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System Island Support

This unique 3-piece system uses lap joints to create a custom bracket specific to your kitchen.

50 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs by

The grand notion could be conjured because a larger space is typically required to accommodate such a piece, or maybe it’s the show-off chef in you that would like an audience gathered round. It’s at this midsection that a flash of bright yellow emerges to form a low table at one end. Dark rectangular seated bar stools help pull the entire ensemble together.You’ll be able to face your dinner guests or chat with family members whilst in the throws of cooking or soaping the dishes.

Maybe consider how you might replace a faulty appliance in something so niche though. Whether the round kitchen island or the round skylight came first, we’ll never know. Open shelving facing the living area amalgamates the two zones.

We have covered white and wood kitchens like this in detail before. The gold bar stools and pendant lights in this kitchen also match with the floor treatment, creating one cohesive look of luxury.

How To Install Hidden Countertop Support Bracket For Kitchen Island | Duration 2 Minutes 15 Seconds

In this case the floor is natural wood to warm the overall look of the room. Just because you have the space for it doesn’t mean that the decor must revolve around it, so to speak. Cupboards or drawers opening outward from the kitchen area could house tablecloths, placemats, candlesticks and cutlery for setting the dining table without getting in the way of the chef. In this minimalist kitchen, a plain island falls in with the look of blocky white plastered walls. The image of a independent block of units, standing bold as brass out in the middle of your floor just has a good old dose of drama about it. The work surface of this white kitchen island is elevated away from the base units by a stripe of shelving. The yellow accent is picked out in other areas of the kitchen too, such as a single slender unit front, a section of backsplash and on the window frame. The cantilevered dining table extension on this white kitchen island cuts through the air like a knife’s edge. Chunky building blocks spring to mind when looking at the modules that make up this unique piece. A built-in planter distracts the eye from this solid immovable piece, and even makes it look like it was all part of the master plan. Consider fitting your central island with a kitchen sink and/or cooking hob.

No, not with your arms – there are hot things and sharp things in there!

Plus, the wooden unit helps warm the plain white face of the island. This unique wall of open kitchen shelving is so eye-catching that the central island has been best left simple. Having kitchen island units that open up on each side of the installation means that you truly cash in on its central spot. Or, perhaps a stash of board games could be stacked ready for use in an adjacent family lounge. Then, when you’re all done it can be moved on its castors back to a resting spot out of the way of main footfall.

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