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It’s possible to cut stone countertops with backsplashes attached, but the process is more labor intensive—and therefore more expensive. You can calculate this figure for the backsplash and the countertops in the same way—simply calculate the square footage of the surface area you need to cover, and you’ll know how much material to source. Once you’ve got the measurement in hand, it’s time to source the materials for your kitchen countertop backsplash. You’ve got two options when it comes to installing your countertop/backsplash combo—you can install it yourself, or you can hire a professional to install it for you. Decide what material and shape will work best for your area.If you’re contemplating a kitchen counter backsplash for your home, your first task will be to determine which materials you want to use. For higher-end materials like granite and other types of stone, the backsplash may need to be cut and measured separately from the countertops and then attached after the countertops have been installed. When you’ve decided on the materials you’ll feature in your kitchen countertop backsplash, it’s time to figure out precisely how much you’ll need. With the countertop backsplash materials in hand, it’s time to begin your backsplash project. In general, countertops are a fairly advanced installation, particularly if they involve cutting and sizing of materials (especially stone).

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Some still prefer to have 4″ backsplash installed permanently or temporarily until they decide what they want to do in the future if they not ready to spend money on the tile. Choose a very simple and inexpensive ceramic subway in solid that blends or sets off counters and cabinets,, and enjoy it for five years. I agree w/ emmarene in not mixing tile & granite on backsplash. Advantage was my wife had kitchen utensil rack & magnetic knife holder on wall above backsplash. Fortunately we now have more counter space on which to put knife block & vessel for utensils. One of my serious pet peeves has now become how everyone is struggling with what back splash to put with granite! If the granite is simple/solid, then there are many more options for back splash tile. I would do a great looking tile backsplash to add some interest. I did have a weird backsplash with high and low walls and a window. If someone buys a new home and they have a 4″ backsplash already and they decide to change it, some will leave the 4″ and run tiles on top, some will remove it. I don’t agree with that if the wall above the area is painted a color which helps to tie the cabinets to the granite successfully. In the old days we called such paint “enamel”, which no one says anymore. You don’t want to install something new that is already outdated. I am wondering what you decided to do since this is several years after your original post!

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You don’t have to have a kitchen backsplash! We’ll take along a couple of other rooms, a comfy bed, a bathroom… and oh, we’ll need a hot chef. There is a long bank of tall cabinets on the wall opposite the range, so it might be hidden in there. I think that this is wonderful because it makes the backsplash special. This is more like our kitchens and there is a simple white subway tile backsplash. Handmade ceramic tiles are far more expensive than the others. For the most part, less is more when doing a kitchen backsplash and if you don’t have one– it isn’t the end of the world, either. There is a lot of countertop behind my kitchen sink and water splashes all over it, getting papers, etc wet. I don’t know of anything else you can do to keep the water from ruining stuff except to wipe up as you go along. Kitchen Counter Backsplashes   Pictures and Ideas From HGTV No Backsplash I would like to rip it out and put in something short (a lip) or tall enough to reach the cupboards. It is just painted wall above the backsplash so it is always oily & dirty looking. I do admit not having one tends to make the kitchen look “unfinished” in some of the photos, or a vintage vibe. I put everything through google images and too often, come up dry. Also appreciate the comments from everyone and your answers to them. Countertops will have to wait because this one is pretty long as it is. There is only one simple backsplash slab of the same marble over the giga-gorgeous range. There is no huge bulk of upper cabinets looming over us! Above, the only backsplash in this kitchen is a pattern above the range. Kitchen table in the kitchen instead of an island is interesting too. And we should’ve kept the tea, paid the damned taxes… oh well.

Formica Kitchen Back Splash Installation Lessons Learned | Duration 2 Minutes 5 Seconds But if you can swing it, they are the most beautiful because of the slight variations. Could you live with just a small lip instead of big to do? I don’t remember it being a problem and there was only a few inches behind the faucet. We had the boomarang formica in our kitchen back in the 60’s. We are currently one week away from getting the keys to a “new” house! Simple is best if there are layers elsewhere, not every corner of our home needs to be styled. It never fails to amaze me that so many people make no effort to attribute. Love you soo much for sharing your knowledge and what you learn with us.
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