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I added a nice heavy bead of clear 100% silicone at the miter joint and clamped the two together with the bolt kit. Plates are not thick enough to perform intended function – bent during use. I never would have gotten the counters lined up propery without them. Suitable for use with top or bottom center tracks and conveniently mount to the back of the drawer.Boasting a bright brass finish these hinges provide a decorative look in your space. The bolts add stability, strength and uniformity where the countertop edges meets. This kit includes 4 miter bolts, 1 packet of glue and instructions. I tried screwing on strips of wood to the bottom and attaching the bolts to those, but got uneven pressure on the joint and a slight bulge on the top. The old miter bolts, joining the two halves together, were rusted. I had to add a temporary shim to one side to level the joint while the silicone setup and before final tightening.
Zipbolt Worktop Connector | Duration 57 Seconds Final step was to slide a new single edge razor blade over the joint to remove the hardened silicone squeeze-out. The bolt was a 7/16″ head – apparently there are a couple versions out there according to the reviews. Easy to install with a durable steel construction for a long-lasting use.

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The assembly produces an even clamping force for superior holding power of both miter and butt joints without twisting or buckling. The assembly, which is fast and easy to use, consists of three pieces: a hex bolt and two flat metal plates—one plate is unthreaded and acts as a washer under the bolt’s head, while the other plate is threaded and serves as the nut. Draw bolt length is the length of the hex bolt, which is measured from under the head to the threaded end of the bolt. The only tool needed for installation is a wrench to tighten the hex head. All angle cuts other than 90-degrees must be carefully templated to ensure a perfect fit. The mitre joint is considered decorative joinery and makes a beautiful pattern as the two pieces of countertop come together at an angle. Puzzle joints are attractive and strikingly creative joints that are often used on very long wood surfaces. They increase the stability of a long wood surface while providing visual interest. When used to join two slab pieces together, the puzzle joint is joined permanently in the shop and is then handled as one piece. We can create one-piece or multi-section tops of nearly limitless sizes and configurations. Every joint is custom fitted at our shop to ensure a durable and tight seem. These are self-locking joints that are further reinforced with draw bolts. Puzzle joints can also be used in slab construction when we are joining two slabs from the same tree. These connectors will be tightened and serve to clamp the joint together.

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Fits in a 35mm (1-3/8″) flat bottomed hole drilled 3/4″ deep. The semi-circular fastening elements are pressed against the recess walls as tension is applied. Will be fine for lightweight applications such as laminate countertops or other small table tops.
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