I Need Help With Granite Colors For My Kitchen

The color is called dark walnut but it is more of a dark chocolate (dark brown with a slight hint of red). They really messed up with cutting and connecting the slabs. I too was nervous about quartzite, but it`s been fine, no issues! I can buy from them and have someone else install it or do they insist on installing it themselves? It looks a little monotone but up close it actually has some specks of brown and red. Would anyone happen to know the difference between typhoon bordeaux and sienna bordeaux? People have different tolerance for how many elements in a kitchen have ‘movement’ and tend to be vehement about that issue. And yes, different yards call the same granite by different names and slabs with the same name can vary dramatically. Either would work nicely – it depends on which you are drawn to. Seems like it should be simple – but it never is (for anyone!). Can the layout of the countertops handle that much variation? The floor tile used in this bath is very similar to your kitchen tile. If you scroll back up and look at all my choices, which would you say is your favorite? Here is a good photo because it is sort of looking down on the countertops. From the photo, it seems to work so well with your floor and ties the elements together. Companies like happy clients – no stone yard wants you to regret your decision. What is your first reaction when you see that space? It is very beautiful, but also bossy when choosing decor and paint colors. I wouldn’t hazard a humble opinion as to whether your floor is a neutral enough backdrop for the slab you like without photos. Also, every lot of granite will differ in color and pattern and some wholesalers change the names. It looks a little grey but it does have a lot of brown patches. Bordeaux color schemes because they would match my cabinets more). Can you get a decent sized piece to bring home so you can see it in your lighting? A larger kitchen can handle a granite with pattern that is more bold or an island area is a good place to showcase something bold. The polished finish of granite dulls over time with use and the dulling is more noticeable on dark colors. I have gone back with clients as many as 13 times to look at granite over and over again. You need to feel good about your final selection and how you’re spending your money. If you go back and think the color tones are wrong (yellow or green), then take it off the list. Look at many photos of kitchens with granite countertops and get a feel for whether you like movement or not.

How To Paint A Faux Marble Tabletop by hgtv.com

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of and drooling over gorgeous marble countertops or furniture pieces only to be crushed when you see the hefty price tag? All you need is a full day, a little patience and marble surfaces can be yours at a fraction of the cost. I mixed a little water in the paints instead of using a paint extender. I repeated this process about three times to create a gorgeous base layer. For an authentic look, make sure the veins wrap around the edges of the table. You definitely want to do this project inside, over a drop cloth . I told you there was a cheaper option that looks and feels just like the real thing? I think this is what gave my f inal product that deep “underwater” look. There was no need to let the paint dry between layers — the final result looks more organic if each new layer is added to a slightly-tacky underlayer. I honestly think this is why my final product has so much depth. So, unless you want to spend your evening picking gnats out of your table, this project is best executed indoors — just don’t forget to ventilate. We’ve got tons of ideas for styles and colors, and a few how-to tips to lead you to the painted kitchen table of your dreams.

Tips For Painting A Dining Room Table by abeautifulmess.com

Oil-based paint dries slowly, so these are not good one-day projects. It’s a great read for the variety and history of finishing techniques and most importantly how taking extra time is worth it on pieces that can last a lifetime, if not generations (which most furniture can, doesn’t have to be expensive, even ikea). I also loved that getting an unpainted wood one meant that we could easily change it up 3 years from now. You make it seem like just a cool thing to do really. Laura’s table (painted with latex) is very hard to clean and leaves wipe marks each time she wipes it down. In my experience the glossy finish looks the best when completed. Correction, you can if you put on 8 million coats which is what we’ll be doing on the frames. I have been thinking of painting out my kitchen table and with two very active (and artistic) little girls the table gets a lot of wear and tear. I sold the table in prep for an international move, but this guide would have been helpful! Anything specific or did you just paint on top of your table? Because latex paint, even the alkyd kinds, and even sealed with polycrylic just don’t hold a candle to two coats of oil. Great tips here to get the rest of us to start painting and decorating our homes.

We Did It! Our Kitchen Remodel by julieblanner.com

The recipe for this kitchen remodel was simple: an abundance of wine. Fast forward another 8 months & we enter into the countertop & backsplash. Read more about our carrara marble look a like counters here. We installed new cabinet doors to match the originals to conceal the space, creating an appliance garage. It keeps cleanup quick & easy while eliminating the need to take out the trash. The vintage champagne bucket doubles as a utensil holder & conceals the trash chute. My stand mixer is located in the corner, near the flours & sugar & just below the spice & baking pantry for convenience. I sought out the perfect faucet for months before finding an affordable, beautiful bridge. These completely resist everything including red wine, however, they are prone to oil stains if you don’t wipe your counters after cooking. Did you sand them or use a paint stripper, and what type of paint (color and finish) did you use? Would you mind sharing where you purchased the flooring and what kind it is? Also, we have a very large island with a sink and cooktop; what’s the longest span we can expect to cover with one continuous slab? Depending on the size of your island, you may be able to purchase a remnant. We have also redone ours, classic white as well, with dark hardwood flooring. Over the gas range, is there a hood somewhere hiding? So everything paper, can and glass wise goes straight down the chute and into the recycling bin. The unsightly black dishwasher was given a stainless makeover & we completed the first phase with new light fixtures before taking a year hiatus. It goes directly into our main trash can in the garage! The cutting board is a worry free work space when cutting or working with oils. I need somewhere to display my pretty cake platters! We still have a few touch-ups, but we’re very happy with our completions. We are about to buy a home that currently does not have a white kitchen but we want to redo it. Do you mind sharing the brand and color of your grout? I went with almost the whitest white, but cannot recall the brand/name. Our slab had just 1 discreet seam that was in the corner of the kitchen. Danby is more dense & durable, but not as much as a manufactured product. With 3 kids, cooking often & drinking plenty of wine, we never had issues with stains other than oil. Our backsplash will be classic white subway, and we are in the same counter dilemma you were in. Can you tell me how you have addressed the ventilation issue? We don’t use the chute for trash we use it for recycling. So much easier than having to take out the recycling! Would love to know more about what the garage side of it looks like and do you have odor or bug problems when opening the chute in the summertime? We are struggling with finding the “perfect” light for over our farmhouse kitchen table.

What Color Should I Paint My Dining Room? by ppgpittsburghpaints.com

Paint your dining room with ease using these step-by-step instructions and dining room paint color tips. The treatment of this space can be dramatic and theatrical or soft and subtle. These premium products will withstand frequent cleanings and will leave your walls looking fresh and allow you to enjoy your dining room colors for years to come. Use dark dining room colors to create drama, or take a chance and pick light dining room colors for airy ambience. Consider using a flat sheen for hiding surface imperfections and easy touch-ups. Flat paint is great for hiding surface imperfections and ideal for touch-ups. Arrange drop cloths to protect flooring, remaining furniture and any areas not to be painted.

How To Spray Paint Dining Chairs by refreshrestyle.com

Inspect the chairs to make sure you didn’t miss any spots, spray them if you did. I would wash the sprayer completely and start over when you’re ready. I am not good at spray painting, but haven’t ever tried a spray gun before. They look to be just an inch or so to close together, but that’s just me. The detail on them is so beautiful and the painting really brings it out. I do however have 2 questions for you: a) did you sand/strip the chairs first? What is your recommendation – keeping in mind that we have a dog and 3 little boys that are super active, so chairs will be used frequently! You have to seal the paint whether you distress or not. Do you have any thoughts or did your machine say anything about stain? Did you have to sand the chairs first to remove the glossy stuff? I can’t believe how spray painting the dining chairs changed the room! So what if you make a mistake when you first start, it’s water based paint, you can wipe it off. Clean your chairs with a degreaser or water and vinegar mixture and get started. I have been wanting to repaint out table and chairs but just haven’t got up the nerve to tackle the job. I have done over two dozen dining room sets, buffets, kitchen cabinets and all types of furniture. They are probably just fine when you are actually in the room. Lastly, have you used this sprayer to do a poly coat? I have a few questions…did you do anything to them to prep before the paint? You do lovely work and you have an awesome blog! Also, did you paint the table as well, and if so, did you use chalk paint for it as well? How many coats of paint did you do with the sprayer? Remember to thin according to the directions with the sprayer! I would like to paint my bathroom vanity in a white color (but not too white), do you have a suggestion for me as to a shade to choose? Is the piece that you are wet sanding also chalk painted or will that technique work with any paint? I would like to restain my chairs & love the idea of being able to use a spray gun. I am planning on doing the same for some maple kitchen chairs. Most chalk paints don’t require sanding, but you need to clean it well.


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