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Insulated Storage Tub Ice Cream Display

Double-wall construction keeps condensation from forming on the exterior. Rubberized base helps keep the tub steady as you scoop out frozen desserts. My plastic scoop likely would not have broken the container. A family member recommended this product to me since we both make our own ice cream for our families. I have washed them by hand & in the dishwasher (without heated dry) without any problem.On the positive side it does keep frozen deserts frozen and shape is perfect for fitting into my side by side fridge. This ice cream tub stacks nicely even in the smallest of refrigerator freezers. Its long, slender shape guides your hand for the perfect scoop every time. If you know how to put a lid on a container, you will be fine. In the process my metal scoop slipped and hit the inside layer of the carton and cracked it open. I have the 1-1/2 qt & the 2-1/2 qt and they are always in use.
Magic Chef Portable Countertop Ice Maker Display Review | Duration 1 Minutes 17 Seconds It keeps ice cream fresh, easy to dip and lid fits perfectly. I have 2 of these ice cream storage tubs and neither seals completely in the middle. I wind up using bands to keep a tight seal so ice cream does not form crystals. It is perfect for packing in homemade ice cream and makes it very easy to scoop. We are in the process of removing the old images from the product page. Just scoop homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt into the insulated container, seal it with the silicone lid and place. Just scoop homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt into the insulated container, seal it with the silicone lid and place it in the freezer.

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Ciam’s extensive line of display cases and cabinets offer gelato and ice cream dipping cabinets, pastry and confectionery cases, and humidity controlled chocolate cases. Adjustable temperature control allows you to display your product in ideal conditions. Showcase your baked goods and breads, while maintaining perfect freshness. These display cases are perfect for pizzerias, sandwich shops, delis, and markets. Accessory options such as pass through doors, locking night screens, and advanced lighting features make these display cases ideal for back bar or front of house. Display a maximum amount of product, in a small footprint, using this striking display and showcase line. Low temperature, dry, refrigerated, and more; the accessory options are limitless in this expansive line of modular cabinets. Over 30 unique, customizable glass top styles and looks, to compliment any theme or store. Adjustable shelving options allow for maximum product display in a small footprint. This vast line features display cases ranging from low temperature gelato to bain marie displays.

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Just have a look at our product range and pick the one for your outlet today! Our ice cream display freezer is ambient equipment with exceptional quality stainless steel exterior/interior, ensuring a perfect and attractive display to entice customers by generating sales. Insulated Storage Tub Ice Cream Display

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