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I Installed Crema Marfil Marble On My Bathroom Countertop. Has Anyone Had Problems With This

There are far too many dealers out there today that are just selling the product. If you do the other rooms have your installer check the marble before he insatalls it to make sure they havnt got any cracks before installation. The fissures will always be there since it is a natural sedimentary stone. Since youve installed it as a countertop, just make sure it is sealed properly and avoid letting water sit on the stone. Talk to whoever you bought it from and/or whoever installed it to see if maybe there’s something you can do or a possible reason why this is happening. Marble bathroom countertop cracked when being installed, can it br repaired? If you are spending the money on marble tops, you must spend the money to properly clean and maintain them too. Its not uncommon for marble to open like that because of the grain in the marble itself. Most of the time you shouldnt have too many pieces that crack like that. Your remedy is to have it filled with a polymer resin compound. I can’t say if they’ve had problems with it or not, but if they have, there haven’t been many problems or he wouldn’t continue to sell it.

Help! My Stone Countertop Chipped. Can I Fix It? by

Take a deep breath: it’s fixable, and chances are you can do it yourself. Not only can professionals do the job more quickly and easily, they have access to a wider range of colored epoxies that you likely won’t be able to find on your own. That being said, most small chips and cracks can be repaired in a few easy steps. Mark off the area just surrounding the chip with masking tape. Fill the chipped area with super glue until the glue is level with the surface. If needed, you can slowly scrape away glue that came up above the surface of the crack or chip to make it flush with the rest of the countertop. Most countertops can be repaired quite well using a clear epoxy or superglue as described above, as the clear material allows the natural color and texture of the stone to come through. Rather, tinting the filling material tends to make the repair stand out more, so proceed with caution. They’ll do the job right the first time and will help ensure the repair is as seamless as possible. This will also help prevent those dreaded scratches, which you can learn how to fix right here. The basic procedure is to fill the open area with a glue or epoxy mixture, allow it to dry, and scrape off any excess to ensure a smooth, flat surface that blends seamlessly with the rest of the countertop. These kits often contain a clear epoxy (usually in a syringe applicator), all the tools you’ll need to fill in the space, as well as some colored epoxies you can use to color-match your countertop. If you have a very large chip or crack to fill in, you might want to leave it to the professionals — especially if your countertop could benefit from using a colored epoxy to make the repair look more seamless. Plus, they’re more adept at mixing colors to ensure a flawless finish, whereas it will likely be a lot harder for the average homeowner to mix just the right color for their countertop. The method below will work for any stone, including granite, marble, and quartz. Clean the area around the chip with an ammonia-based cleaner and dry thoroughly. This will help create a more flush and level finish, and also prevent glue from getting on the surrounding area. Holding the razor blade at a 45-degree angle to the countertop, gently scrape away any excess glue from the area. Colored epoxies can help make a seamless repair on so me countertops, though it isn’t necessary in most cases. Oh, and careful next time you’re slinging those heavy pots and pans — your stone countertop is strong, but it isn’t bulletproof!

How Can I Repair A Crack In A Marble Countertop? by

It’s marble, and you’ve probably paid a pretty penny for it. You can make worse, and end up having to replace the whole thing. If you installed it, then it will be hard to get your money back.


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