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This is the time of year to get your home feeling fresh, brighter and ready for the warmer months! Take notes, pin your favorite paint color, buy a sample and try it at home. Kitchen peninsula fitted with a farmhouse sink and dishwasher opens to family room. Neutral window seat with coastal pillows and blue garden stools.
How To Clean & Maintain Countertops | Duration 5 Minutes 15 Seconds This post has many gorgeous interior styles, but my focus today is on coastal interiors. A pair of polished nickel industrial pendants hang over a narrow kitchen island with white quartzite countertop. White and blue cottage kitchen features white cabinets paired with quartzite countertops and blue glass tiled backsplash.

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In this bathroom, pale blue with silver knobs is sweetly charming. The dramatic veining and striking colorations marble can exhibit can be extremely attractive, which tends to make marble a great choice for traditional or period bathrooms. Composed of marble, polyester resin and pigments, this budget option is also more resistant to stains and scratches than natural marble. Finally, if you’re dead set on marble but operating on a budget, consider a more economically priced cousin—cultured marble. We’ve got the counter intelligence you need to make the right selection.

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Marble countertops can be elegant, rustic, contemporary and are not only functional but not as high maintenance as what they are sometimes assumed to be. In fact, it doesn’t age much at all…just don’t chip it! And to prevent potential stain and make for easier care, you will want seal your marble countertop. So come join us and enjoy our selection of marble countertop kitchen ideas. And notice the low back stools tucked underneath — so charming. And how about that the still life flower painting propped up on top of the carved stone range hood mantel to add warmth and color to the kitchen.

Granite Countertops Connecticut (Ct) Marble & Granite, Inc. | Duration 1 Minutes 51 Seconds And how about the arched white transom windows above the brick cooking alcove crown moulding! It is definitely a conversation starter and also blends well with the color of the aged wood cabinetry. Now they say marble ages gracefully — imagine how the years and memories of cooking and gathering with family and friends will reflect on that marble countertop. Also, notice how the ceiling is painted in a very light gray as another tie in. Hope it will help you choose which marble countertop may fit best for your dream kitchen. Whether you choose to have a honed or polished finish, one great feature of marble is that it ages well. Despite its reputation for being prone to scratching and staining, marble countertops are easy to clean with warm water and gentle soap or baking soda. Marble is porous so this is a must have, especially in a kitchen setting. These kitchens come in different styles, so we hope you’ll find a gem…or two…or three. You can also see how the tan glazed backsplash tiles with gray hues subtly call back the gray veining of the marble. Also, love how the floor to ceiling white framed glass windows allow sunlight to stream in making the hardwood floor shine. Also, notice the combination of the marble countertop with the two crystal chandeliers above it. And notice also how the homeowner used the same marble slab for the backsplash.

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With beautifully apportioned white and gray minerals in a marble like pattern, this material has become an instant classic. As we’ve pointed out before, the countertop industry relies more on practical categories than on geological precision. This does not mean that companies are tricking you or hiding the truth. Granite is igneous, while marble and quartzite are metamorphic. Most stone quarries are huge, and the exact makeup of mineral deposits will change from one part to the other. It would be too confusing for our clients if we tried to label each slab individually when the line between the two categories is not as clear as many believe. And of course, if the sealed quartzite is durable, then it doesn’t really matter how an untreated stone will react to spills. A reputable company will be open with you about how hard their current slabs are and how they will hold up in the kitchen. Many homeowners make their final choice on an installer by selecting the cheapest price. If you visit a stone supplier, you’ll find most of the natural stone counters placed into the broad categories of granite, marble, or quartzite (and the latter is only a recent addition to supplier labels). There are three main types of stone in the world: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary.

Denver Kitchen Countertop Installation In Under 5 Minutes | Duration 4 Minutes 26 Seconds This means that while granite was formed from cooling magma (think igneous like “ignite”), marble and quartzite were slowly formed (technically “metamorphosed”) as long-term pressure, heat, and chemical reactions turned one kind of stone into another. We are committed to honestly discussing the pros and cons of each material so that you can be confident knowing you’ve chosen the right countertop for your home.

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Sometimes you need something a little different to fight stains on particular kitchen and bathroom surfaces so find more natural stain removing tips here. Let it sit on the stain for a while, and then, using protective gloves, wipe it up with a moist rag. Cover light stains with salt and rub them with the fleshy side of a lemon half. The manufacturer recommends ammonia, but it is unsafe for the environment and living beings. For stubborn stains, use the paste of baking soda and water and a nylon brush. For food-based stains such as coffee and tea, mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. Let it dry for a day or so, and then blot out the stain rather than rubbing it. Don’t rub it because the abrasive soda may scratch the counter. Squeeze lemon or lime juice on it, and let it sit for a few hours. If the stains are on the side surfaces of a stainless steel sink, make a thicker baking soda and lemon juice paste by adding some flour to it.

Shopping For Granite A Must Watch | Duration 4 Minutes 41 Seconds You may have to lightly sand the brushed stainless steel surfaces with a very fine sand paper going with the grain to regain a smooth finish. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe it down with water and mild detergent. You can also sprinkle borax on the stains and rub with a wet sponge. If your stain is a hard water stain, turn off the water to your toilet, flush toilet, then fill the bowl with vinegar. You have to soak the stone is water to make sure it is soft and then scrub away. You have probably figured out by now that if you stock just a few items, you can do a whole lot of environmentally safe stain removal in your bathroom and kitchen. There are other homemade green cleaners, but you will find that baking soda and vinegar are often the go-to solution. If that doesn’t work, use a paste made of powdered oxygen bleach and water. Stubborn stains may require light sanding and a coat of vegetable oil. If not, try a 50/50 solution of distilled vinegar and water. Ammonia should be used as a last resort only, if you want to be a green cleaner. Spray the stain, and after a few minutes, wipe it away with a wet rag. You can also add water to baking soda until it makes a paste, and then apply it to the stain. You can also make a paste out of mild, liquid dish detergent, a tablespoon or so of flour, and just enough water to make the paste. These pastes may take from several hours to a couple of days to dry. Rub it gently on stains with a cotton ball for a few minutes. Don’t use acid based cleaners like vinegar or lemon on marble. Install at your own risk and take manufacturers advice about how to remove stains from dark colored marble counters. Apply the paste to the stain, and use tape to seal the area with plastic wrap. After a couple of hours, gently wipe it off with a moist rag. For tougher stains, you might have to use a solvent such as denatured alcohol or paint thinner. If they are rust stains, put salt on them, and then squeeze the juice on them. Rust will also come off stainless steel when rubbed with wadded up aluminum foil. For brushed stainless steel, use white vinegar and baking soda. For stubborn stains, you might have to resort to super fine sandpaper that is barely abrasive. Her expertise is gleaned from education and years of experience.


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