InSinkErator Recalls Switches Due To Fire Hazard Switch For Garbage Disposal

The switches were sold with a chrome, white or satin nickel button/bezel as an accessory for garbage disposals. The air activated switch mounts to the sink or countertop and is an alternative to the traditional wall switch for a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals activated by a wall switch are not affected by this recall.

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You need a 4th circuit, or even if it’s just jumping from the fridge to the middle counter outlet.Combining the vent with the fridge doesn’t seem crazy, right? I just went with a hard wired hood off the lighting circuit. You are required by code to have at least 2 circuits for countertop small appliance circuits, you only have 1, and have then added large appliances to that circuit as well. The homeowner will lawyer up and play the innocent victim who thought they were hiring a professional and go after everything the electrician owns. Not a bad idea to split them into two separate circuits though. Talk shop, show off pictures of your work, get general help, and ask code related questions.

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The switch is installed in a granite countertop and pushes through the countertop. Is there a washer missing, or, did the guy that drilled the hole in the countertop drill it to one big? When the granite hole was drilled the hole got slightly oblong. I used silicone clear caulk to seal the switch cover to the countertop. There are six finishes and it installs easily with no tools required. There is no threaded mechanism on top of the counter to stop the switch from pushing through the counter, which it does.

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Place the rubber gasket between push button and the top of sink counter. Coiling must impede the air pressure to the control module somehow. Tried cutting the excess air tube, thinking the excess tube length is still causing problems. InSinkErator Recalls Switches Due to Fire Hazard Switch for Garbage Disposal This evening the switch failed completely, with the sink button failing to come back up. Contacted the seller with photos and a request for a replacement. The seller has agreed to send out a replacement switch at no charge. My only concern is that its a finished plastic instead of actual stainless steel, but it would be easy to replace and it still looks fantastic on my countertop. It’s so simple to install, it took me no more that 5 minutes. I then bore a large enough hole to allow the button to fit through snugly, attached the tightening bolt on the back. It’s totally out of sight there, works fine and doesn’t really take up any space. I recently installed a garbage disposal in my sink which didn’t have a disposal. I was able to remove the built-in soap dispenser in my granite countertop and install this switch instead. The threads go the whole way up the shaft so you can just screw it as tight as you need. It’s also safer since the button uses air instead of electricity up at the countertop level. Aside from that, there isn’t much to say about this: it works, for now. Tighten the plastic nut under the sink counter to ensure a watertight seal. InSinkErator Recalls Switches Due to Fire Hazard Switch for Garbage Disposal Br sure that the control system is operating properly before using the unit. Do not coil up the excess hose between the button and the control module, as that will make the switch unreliable. This worked for a couple of days before the problem returned. It turns out, the threaded plastic housing near the sink switch developed a crack and broke off. I can’t imagine having stressed the plastic part enough during the install to cause this failure. The thing had only been in service for a month before it broke. For this goodwill gesture, they get to keep their five stars. I didn’t have to rewire anything to get this to turn my disposal off and on.

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I read numerous reviews and decided to purchase this disposal. The only problem is that the new unit won’t allow food waste to enter the disposer without manually forcing it in.

How To Install An Air Switch For A Garbage Disposal | Duration 4 Minutes 34 Seconds It’s so quiet, once its in place under the sink you don’t even know it’s there until you see just about any thing you can throw at it disappear down the drain! I really couldn’t believe how quietly it ran, and how powerfully it obliterated anything put down the drain. I don’t understand why some reviewers have complained about it. But that makes it quiet and keeps it from vibrating too much. Don’t know why people don’t pay just a little extra to get stainless steel. This weekend, one of them started dripping water from the bottom when turned on. We love it and it can handle a variety of food with ease. Two-stage grinding and sound insulation help enhance the performance. The disposer is connected to an electrical switch, making operation easy and safe. Additional features include overload protection with a manual reset. It is quite, very efficient and easy to install and excellent quality. I have resorted to cutting the sink baffle with scissors to allow it to open up and let food & water easier access to the interior of the disposer. The instructions are clearly written and illustrated so you don’t need a professional plumber to install if you have basic mechanical skills. You almost can’t hear it running over the running water. In comparison, it was much louder, took longer to clear objects, and finally died from citrus peels. It’s very heavy and both the countertop/sink installer and plumber commented how heavy it was. After 16 years it was still going strong with never a problem. It wasn’t long before the existing disposer started leaking. I am guessing that after 14 years of daily operation, the unit’s internal seals are worn out.The second disposal is still working fine and we never had a repair to either over the past 14 years.

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Here are a few things you need to know about switches, shopping for these parts and replacing them.The switch allows you to turn your garbage disposal on and off. Even though automated appliances are becoming the norm, garbage disposal will always have switches for safety reasons. You need to press the switch multiple times for your garbage disposal to come on. You would like to replace a wall switch with an air switch for garbage disposal or vice versa. If there is a technical problem with your garbage disposal, inspect it thoroughly to rule out other issues before replacing the switch. If you would like to replace the garbage disposal switch for aesthetic or for convenience reasons , ask yourself a few questions first. Replacing your garbage disposal switch now will save you some time and trouble in the future since the current switch will eventually stop working. You can opt for a newer and safer model if you have an old garbage disposal. A switch that does not work properly can cause more wear and tear on the other parts of your garbage disposal, especially if you have to activate the switch multiple times to get the garbage disposal to work. What kind of color and finish would look good in your kitchen? Do you need to only replace the switch itself or do you need a kit that also includes a power cord? You should also ask yourself where the switch will be mounted and what kind of color and finish would look good in your kitchen. However, you should hire a plumber or contractor to install the switch if you are not comfortable or if you do not have the right tools.Make sure you know that the model of your garbage disposal is before shopping for a replacement switch. You would like to upgrade the garbage disposal switch for aesthetic reasons or because the old one looks old or damaged. You think it would be more convenient to change the location of the switch and want to replace the existing switch with a garbage disposal switch under sink. If you are not sure where the problem is coming from, have a plumber inspect your garbage disposal to diagnose the problem. Figure out the best location for the new switch and ask yourself what kind of color, finish and style would work best with your kitchen. Garbage disposal switches go through a lot of wear and tear. Old switches can stop working because they become worn-out or can become difficult to activate. Replacing a garbage disposal switch can also make your kitchen safer . Replacing the switch is more affordable than replacing the entire garbage disposal. Finally, upgrading your garbage disposal switch is an affordable way to make your kitchen look better . You need to know what the model of your garbage disposal is so you can look for a compatible switch and should have an idea of how you want to mount the switch. Do you want a wall switch or a button mounted on your sink? Do you need any additional safety features to prevent accidents? This air switch features a dual outlet so you can install an additional power outlet as well as a new switch. Having an idea of the features you would like to find in you new garbage disposal will make it easier to find the perfect product. It is possible to install the new garbage disposal switch by yourself .

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Is there a way to use a garbage disposal without having an electrician come in and wire everything? You can add another box, or replace the existing box with a two gang box, and put a switch or switch/outlet in it. We are wanting to install one, but there’s also no switch nearby to turn it on or off. Just trying to figure this thing out and not spend a ridiculous amount of money! If there’s nothing currently plugged in to that outlet, you can simply replace outlet with a device that’s a switch and a single outlet. For 14 gauge at 2 cubic inches per wire, you need a 12 cubic inch box. We had a button (add-on) installed so it acts like a switch. The alternative is that they make “switchless” disposals that have a magnetic cap that acts as an on/off switch, the bonus is that you don’t have to worry about little hands getting in there accidentally, though there is a premium on these as well. If its an older house and there are multiple outlets and appliances on that circuit, then it may be problematic.

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It would be very difficult to remove the pump, but the air switch and receptacle are easily accessible. We just put in a garbage disposal and stuck this switch in the front of the cabinet face just under the sink. I was nervous the switch color would be too bronze but it is dark and blends in well with my cabinet handles. After removing checking for obstructions and reinstalling 3 times, figured it out. Not big deal, but does ask how good is the over all quality. Keep in mind the “oil rubbed bronze” switch is more like copper, it’s very light in color. I used this product to replace the existing air switch, and plug the pump into this receptacle. Seems to quit working for several hours then will start again. This is all you need – works great and anyone can install this with ease. It looks good, works every time, and was super simple to set up. InSinkErator Recalls Switches Due to Fire Hazard Switch for Garbage Disposal
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