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As you may or may not remember, the ‘master bedroom’ was long and windowless, so that is becoming the kids/bunk room and we are stealing from it to create a proper master bathroom suite. Kohler for years – first drawn to the lines of the faucets, and then, of course, their function. They have both traditional, transitional and modern fixtures and finishes – and so many to choose from. The main reason we chose this one over some of the other vanities for this bathroom is that it’s going to look built-in. I had this vanity in our old master bathroom and it’s great – with lots of fun bells and whistles inside like roll out appliance storage, electrical outlets and more. Polished in a more decorative/traditional shape just didn’t fit into my dream for this space. I was choosing form over function – as a stylist typically would. I didn’t understand what this would really do, but they sold me on hydrotherapy. The kids’ hair (for one) and my legs (for two) both wish that we had the convenience of a handshower. It opens when you walk toward it and closes when you leave (no more touching the seat, ladies or gents). So the challenge is, how do you make those sleek and modern pieces work in a cabin? Kohler for partnering with me on this post and these bathrooms. But they have more than just faucets – their collections include vanities, sinks, mirrors and more. It’s flanked by two walls and will actually look more customized for the space than one with legs that sits on the floor. We’ll customize the hardware based on what happens with the lighting. But the space ached for a free-standing tub and a drop in, housed in a large rectangular home, would really cut off the flow of the room. I was afraid that it would be too much of a departure from everything else that is more minimal and classic. Onto the shower room, which is 4’x5′ with a luxurious bench. You can choose the spa settings and they will automatically spray you in a symphony of cold and hot water from toes to head. It varies in the water pressure, giving you the real feeling of soft, summer rain.

How Can I Renew A Cultured Marble Vanity?? We Show You | Duration 3 Minutes 1 Seconds It has dual flush capability and there is even a nightlight. It greets you by lifting up and does all (fine, most) of the work for you. That was probably my biggest challenge and why this took so long. I had some on there and then took them off realizing that an overall plan was needed first, but this post couldn’t wait. The vaulting did create some awkward ceiling height issues in the shower, which we are troubleshooting but it’s worth the height we gained. I will likely go with a leather finish as opposed to honed or polished because it’s the most visually warm option. You think on first glance that you like the first one more, right? Every time you share you get an extra entry into the vacay giveway.

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The only way to fix it was to give it a light sanding with a scrubby and re-apply. Love it for floors too, but it may need to be reapplied often depending on household traffic. It is a wonderful product and the shine it gives cabinets are incredible. The cabinets shine and look like they belong in a model home. It has been a week and they all still look great and my doors still have that shiny glaze over it. Looked shiny and light now relfects in the formerly dark and dingy looking rooms. We had tried lemon oil, polishes, and other products to no avail. Well, that was a couple of years ago and the table looks great! One spinoff is that dust is far more easily removed than from the dull surface which existed formerly. When my son came home for a visit, he asked if we had refinished them. Shortly thereafter, our dishwasher overflowed and the shine never came back on our flooring. We got such compliments and our floors are so shiny and rich looking. We recommend it to all our friends with wood or laminate flooring. You have a customer forever and thanks for a great product. While the wood work still was nice, it had seen better days through years of living. I have never been more impressed by a product that actually work better than it’s claim. I have been so depressed over this floor and could not afford to replace it. What makes the complex unique is that it is actually historic property that was built in the late 1800’s. The apartments where established some time after that, but still maintain the same historic appearance and feel. I had begun working some four years ago at the request of a friend of mine who had just become manager of the complex. The saga had begun with a million different unique problems with each and every unit. The floors had not been taken care of and the finish was dull and scratched. The promoter mentioned laminated wood floors and my interest was peaked. I began to investigate costs for replacing, and was not happy with the estimates. The beige tile and white grouting in my home looked dirty and dull. I called and told my sister-in-law because she was looking for something for her floors. I tried, there was a beautiful, high gloss and it holds up for weeks with just wiping with wet, soapy sponge. Anything with ammonia such as glass cleaner will kill it instantly however — cleaning the window above the counter you could see exactly where overspray hit the countertop. This product did a good job, making the floors more reflective and easier to keep clean. I also used it on the door going into the garage and it covered all the scratches, (2 coats), the dog made and it looks great now. We are selling our house and wanted the doors to shine for a good presentation. My doors, cabinets and dressers all have a great shine to it. I bought this product thinking that there was a small chance that it would work. Make sure that you wipe off the cap well so that it does get glued shut. The finish has to look better than brand new–it is shiny, clearly protected, etc. Cannot wait to try this on our oak fireplace which has been dulled over time by heat. I tried it again on the bathroom vanity with the same fabulous results. You have won a real enthusiast from one who finds “as seen on tv” not much of an endorsement. We installed laminate wood flooring in our hall, kitchen and family room. We don’t normally write about products but this really protected a big investment in our house. The floors looked like new, the scratches are out and it looks wonderful. I have told several people about it and would recommend it to many more. It made 30 year old formica butcher block counter tops look almost new. I am now getting a little older and trying to sell the house . I also have never endoresed a product before but will tell anyone interested in this one. I tried for years to make this floor shine and finally gave up. Except for the cracks and dents from age, the floor looks beautiful! The buildings themselves where some of the first built in the area, and once housed a military boarding school for boys in it’s earlier days. The property and buildings are quite large, but only house 34 apartments. The urgent request had come about due to the obvious fact that the former management did not take very good care of the property. The living room and dining room floors were a laminated wood product. I had tried many products on the floor over the last two years, but nothing helped.

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I don’t recommend polyurethane for painted furniture, because it tends to yellow the paint over time. If you don’t use the fast drying version, it usually takes a few days for your piece to fully cure. Most people will rub it on with a cloth, let it sit and then buff it. Spray a gloss topcoat or any other spray topcoat on in light coats. This is why you do multiple light coats, otherwise you could end up with streaks. To apply the glaze, you brush on a small amount and then wipe off any excess. I quickly learned that if you paint a piece with a flat sheen of paint, you will eventually wind up with a bruised and scratched up piece of furniture – that ain’t pretty. Its also oil based, which works best on top of stained wood and other oil based paints. I usually go with a satin polyurethane because the gloss is pretty glossy. Wax gives furniture more of a flat finish, but still protects the piece. However, polycrylic can also be sprayed on with a paint sprayer. I quickly learned th at if you paint a piece with a flat sheen of paint, you will eventually wind up with a bruised and scratched up piece of furniture – that ain’t pretty. Most of the time, spray painted pieces don’t need any extra protection. That being said, if you spray paint something and want to make it really glossy, you can spray a clear gloss topcoat on it to achieve the look. Fair warning – it can be tough to get semi-gloss and gloss spray topcoats even on large pieces. You can see how-to photos of this from this recent dresser makeover. A guide to what types of paint you can use on various surfaces. I quickly learned that if you paint a piece with a flat sheen of paint, you will eventually wind up with a bruised and scratched up piece of furniture – that ain’t pretty.

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And clean-up is also so easy when it’s only a few feet from where you eat to the dishwasher. It’s a classic, timeless look that fits with the style of the rest of our home. First off, it’s long and narrow so we can’t have full depth cabinetry on both sides – there just isn’t enough space for that plus an island.

Bathroom Vanity & Counertop Restoration | Duration 2 Minutes 29 Seconds Since we’re limited in the amount of cabinet and pantry space we’ll have, smart kitchen storage is going to be key! But tell me that you wouldn’t love to have a little nook like this for your paper towel roll? I hid my coffee maker, toaster, & microwave in cabinets that sit on the counter. I did all the lowers in f&b lichen & the uppers and hood surround in wimbourne white. The pull down feature is really nice and has a power setting & a berry setting. It’s sort of split in two, but one side is smaller and you can still get a giant pot on there. The holes are also in the sink instead of cut into the stone, so you have very little water collecting on the stone (esp nice with the sink in the island). It’s going to stain quickly and won’t wear as well as the counters. We need to chat on the phone before you finalize everything. I would be thrilled if my kitchen turned out half as beautiful as yours! We’ll have to chat sometime about kitchens – when are you starting in on yours? It’s convenient for us to be able to take the plate out and place it right on the counter. One is in the island on the end closest to the kitchen table and the other is to the right of the sink. We also have a recycling bin behind the main garbage. I can totally see how having it by the sink would be great! It required some preparation work, for instance sanding a new subfloor until it was the smoothest and making sure it was perfectly levelled (which is tough in an old house). Plus, it’s eco-friendly as the cork taken on trees is renewable and it always has been. They resist staining chipping and scratching and they’re durable & fade resistant. I couldn’t be more excited about – a renovation of our kitchen! I loved having barstools for quick breakfas ts and lunches, especially in the mornings when it’s always a rush to get the kids off to school. Our kitchen is a nice size but it has a few issues that make it difficult/impossible to get as much cabinet and storage space in it as we would like. I get way more excited over these things than any normal person should. If we remove it, we could wrap our cabinets all the way around the front end of our kitchen and have a ton more cabinet space plus we’d be able to place the sink in front of our large kitchen window and have a beautiful view to look out at. We just redid our kitchen from top to bottom and it is my dream. And the only place the paint is chipping is on the cabinet door beneath the sink. It has a cutting board, a colander, and the protective trays in the bottom. It’s easy to clean with just soap and water so you don’t have to worry about your husband staining it! I have repainted the white cabinet under our sink that has the pull out trash so many times. The sink one makes it so easy to clear plates right after dinner. Even the 3 architects in our family were a little surprised by our choice, but liked the results. The floor never looks dirty; it is comfy and is warm for bare feet, as compared to the terracotta tiles we had before. I too don’t need to dig to the back of a cabinet to mix my guests a drink. We’ve had ours for 10 years and it take a beating and still looks great. The drain/disposal is on the right side and you can easily wash dishes and have plenty of room for pans, etc on the other side. I have a single basin in our current house and will never go back to a divided one again!

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Unlike glass and porcelain, as fragile, more texture will not be as low as plastic. Dip toothpaste with a soft foam gently wash, it can be a new sanitary wipe. This one, that comes with two cups is nice to look at but the cups are useless. You could not drink from the corner and if you tried from the flat side liquid would run down your cheeks. I have granite counter tops and was a little worried it would clash, but it blends in very nicely. It complements bathroom tiles very well because of the colour and texture of the material. Clean it with water 2 days later and get it natural withering. My son used a dremel tool and ground it out and the pump fits squarely on the dispenser and works perfectly now. I would recommend this as it is a classy addition to any bathroom.


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