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Very professional team from online estimate, written contract, showroom samples & final installation. I said we could write the warranty to cover same product/repair of product, so their proposed solution was to rip out the existing countertops they installed and install the plywood decking. The installers weren’t happy with this either, and after some door slamming and reinstalling the existing vanities and then installing the new vanities, they cut a horrible corner to avoid a sill instead of properly cutting and polishing (photos attached) or asking me how to handle it. It was all over the place as they repeatedly picked up and set down their caulk guns. We called for granite work on a multifamily property after seeing their ad. We had a 150-unit project and the guy answers as if he is highly demand. Then don’t forget the oil all over our driveway from the old truck they drove. They gave me an invoice and set an installation date in 3 weeks. Btw their sinks that they claim is free is charged thru installation cost. Then they complain that my kitchen is custom built and out of their usual. I declioned my inbox and phone was immediately bombarded with spam and sales calls.
Shop Countertop Materials | Houston Countertops Installation From Vimeo | Duration 56 Seconds Refuse to pay a “deposit”fee to get a quote and immediately began receiving telemarketing scam calls. I countered and said the plywood was included in contract from start to finish, it was never discussed as optional item, and their final measurements took place in home where they inspected the job site. Asked for a warranty to cover cracking due to no decking on a 2cm granite, since if they wanted to change installation last minute we wanted assurances it was done right. We would absolutely need decking on 2cm in a kitchen, but they claimed it was okay on a vanity. We accepted that resolution, though neither side was happy. They then epoxied the edges that they couldn’t polish due to proximity of the wall. What kind of a so called professional company seems to be irritated when answering questions from customers. Didn’t realize they didn’t caulk so we do that today and try to get our tile cleaned up. Yes that is probably by far the hardest thing to clean up!

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The countertops were installed in a timely manner and the price was very affordable. Did not install additional countertops because they said the cabinets were not installed properly nor did they have the right countertop size for the bathroom. I suggest that this business invest in a forman that can come to the residence and establish readinesss to install prior to engaging. Do not waste your time and resources with this business -have no quality control on the installation. Installers arrive outside the window given- no notification that they we going to be late. Another major fabricator would not take on the project without a seam. Few home improvements of any kind don’t work well with the beauty of natural stone. You can set hot dishes on your counter and won’t have to worry every time a mixture sloshes over the side of a mixing bowl. Different stone has different colors, textures, and performance qualities. Stone from the upper layers of a quarry, for example, tends to have a lower stone density and structural integrity, which can make the stone unsuitable for some counter applications. Just make sure when receiving bids that you’re comparing costs with the same quality stone, and the same quality of installation. Trying to fit the right stone for a bathroom or kitchen that hasn’t even been remodeled yet can be a unique challenge. It was installed in 08 and is now cracked near the sink area. Alex (either the owner or manager) was wonderful, dealing with any hic-ups that arose, as they do. Plus, granite countertops are heat- and stain-resistant, making them great for cooks who like to work at a frantic pace. Quality installations will also make your counter all but invulnerable to scratching, cracking, and peeling. Using these professionals for their stone expertise can be a great resource in making your stone choice. In fact, different quarries and even different sections of the same quarry can have different characteristics. I have extra sections of the material in my garage but would like to find someone who could fill it in (cleanly) to see if it can be repaired.

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Quartz is one of the strongest materials on the planet and comes in a huge variety of colors, textures, and patterns. This means you don’t have to worry about bacteria and other germs growing on your kitchen countertop and it’s extremely easy to clean. This is why quartz makes it easy for day-to-day living and use while not sacrificing beauty and durability. Our experienced team will get your job done on time and to your standard all while making the process as stress free as possible. Whether you’re a homeowner, a contractor or realtor wanting to add more value to your home we can help guide you along the way and leave you with quality results that will last a lifetime.

Epoxy Countertops Houston Tx Artisan Concrete & Surfaceworks | Duration 1 Minutes 32 Seconds With it’s non-porous attributes quartz countertops can resist against staining much better then it’s natural stone counterpart granite or marble while still remaining attractive in appearance. Quartz is an engineered stone made of crushed quartz, granite powder and polyester resin. Since this material is man made, quartz countertops offer a wider range of colors, pattern choices and texture that natural stone can’t. Quartz is a non-porous material which is a huge benefit for the kitchen. Quartz can be used for bathroom vanities, shower walls, and tub surrounds and even flooring.
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