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Our gameroom set-up with wet bar and drink counters around the perimeter of the room required many pieces to be cut. Always prompt and great communication throughout the process. I had to leave a message, they always called back the same day. I can’t wait to see how my masters bathroom is going to look.
Billy Inman Inman’S Ranch House Bar B Q | Duration 4 Minutes 16 Seconds Aldin was always on site to handle all of our questions and concerns. From picking out our quartzite to installation day was 7 days. King’s granite was a great company to work with for my kitchen remodel. The workers were very neat and careful and not to mention very professional. I called they were very helpful and answered all my questions/concerns.

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We also put on a brand new cedar roof and traded out our old white gutters for over-sized copper gutters. The circle driveway in the front of the house is getting ripped out, along with the whole front yard, back deck and patio, and we are expanding the back yard. The new back yard will have a multi-level stone patio with an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, pergola, and fireplace. We got married in 2003, had 2 daughters, and moved twice. We were hoping to find a completed home that was fairly new. The homeowners custom built the house in 1988 and it looked as if it were a time capsule of that year. The “before ” photo was taken before they purchased the home. Summer have replaced the old front door and side lights, with brand new custom mahogany double doors with diamond beveled glass. I chose this piece not only for it’s visual appeal, but it went with the theme of nature being my artwork. It’s classic, timeless, elegant appeal ties in with the vibe of a glam formal living space.

Reclaimed Marble Coffee Table | Duration 10 Minutes 45 Seconds I love the clean lines and edges on the countertop and simple shaker style cabinets with a slight beveled edge. I mixed in fancier handles with a more contemporary version classic cup pulls for a balance of vintage glam. This honed mosaic pattern has circle mirror inserts to tie in nicely but not compete with our leaded antique mirrors on the refrigerator and pantry armoire. I loved that they are big and see through so that they don’t take up any visual space and almost disappear. The honed mosaic pattern backsplash above the range has circle mirror inserts. Clear barstools were added at the passthrough window in the kitchen to not only be functional, but take up less visual space in the long and narrow family room. It adds luxury to any space and looks stunning no matter where you put it. We have replaced the old front door and side lights, with brand new custom mahogany double doors with diamond beveled glass. We are now in the process of doing a landscape and hardscape transformation. I wanted to mention the big pile of saw dust in front of the house in the exterior picture of my house. Fast forward to spring of 2013 and we were ready to move again. After a lot of convincing, my sweet husband agreed and we began our 3 year journey to turn our house into what it is today. The windows act as artwork, providing different pops of color all year long. My goal is to create a home that is just as comfortable and livable is it is beautiful to look at. The homeowner have replaced the old front door and side lights, with brand new custom mahogany double doors with diamond beveled glass. I dressed up my vintage looking tufted sofa with collected looking mix of ornate pillows and a luxurious throw. Some more interesting aspects of the cabinetry come from the detailed island legs and the hardware. The countertops are probably my favorite aspect of the kitchen. These particular slabs are loaded with beautiful veining and gorgeous color. I wanted to create juxtaposition with all my glam going on with industrial pendant lights. This kitchen armoire has 2 refrigerators in the center with 2 freezer drawers below each refrigerator. I chose hardware for the armoire to be sleek and oil rubbed bronze to blend in with the wood, so that it wouldn’t be busy with the mirrors. On either side of the refrigerators are pantry cabinets with pullout drawers and pantry drawers below. We decided on adding stone to play up and coincide with what we did in the family room to the fireplace. The black framed windows and door were meant to exaggerate the windows and act as picture frames to the outdoor scenery.

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However, he took one look at our siding job and said it’s the worst he has seen. The kitchen window leaks so bad when it rain we have to put towels on the counter to prevent it going on the floor. We did the siding on the slider doors a while back which has at least was fixed. Big deal is we now discovered we can actually see day light in the attic where the plywood has a gap. They also threatened to sue us if we didn’t close at the determined date despite the fact there was no refrigerator, stove or microwave in the house. This is not about being a dissatisfied customer, this is about being lifelong victims. Ryan homes knows about this and there is so much more not posted about the total depth of losses. Too sad for those who still try to sell that, who turn a blind eye to more basic core values of truth. They made no sincere effort to give us support while under warranty, that could have saved us over ten years of losses costing hundreds of thousands, when multiple repairs and total loss of use of the defective home put us under water. But there was just an unease feeling about her comment that kept playing back in my mind over and over again. A few months ago we had our first baby girl, and just reading through your story filled my heart with saddened just to think about your family and the possibility that we might find ourselves in that same situation. Not just because of the structural problems you had with your home, but also because of the lack of integrity of this company. This is the third one in 2 years, oddly enough we paid for the ‘upgraded’ cabinets. Luckily there is still construction ongoing in my neighborhood. Not only are their building practices questionable but it seems very obvious that their business practices are as well. So, the buyers were told this and to my knowledge did not buy the property. The project manager was a joke and did nothing, same with his boss. We had water damage from a leak above the office where the main bathroom shower is. When we saw in the ads online that a pool and clubhouse were listed as amenities we felt pretty secure about them. He took a look and he hasn’t gotten back with us on the roof yet. We have a front door with is rotting out and smells of mold.

How To Make Bullnose ( With My Comments) Round Edge Blade Stone Marble Tile Installation Atlanta | Duration 7 Minutes 7 Seconds I think with all told, it should be an incredible but true story few could imagine. The carbon monoxide exposure from defects is believed to have caused her to miscarriage, among other unforgettable things. They couldn’t be held liable, so they just have no reason to care. Then the economy crashed because of their industry’s fraud, and we lost our income. Maybe you won’t have to pay, but rest assured somebody has, and somebody else will. I drove through the unfinished streets and ongoing construction of the newly built homes and neighborhood. The location is where quit a few military personnel have decided to put down roots. Of all the individuals these people scam – they have hurt our military service members and their families as well – the very people that put their lives on the line every day to keep this nation free. Perhaps, somehow it knew the earthquake coming and just decided to get a head start on things? Both of which fell off at different times over the past year. After reading your web site as well as many many many others it seemed obvious that these folks were/are charlatans. However, there are times, where clients want to buy new construction and one of their developments are suitable for them. Did you know that this means that the buyers will have to pay my coop? When we picked our lot out, we were the 2nd in phase two so we had the pick of the development. In our area, they only sod front and sides and seed the back. The grading was poor and there was a hump in the back yard that held water. They did nothing regarding the poor grading work, so we sodded with a different company and wow, what a difference.

✨Glam Home✨ Diy Marble Room Decorating | Revamp Furniture With Me | Duration 13 Minutes 22 Seconds The leak has damaged the roof, sitting room wall and garage ceiling. The project managers would stand a chance in a real workforce. I have not spoke to an attorney yet but seriously considering it. Moreover, our closing agent discussed them as if they were sure things, with no hint that there was any reason for uncertainty or that the deal hadn’t been formally done.

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I think a wet bar near our dining room would add more value to our home. Whenever you add a feature to a home the return on investment is a gamble. Wet bars are a nice feature but they are probably not going to return any more than you paid regardless of the location. By the time you add a wet bar with the hot and cold water hook ups, drain and vent (if you have to vent through the roof) you could almost add another half bath to your home. Is it going to be installed in custom cabinetry with granite countertops, tumbled glass backsplash and a built in under counter wine fridge. I think basements are better as guest rooms, but he is thinking game room with a wet bar. How much will adding a wet bar cost and do basement bars get a better return on investment than wet bars elsewhere in the home? Kitchens and bathrooms typically provide the best for return on investment. Wet bars are an expensive addition especially in a basement if you have to install a pump system to get the wastewater up and out to the main sewer line. The cost of installing a wet bar is going to depend largely on to what you intend to trim it out with. Or is it going to be a no frills sink in a off the shelf cabinet and countertop.

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With most bars, regardless of the way you build it, will often use a wood or natural stone countertop. Depending on the bar setup, some people often replace the floor around the bar to give it its own feel. Some opt to tear up the flooring around the bar area and install either tile or wood flooring.

How To Style A Bar Cart Two Ways | Duration 5 Minutes 10 Seconds Natural stone counters will be the other countertop option and can include either marble or granite. Other miscellaneous accessories such as pictures and light fixtures are items to consider.

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This is a decent covering that gives a clean, bright finish. I thought it was very sticky, contrary to what other reviewers experienced. To remove the bubbles for a super smooth and tight look, simply prick them with a pin and used a warm, barely damp rag to smooth. It looks nothing like marble unless you have a few cocktails, stand back and squint in low light. As others noted, the veining is very subtle and the counter looks plain white unless you are up close and looking hard- the veining is very light and limited. Just go slow and work with a hair drier as the instructions recommend. The film is definitely on the white side with pale grey veins, but still a very convincing marble pattern.

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The bedroom wall isn’t very long, so if we had a door there to the en-suite we’d only be left with enough room for a small double bed. The main reason is that we are going to convert our loft to an extra bedroom with en-suite and tiny walk-in wardrobe. We are planning to do pretty much exactly what you have described! I can’t believe the state was in and how you’ve completely transformed it. Your post on the cold brought back memories of our first winter here last year. Our loft room is the coldest so your post on loft insulation was handy to read, we’re even considering putting kingspan all around the outside of the plasterboard that makes the room…! We’ve just been looking into getting a log burner for our dining room and you’ve definitely convinced us that it’s the way forward. The fireplace that’s currently in the dining room had a few bits missing which we had made by a local blacksmith. We bought our fireplace and surround that’s in the living room here (there are about 3 other fireplace shops on the same road). I have just bought a house that needs a lot of work and so am bracing myself for the endless jobs ahead. We ripped up the laminate flooring in our hallway and it was one of the best things we’ve done so far in the house! It’s great because it doesn’t have that plasticy look that you sometimes see on varnished floors. We were advised against using a coloured varnish, as when it chips (which it will do) the mark will be really visible. The first coat of the brown paint took ages to dry, but eventually the project went ok. I too have hundreds of little holes and cracks gong up the stairway does this stuff blend in with wall surface without having to re-do the whole wall? With your floorboards, it really depends on how damaged they are. Just try it in a small area and see if you’re happy with the result! Looking at your layout has been so inspiring, especially upstairs. I both weren’t handy at all when we bought this house and are both still definitely learning a lot and surprisingly some things are actually a lot easier that you’d think! Good luck with your renovation & congrats on your new home! Reading everyone’s comments it weems we all have the same issues – taking out the evidence of trends over the years to restore the original beauty! I think what you’ve done is absolutely phenomenal – your place is looking fanfreakingtastic. This would really help me and my partner planning our renovation projects. After spending a couple of months living in a rented modern city centre apartment we’ve just purchased our dream apartment (which of course needs a lot of work!). Just wondering if you have thought about turning the small office area into an ensuite bathroom or walk in robe? We had thought about turning the office into an en-suite (it’s actually what our neighbours have done), there are two reasons why we decided not to do it. Putting our own stamp on the house will take a long time and lots of cash. I realise its a house that’s over 110 years old so it will have had some cracks in its time. Omg it was so cold, we have a log burner in our kitchen which was a life saver, we are going to get another fitted in living room this summer in readiness for next winter. The fireplace in the our bedroom was already in the house and just covered in a lot of layers of paint, so we just needed to strip and clean everything. We’re lucky to have loads of fireplace shops around, that specialize in these antique fires, so it’s fairly easy to get hold of most things. We’re in the north west too so just wondering if you can recommend a few places where you got yours? I really like the colour of the varnish you have used on your floorboards. Thank you for the inspiration and good luck with the rest of the house. I just varnish over them after sanding back the damage? It is hard work, but remember that it’ll be worth it in the end! It has no original fireplaces, polystyrene ceilings in places and the walls between the living room, hall way and dining room have been removed. Your study is our bathroom, and where your bathroom is, is just a very narrow room with a toilet. I was so close to getting experts in but will now give some of the jobs in hand a go myself. It’ll allow you to leave it on for longer without it drying too quickly. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it like this and in doing so providing inspiration for people like me! Looking forward to doing it although sounds like hard work!


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