feeling quite smooth/matte to the touch. If you seal the countertops, you’re much less likely to get dings and scratches.

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That all of the products you need to do this project are included in the kit. Traditional granite is porous and can absorb food and liquid. You can use this product on more than just counters. Apply more or less of any colors in the kits to get a different look. Don’t get stuck having your counter look exactly like your neighbors. Roll on two coats the automotive grade clear coat provided in the kit. Giani’s clear topcoat locks out moisture to keep your counters looking cleaner, longer. You can also purchase additional sponging colors to create your own look.

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Will you be writing on the chalk counters when done or did you choose that paint for the thickness/coverage/some other factor? You can use regular sealer which to me would be preferable on countertops.

Painting Our Laminate Countertops | Duration 4 Minutes 5 Seconds

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It adheres so well and creates a nice smooth surface for the paint. If you like a more speckled look then wait for each layer to dry before adding the next. I immediately blotted the vein with a sponge or paper towel so it was a little less defined and more natural. I went over and over and over the counter with the different colors. That is my absolute favorite part and it pulled the whole thing together! I varied from large to small, sponges to brushes to crumpled paper towels. Caulk around the sink and backsplash to make clean edges and hide any imperfections that may have been created by taking off the tape. I believe that you don’t need any special talents to be creative and you only need to have a willingness to try.

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A faux finish allows you to create the look you want, such as marble, verdigris or even a “fantasy” finish in wild shades such as green or purple stone. Skipping the preparation results in paint that peels or chips away quickly, s o your efforts would be in vain. Rub it down with denatured alcohol after that to remove any residual greasy substances. Sponge painting is the faux technique used to achieve the look.

Painted Laminate Countertop Review Giani System | Duration 14 Minutes 22 Seconds A sea sponge dipped in aqua and turquoise pools of paint is dabbed over the surface of the metal-colored paint. Re-create the look on your countertops by painting a light basecoat of an aqua or seafoam green. A piece of cardboard torn into a pseudo comb shape can be used as well. For a fantasy or imaginary gemstone finish, use any colors you like, creating swirls, angles or lines with the combing tool. Clean the counter thoroughly using your usual counter cleaner to remove any dust or debris. Then sand the entire paintable surface with 120-grit sandpaper, just enough to scuff the surface. First, apply a base coat of bronze or copper and allow it to dry. Overlap your work as you go for the paint to blend together. Add small dabs of gold paint as well for a variation, or mix a little glaze into the paints as you work for a little more visual depth. Re-create that look on your countertops starting with a white basecoat. Blot the white glaze mix over the countertop, then brush streaks of the gray glaze through the wet paint using a brush. Mix dark green paint such as an emerald green in with glaze — the more glaze, the more transparent the look, which adds to the depth of the faux malachite.

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I would have never thought to use chalk paint on a countertop. I think next week i’ll work on some projects i’ve been putting off! I hope you will keep us posted on how it holds up to everyday use. I have ugly laminate in my bathroom that could use some freshening up!

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One of the highest impact kitchen renovation projects you can do is to update an old countertop. All you have to do is get the needed materials and tools, and you’re all set to create your kitchen project. Here’s a project to get the same look by updating your laminate countertop without having to replace it. This tutorial shows how to paint your laminate countertop for the faux granite look. Choosing chalkboard paint gives you a statement matte black look and a surface for notes or even art. It’s a lot easier to make than concrete and a lot cheaper than granite, marble or quartz. It’s the easiest and a non-messy way to update your countertop. But if you want to save a sizable amount of bucks on your kitchen remodeling, it’ll be worth it. This tutorial will, in particular, teach you about the pouring and curing process involved in the job. According to your taste, you may go either for darker or lighter shades for this distressed wood counter. Even if you don’t do it, it will be an enjoyable read all the same! It may be an old laminate countertop that’s already worn out and chipped, so painting it, replacing it with a different material or otherwise improving it will completely change the look of your kitchen for the better. We have assembled a list of 20 great tutorials that you can use to make your countertop at home. It’s easier than may seem, so we encourage you to choose a tutorial of your skill level and get on crafting! And it is a natural material which is always better than laminate. It gives the decor that metallic copper finish too, which makes a great accent. So, if you need motivation, merely think about all the precious bu cks you will save doing it yourself and the photos posted should be enough to convince you that the finished product looks no less beautiful than the readymade bought ones.


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